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When Customer Dissatisfaction Is a Tech Business Model

itsownreward Re:Where would we flee to? (257 comments)

Deal with it? Do you mean with torches and pitchforks, or...?

about a month ago

Critical Vulnerabilities In Web-Based Password Managers Found

itsownreward Re:KeePass? (114 comments)

From all reports, Dropbox is compromised by default. However, I also figure they have an easier way to get into any account I have via NSL or preexisting backdoor than to go crack my KeePass file. I'm just trying to keep everyone else out.

about 2 months ago

Critical Vulnerabilities In Web-Based Password Managers Found

itsownreward Re:KeePass? (114 comments)

I have KeePass installed on my computers and KeyPassDroid on my phone and tablet. The file is shared between them all using Dropbox. This way, if I change it one place it's available at all the others automagically, and in case it gets corrupted I have a 30-day history of changes at Dropbox's site. I've had no problems, I like its built-in and configurable password generator, and it works a treat with the KeeFox plugin for Firefox.

(YMMV in that you may have issues with Dropbox, but for me, it works.)

about 2 months ago

How much do you spend yearly on mobile apps?

itsownreward Re:Pretty close to zero (240 comments)

I had that; it expired 9/30/2013. I spent ours up (we ordered two, one on my Play account and one on my wife's). I ended up using mine on paid versions of apps I use all the time. She ended up using hers on Candy Crush, I think. *sigh*

about 5 months ago

Raspberry Pi As an Ad Blocking Access Point

itsownreward Re:Cue the usual "debate" ... (82 comments)

Great! If I don't suck down their ads then I'm saving us both money!

1 year,6 days

Lawyers Using Facebook Research For Jury Selection

itsownreward Yeah, that, or... (283 comments)

...or maybe I turn on the wifi tethering on my unlimited data plan on my phone for everybody to use and carry a couple backup batteries. Being a Texan, I know the courts are corrupt, but... really?

more than 3 years ago

Terrorists Bomb Moscow Airport

itsownreward Next time you're at an airport, think about this (640 comments)

Just think about this next time you're queued up forever in the security theater line waiting to get your junk touched. It seems like the ideal place to attack an airport and get lots of casualties.

more than 3 years ago

Living Earth Simulator Aims To Simulate Everything

itsownreward USML revival (241 comments)

Perhaps a revival of the Universe Simulation Mailing List? Unfortunately, the archives were on Geocities, so even that bit may be long gone since is throwing an error when I try to pull it up.

more than 3 years ago

4chan Has Been DDOSed

itsownreward Re:YOU FOOLS!!! (710 comments)

Lulz, not "LOL's." They do it for the lulz.

more than 3 years ago

RIAA, MPAA Recruit MasterCard As Internet Police

itsownreward Re:My question is... (421 comments)

Okay, then what about Bank of America saying they won't process payments intended for Wikileaks? If the money is in your account, it is your money.

more than 3 years ago

Banknotes Go Electronic To Outwit Counterfeiters

itsownreward That's okay (441 comments)

This is nothing a few seconds in the microwave won't fix.

Of course, I had to use a hammer to fix my passport's problem.

more than 3 years ago

A Blue-Sky Idea For the USPS — Postal Trucks As Sensors

itsownreward Re:Insilvent? So what? (252 comments)

About fifteen years ago our mail kept being misdelivered, and we kept getting other peoples' mail. We took it up with all sorts of folks, and finally the regional postmaster said that if the mail is put by a carrier in a box, it has been delivered. If it's not in our box, it's our problem (!).

Personally, I'd rather have some competition than put up with that level of asshattery.

more than 2 years ago

Retailers Dread Phone-Wielding Shoppers

itsownreward Re:"To improve your shopping experience, (725 comments)

Good luck with that. Many stores can't survive the bad word of mouth they'd get for throwing people out for using their phones in whatever way they please. Meanwhile, I'll keep happily scanning barcodes on products to see if it's a good deal where I am or not.

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft, Apple, EMC, and Oracle Form Patent Bloc

itsownreward Ahh... (113 comments)

...the axis of evil.

more than 3 years ago

New I/O Standard Bids To Replace Mini PCI Express

itsownreward The nice thing about standards (31 comments)

"The nice thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from." -- Andrew Tanenbaum

more than 4 years ago

The Decline of the Landline

itsownreward We still have ours (435 comments)

We keep our landline because we have an alarm system that needs a phone line to dial in and VoIP isn't reliable enough, even if it can carry the traffic. We could probably get a cellular unit for it to use instead, but that's another reason we keep the landline: cellular coverage out in our neck of the woods isn't the best.

more than 5 years ago

Why IT Won't Power Down PCs

itsownreward 24/7 power usage in a 24/7 shop (576 comments)

I work for a hospital system, so by default we're 24/7. We could implement some power savings except for the fact that clinicians don't understand computers, so if the monitor is dark then as far as they're concerned the machine is broken. Add to that the fact that they often won't call in a problem or try to turn it on but rather walk to another machine, plus that non-IT folk are in charge of the system so we're here to make them happy and not vice versa, and I suspect all our machines will be 24/7 from here on out.

more than 5 years ago

No More D&D PDFs, Wizards of the Coast Sues 8 File Sharers

itsownreward Re:OSRIC and other old-school goodness (501 comments)

Mod parent up; just because WotC are pulling these PDFs, people need to know that there are the OGL clones. The Old-School Renaissance really has an opportunity here.

In addition to OSRIC for AD&D 1e, if you want some old-school goodness from the old Moldvay boxed sets you can get Labyrinth Lord , and if the original boxed set (OD&D) is your thing then you can get a couple of different flavors of Swords & Wizardry depending on if you like just the original three books ("white box") or items from the Greyhawk supplement thrown in. In addition, there are other games that are old school like Basic Fantasy which is very similar to Moldvay B/X with some bits of AD&D, and stirred with D20 for ascending armor classes.

Note that all these are available in PDF absolutely free, and also available for sale in softbound or hardbound (well, OSRIC is getting there, it's not quite there yet).

Even better: missing Dragon and Dungeon magazines? No problem: there are magazines like Fight On! and Knockspell to take their place.

more than 5 years ago

Higher Oil Prices Are Starting To Bring Jobs Home

itsownreward Re:It's also putting the kibosh on the American Dr (777 comments)

It takes me three minutes to get to the interstate, it's about fifteen minutes on the interstate and about two minutes into the parking garage. That's twenty minutes, but even if it were five minutes closer, there's no way I'd be out there on a bicycle. I'd get run over. (Before someone suggests an alternate route, an intervening river I have to cross limits my alternate routes to being either five miles out of my way and moderately less dangerous, or twelve miles out of my way or forty miles out of my way and just as dangerous. Not really acceptable changes.)

more than 6 years ago


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