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Your Browser History Is Showing

itsamemario worked for me (174 comments)

Although I get the impression its randomly failing what with the slashdot load and being written in an interperted language. I put up a picture here.

more than 5 years ago



Website hijacks browser history & makes collag

itsamemario itsamemario writes  |  more than 5 years ago

itsamemario (1588719) writes "With some basic javascript its possible to sniff a users browser history. A new browser history sniffing site uses this to generate a collage of the sites you visit. Before you get worried, it uses a list of "web2.0" sites, so the collage will (probably) be appropriate (unless you don't want your colleagues knowing about your slashdot/blogging habits). An interesting application of potentially scary technology. For those wanting to skip the warning screen and go straight to the browser sniffing this should do the trick. While the results by them selves are kind of interesting, it also serves as a cool way to illustrate the privacy concerns of browser history sniffing."


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