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China Lays More Fiber, Improving Physical Connection To the Worldwide Internet

itchybrain new chinese saying (44 comments)

Confucius says:

"Sparkling light carries filtered wisdom. A house with no doors enters no one."

about two weeks ago

Should Video Games Be In the Olympics?

itchybrain think again (232 comments)

To all those who think we should do away with figure skating, rhythmic gymnastics, etc. because those sports require panels of judges, think again.

In a game of football (or soccer) and ice-hockey, you need referees. In badminton and tennis, you need umpires. In fact most sports require arbiters of sorts. How many times have you seen a match swing from one team/player to another because of a bad call (Maradona's Hand of God, anyone)?

about a month ago

Ars: Final Hobbit Movie Is 'Soulless End' To 'Flawed' Trilogy

itchybrain Re:Honestly the size of the book means nothing. (351 comments)

You can easily do a fantastic movie without much dialogue or voiceovers. In fact, the best way to do dialogue and voice overs is to let a good actor improvise. Works better than having the screenwriter do it - who should be creating potentially amazing scenes.

You mean like in a porno?

about a month ago

Favorite clickbait hook?

itchybrain for sake of being charitable (238 comments)

Sometimes I would just click on a link to support a website. Oh, I don't know - maybe on Slashdot.

about 3 months ago

Isaac Asimov: How Do People Get New Ideas?

itchybrain creativity and learning (150 comments)

There are two modes of thinking: focus and diffuse. To be creative, the brain needs to be in a relaxed state, i.e., to be able to form new pathways to new ideas. There are methods to induce diffuse thinking. One of them, as the article suggests, is to do mundane chores, such as clearing out old files.

In the Coursera course, Learning How to Learn by Barbara Oakley, there are anecdotes of how famous people (Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali) trigger their subconscious minds to do their biddings.

about 3 months ago

Investors Value Yahoo's Core Business At Less Than $0

itchybrain this may just be convoluted logic (150 comments)

Let me get this straight.

The stock price of a company is reflected in its market cap.

The company has assets (AliBaba and Yahoo Japan) that exceeds its market cap

Shouldn't the proper conclusion drawn be that the company is undervalued, and its stock price is cheap? To label its core holding as worthless is just not helpful.

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

itchybrain down to a "T" (737 comments)

This is why I practise my procreation skills every day. I could be the last man on Earth.

about 10 months ago

3D Display Uses Misted Water

itchybrain oh my (65 comments)

It is a movie aficionado's wet dream come true

about 10 months ago

Stephen Colbert To Be Letterman's Successor

itchybrain Re:Funny host (193 comments)

It could still bomb.

As I understand it, Colbert will have to don on a new persona for the Late Show gig.

about 10 months ago

Land Rover Demos "Transparent Hood"

itchybrain so a mobile Oculus (172 comments)

Imagine, not having to see the boring interior of the car, but in essence, speeding along in open space like on a motorcycle, only with better protection. I can buy into this idea if done properly.

about 10 months ago

Massachusetts Court Says 'Upskirt' Photos Are Legal

itchybrain Yes but ... (519 comments)

Yes but what does common sense say?

about a year ago

iWatch Prototypes Could Be Ready, Apple Hires Fitness Physiologists For Tests

itchybrain elementary (100 comments)

Maybe those experts Apple hired were not to oversee the development of iWatch but to diagnose a mass disorder that had hit its employees hard.

Hey, think differently, after all.

about a year ago

53% More Book Banning Incidents In US Schools This Year

itchybrain so these books are banned (360 comments)

This is just a minor setback. Any concerned parents could essentially bought their children these banned books for them to read at home. Even if children are deprived of great literature in their early lives do not mean that they cannot enjoy them at a later time.

1 year,28 days

A Flood of Fawning Reviews For Apple's Latest

itchybrain size matters (501 comments)

I noticed that all the top posts highlight the issue of price versus performance.

Wouldn't a fairer comparison include the form factor of the computer as well? It is arguably possible to build a better computer than the next person, with extra ports, compute power, etc. when size is no limitation.

about a year ago

Multivitamin Researchers Say 'Case Is Closed' As Studies Find No Health Benefits

itchybrain wait a sec (554 comments)

I watched this on CBC. Dr. Peter Lin made two good points:

(1) The study was carried out on healthy subjects. Thus the impact is minimal.

(2) Vegetarians, pregnant moms and people who are selective in their diets (college students) can benefit from supplements.

I could not find the transcript but the video is available here: http://www.cbc.ca/player/News/Health/ID/2424891913/

ps: just fast-forward to 2:03

about a year ago

Unpublished J. D. Salinger Stories Leaked On Bittorrent Site

itchybrain Re:Overrated (218 comments)

Thank you.

Your summaries are way better than Coles Notes.

I am going to ace my Literature exam tomorrow.

about a year ago

FCC To Consider Cellphone Use On Planes

itchybrain brave new world (183 comments)

1970s: "Would you like smoking or non-smoking?"

2010s: "Would you like quiet or non-quiet?"

2090s:"Would you like stasis or non-stasis?"

about a year ago

Thor: The Dark World — What Did You Think?

itchybrain Re:Loved It (233 comments)

You never even catch a glimpse of Kat Dennings' assets. She's wearing heavy clothing the whole movie.

Ahem. That's because you are not Clark Kent.

about a year ago

No, Oreos Aren't As Addictive As Cocaine

itchybrain Re:Cookies (285 comments)

"Imaging if you took a hit of Oreos, got high, then got the munchies, ate Oreos, got high, then got the munchies, ate Oreos.... etc."

You should learn how to use recursion :).

about a year ago



more free courses coming to www.udacity.com

itchybrain itchybrain writes  |  more than 2 years ago

itchybrain (2538928) writes "Professor Sebastian Thrun's newly minted online university will offer more CS courses soon. Current list includes: Theory of Computation, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Distributed Systems Computer Security, Algorithms & Data Structures, Software Engineering Practices and finally (phew) Building Web Applications.

Probably old news to many but I thought it was still noteworthy to share to those who may have missed this."

Link to Original Source


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