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Lego Ends Shell Partnership Under Greenpeace Pressure

ivi First, GP needs to support "Nuclear 2.0" (252 comments)

Frankly, I think GreenPeace is BROKEN...

Can anyone tell me how much LESS CO2 will be emitted into our atmosphere, ie, due to GP's pressuring Lego to stop with these marketing tasks?!?

So, what should GreenPeace be doing INSTEAD, in our opinion...?

Well, here are some ideas, off the top of my head:

1. call for enegy-intensive Fusion R&D to STOP, ie, UNTIL all of its energy needs are met with zero-emission "Nuclear 2.0" energy (ie, from Molten Salt Reactor (MSRs), preferably Energy from Thorium from Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (LFTRs)

2. Openly DEBATE whether or not an Anti-Nuclear policy (by environmental groups) still makes any sense, ie, in light of proven FEATURE of "Nuclear 2.0" ...ie, the new / old Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) technologies, which seem to already be in the pipeline.

(See YouTube video "Nuclear in Alberta..." on Dr David Le Blanc's company's expectation that smaller, transportable MSRs will
be both Approved (for use in Canada) & Operational (at least providing process heat... WITHIN 6 - 8 YEARS).

Old nukes need replacements, we know MSRs are the safer alternative nuke designs & a growing number of knowledgeable people are already supporting work to help bring "Nuclear 2.0" into existence & practical use.

Oil-rich Norway has created a Thorium Research Lab.

China & India have committed to constructing prototype "Nuclear 2.0" reactors.

Taiwan seems to be aiming for a [Thorium-based] heat engine.

PS If "Nuclear 2.0" ISN'T (for you) the way to go forward, what is & why? Thanks.

about 4 months ago

Is There a Creativity Deficit In Science?

ivi Lack of Focus on Planet's Health Needs, maybe... (203 comments)

Fusion research seems to get all the Gov't $$$ it needs, & uses all the energy it needs, even when it comes from fossil fuel powered energy plants...

While USA's Energy from Thorium, Molten Salt Reactors & Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors - which could produce 100% green energy - for Fusion & lots more users across the planet.

Much basic & applied work supporting MSR & LFTR work was done in the 1950's, so perhaps it's not to be "sexy" enough to draw funding today.

It may be unethical to run (Gov't-funded) "mega-energy-consuming-projects" like Fusion, eg, as CO2 levels & storm-activity continue to rise, hand-in-hhand.

We need Ethical Committees (like those whose approval is needed when humans are involved in medical trials) to decide whether such mega' projects as Fusion should be put on HOLD, pending implementation of 100% green energy sources, like Energy from Thorium, that is long overdue.

While it's nice that a Canadian company found funding from some mining companyl who'd have to burn a lot of natural gas, if they don't get heat from the company's (coming) small, transportable Molten Salt Reactors, in the coming 6+ years.

But USA has wasted too much $$$ on war-making & Fusion R&D, that could have brought MSRs & LFTRs into implementation decades ago... This is not to say it can't / shouldn't do so NOW. It should!

Lots of people feel strongly about this. More media focus & more people pushing their politicians, at all levels, to re-focus Science R&D on "finishing the work" begun by Alvin Weinberg, so long ago.

about 5 months ago

Computing a Winner, Fusion a Loser In US Science Budget

ivi Embrace "Energy from Thorium" (LFTR); drop Fusion (196 comments)

R&D into Fusion is -not- "too big [in $$$ spent] to fail"

I don't get WHY we've embraced high-cost Fusion
for as long as we have, ie, while continuing to ignore
-proven- Energy from Thorium's cost-effectiveness,
energy-efficiency & very low waste production advan-
tages over sloppy current (ie, "Nuclear 1.0") nuclear
technologies, especially after Fukushima's proof of
its relatively unsafe nature.

CURRENT "best" nuclear reactor designs give only:

a. excessively high construction (& financing) costs
b. low levels of safety, even w/best human operator
c. high costs for (solid) fuel-rods (zero $ in LFTRs)
d. 1% of fuel-rods' energy used, when pulled out
e. costly reactor down-times to change fuel-rods
f. much more costly spent-fuel waste by volume & $$
g. higher proliferation risk, due to plutonium in waste
h. high cooling-water usage (also restricts location)
i. low temp. output means inefficient electricity gen'n
j. costly security req'ts dictate fixed-location plants
k. reputation for poor decision-making, at each step

EfT's Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors offer us:

a. lower construction costs (low operating pressure)
b. intrinsic safety (they're"walk-away safe")
c. no needs for any fuel-rods at all
d. about 99% fuel utilization: & can eat "spent-fuel"
e. shorter shutdowns possible, but unnecessary
f. much less waste produced; reduces "old" waste
g. reduced proliferation risk; no weapons grade Pu
h. needs NO scarce water (locate "anywhere")
i. high temp. output means efficient electricity gen'n
j. cost-effective factory-made & modular options
k. genuine pride in design excellence & efficiency

Community-driven push for new LFTR-enabling
regulations & gov't support for R&D funding for
Energy from Thorium (LFTRs), more modular
LFTRs (meaning less need for costly grid infra-
structure & transmission costs & energy losses).

