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Apple Wins Against Bloggers

ispel Re:Business plans are NOT speech ... (672 comments)

Quote: These are business plans, schematics, insider corporate strategy NOT speech - these items are CAD drawings, supplier contracts ... NOT speech .... so no speech was abridged ... and besides Congress didn't make a law. A judge ruled and enforced the law.

Crap. I don't know about other engineers, but, as a programmer, my work is definitely speech.

"Insider corporate strategy" is not in the public's interest. That's what leads to the exploding Pinto cover up, cigarette manufactures researching and suppressing information while doing on-going marketing to kids. Even a flopped product, like Apple's trade secret upcoming "iCrap", is harmful to the public because it causes higher prices and wasted resources. Sunshine won't necessarily prevent a company from releasing a bad product, and occasionally Trade Secrets might even be beneficial to a particular person or company with no little or no ill effect on society, however, in many cases trade secrets cause harm. More harm, in my opinion, than the perceived benefits from companies execs (there's more than one way to market a product other than "Surprise!") or bad (evil) schemes where trade secrets are essential.

more than 9 years ago


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