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China Bans iPad, MacBook Pro, Other Apple Products For Government Use

itsphilip Well if they go all Microsoft (115 comments)

It should be way easier for the US to conduct electronic espionage

about a month and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: An Open Source PC Music Studio?

itsphilip Linux Audio (299 comments)

Doesn't Linux still have problems with low-latency audio?

about 8 months ago

NSA Collects 200 Million Text Messages Per Day

itsphilip Re:1963: JFK says (287 comments)

You must be white

about 8 months ago

Counterpoint: Why Edward Snowden May Not Deserve Clemency

itsphilip Re:What's good for the goose (573 comments)

Sometimes I think that too but I realize that there hasn't been a full-on war in the continental US since the Civil War

about 8 months ago

Reuters: RSA Weakened Encryption For $10M From NSA

itsphilip Re:NSA security policies (464 comments)

I'm not a Windows fanboy or anything (Full disclosure: I use it my media center and gaming PC, everything else is Mac (laptop and desktop), BSD (NAS box, FreeNAS and pfSense at my house) and Linux (my web hosting and ssh access to my house without exposing a PC with a bunch of data on it to the open Internet). That said, other than blind allegiance to FOSS, there is little indication that with regular updates and proper policies and procedures that later versions of Windows Server (2008, 2008 R2, 2012) are somehow defective by design or less secure than their OSS alternatives. Granted, we can't see the source code WHICH IS A MAJOR PROBLEM. However, I've used it plenty in the enterprise and it's just fine. In fact, our Linux boxes were targeted and successfully rooted (remote attacks) in my mixed-tenant datacenter more frequently than the Windows boxes, hands down. In fact I can't recall a single remote Windows attack post-2008. Lots and lots and lots of wordpress/apache/LAMP etc. exploits however.

about 9 months ago

Datawind Not Blowing Smoke: $38 Tablet Coming To the US

itsphilip XBMC Controller (210 comments)

I could see this as a good XBMC remote or alarm clock that shows weather when you get up or news if you made a nice stand for it. Maybe something to use in the bathtub or on the toilet to read stuff or the kitchen for recipes. Places where if it gets dirty or ruined who cares.

about 9 months ago

Where Does America's Fear Come From?

itsphilip It's true (926 comments)

This is a really nice, eloquent way of legitimizing a bunch of conspiracy theories which, it turns out, are often true

about 10 months ago

Torvalds: SteamOS Will 'Really Help' Linux On the Desktop

itsphilip Re:Stallman ain't gonna be happy (304 comments)

That's fine he always gets worked up about stuff like this and that's a good thing. He raises awareness by being fringe and, as a corollary, making a spectacle of himself. And whether or not he's happy about this, it's good that the platform becomes more well-developed and accessible to consumers. I'm actually cautiously optimistic about Ubuntu of all things... Imagine with Mir, better toolkits and some of the other improvements it becomes as polished as OS X AND is open-source. Far more trustworthy OS IMO in a day in age when we can't trust much of anything. Open source is really the only development model that is fully trustworthy, GPL or otherwise.

about a year ago

Nintendo Hijacks Ad Revenue From Fan-Created YouTube Playthroughs

itsphilip Now (297 comments)

I feel way less bad about playing game "backups" on my Wii

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: What's Your Company's Marketing-to-Engineering Ratio?

itsphilip Re: non labour? (202 comments)

He said quad *socket* not quad-core

about a year ago

Chinese Blogger Becomes Celebrity Exposing Corruption

itsphilip It's CHINA (143 comments)

Guy will be dead within a year

about a year and a half ago

58,000 Security Camera Systems Critically Vulnerable To Attackers

itsphilip It's absurd (157 comments)

But if history is any indicator, there's a pretty good chance that someone will get arrested for disclosing this

about a year and a half ago

Your Cloud Provider (Probably) Isn't Spying On You

itsphilip Weighing in (85 comments)

Going to keep the identity kinda vague here but I can say that I'm a high-ish level executive for a company that provides cloud services similar to Amazon and I will tell you first hand that we NEVER ever ever would spy or collect data on our customers. It would be a disaster and far more trouble than it's worth. Most mainstream platforms (VMware, OpenStack, whatever you choose) don't even provide facilities for reading on-disk customer data in a true cloud environment easily; I guess if you really wanted to you could start pulling raw blocks off of a SAN and dig around, but it would be a serious pain. Even if it were easy, I can't see a compelling reason to eavesdrop on customers, plus there are likely legal ramifications.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Free and Open Source Apps For Android?

itsphilip Calm down (134 comments)

"I've decided to install only apps that won't become obsolete merely because of the developer's whim or lack of interest. With the exception of games, which I don't deem essential for work, I don't want to install potential abandonware even if they cost the pauperly sum of $0.00." Why are you so angry at people that give you stuff for free? Your tone is really unappreciative; developers often make OSS for FREE.

about a year and a half ago

US Military Signs Modernization Deal With Microsoft

itsphilip VPN (228 comments)

Does this mean Windows Phone will actually support VPN?

about a year and a half ago

Bloomberg: Steve Jobs Behind NYC Crime Wave

itsphilip This is borderline ridiculous (311 comments)

The way this is written is so absurdly biased; if you want to promote Android devices, just come out and say it. Don't use some arbitrary statistic to promote your agenda. That's like blaming the former CEO of Lexus for making a desirable vehicle that is prone to theft as a result of its desirability or popularity.

about a year and a half ago

Darling: Run Apple OS X Binaries On Linux

itsphilip The sad part is... (255 comments)

Instead of thinking. "Wow, this is cool.." I thought, "Apple is going to sue the developer into the poor house..."

about 2 years ago

NVIDIA To Publicly Release Some Tegra GPU Documentation

itsphilip Hmm (85 comments)

The operative word being "some"

about 2 years ago



A Car for Blind Drivers Coming Next Year

itsphilip itsphilip writes  |  more than 4 years ago

itsphilip (934602) writes "The National Federation of the Blind and Virginia Tech say they hope to demonstrate a prototype equipped with technology that helps a sightless person to get behind the wheel in 2011. The technology, called non-visual interfaces, will guide its driver through traffic by transmitting information about nearby vehicles or objects."
Link to Original Source


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