In short, an opportunity of a Lifetime for cheap,
reliable, safe, & "peace-conducive" energy, that
would get us back on-track towards "increased
quality of Life for the next generation."

So, "Nuclear 2.0" Energy from Thorium (LFTRs)
seems good to me. :-)

about a year ago

Death By Metadata: The NSA's Secret Role In the US Drone Strike Program

ivi How NSA can become unknowing mob executioners (202 comments)

So, there could arise a market for "[recently] used terrorists' 9tSIM cards"
(Terrorists might see 2 incentives for selling their old SIMs into it - at
least if they're very mobile: reduce chance of being killed & some easy $$).

Who'd buy?

Well, anyone wanting soneone -else- dead; instead of paying a high-priced
professional killer, all that person would need to do (theoretically) is to:

1. buy such a SIM & a cheap phone [equipped with GPS]
2. plant phone (with the SIM installed) into target's briefcase, etc.
3. await news of target's "death by CIA"

This is yet another reason to -stop- these pre-trial killings by CIA, et al.
We have enough geniune "collateral damage" already, without the above.

about a year ago

AT&T Introduces "Sponsored Data" Allowing Services to Bypass 4G Data Caps

ivi How can sponsors know they're charged correctly? (229 comments)

I'd never pay for sending my data to a targets phone.
Too much risk of inflated costs in invoices later.

Yes, I guess this could apply to web hosting fees, too.

1 year,24 days

Twister: The Fully Decentralized P2P Microblogging Platform

ivi I hope you use /. style random-user moderation (169 comments)

Last time I checked, /. comments could be rated
by randomly selected [registered] readers,

I hope you've got a similar scheme i Twister...?

1 year,24 days

Should Facebook 'Likes' Count As Commercial Endorsements?

ivi Many "Likes" are like a cheap "Cash for Comment" (189 comments)

So, everybody likes a deal, &
few resist giving a false "Like"
in response to a freebie or big discount on something they want.

Therefore, many / most "Likes" are meaningless CfC's. IMO.

1 year,24 days

Google Cuts Android Privacy Feature, Says Release Was Unintentional

ivi Re: Ups and Downs - so, use Firefox & / or Ope (324 comments)

You want Open Source? Cool... Firefox is your friend.

Fast? Try Opera.

Both are our friends, at the moment.

about a year ago

Google Cuts Android Privacy Feature, Says Release Was Unintentional

ivi Re:Ups & Downs - I now like Samsung's "slownes (324 comments)

So, since reading this news item about 4.4.2, we've had to Power Off & shelve a fleet of Nexus 7's that have just self-updated to 4.4.2.

But we were -lucky- to have [remnants of] an older fleet - made by Samsung - on-hand, that we'd -almost- forgotten about, ie, after noticing Samsung's "slowness" to release Android upgrades. We -had- a dangerous habit of "only the latest will do" but have quickly come to appreciate Samsung...

Now, we wonder if our Korean friends there weren't just doing -tests- for privacy / security downgrades, in Android... and holding back the "latest" versions, until they notice -restoration- of our privacy / security levels. Perhaps a fiction... but... it was really nice to find some Samsung Android 4.1.2 devices near at hand, this morning. :-)

about a year ago

Google Cuts Android Privacy Feature, Says Release Was Unintentional

ivi Temporary, but Costly W'around as we wait 4 Google (324 comments)

[ Could this privacy / security downgrade be NSA inspired? Could Apple's products be next to follow? ]

1. Turn OFF all Android 4.4.2 devices - [ Could be inconvenient, particularly for phones & phablets. ]
2. Don't allow any other devices to [Auto-]Update to 4.4.2
3. Find -older- devices to replace those Turned OFF (in Step 1) - [ Could be costly, if you don't have old devices on-hand. ]
4. Remove installed [Google-] apps' updates.
5. Wait for Goggle to notice [hopefully, FAR] FEWER 4.4.2 systems online (assuming they can't switch them back On...)
        and to decide to -lift- their game, before we have to -seriously- consider migrating to Apple...

(Any additional suggestions would be most welcome.)

We had some unopened [backup] devices on-hand, purchased at discount, after release of newer models.

PS We now appreciate Samsung's "slowness" to release system updates... maybe they quietly test each one & wait for tests to indicate no reduction of privacy / security features, before passing them on to us...? I -hope- so, we do -not- know for sure.

about a year ago

Nobody Builds Reactors For Fun Anymore

ivi They will soon... LFTRs for Energy from Thorium... (326 comments)

From the first talk we viewed on EfT, we were intreagued... Safe Nuclear Energy? (Cf Kindle eBook: "Nuclear 2.0" We paid ~ $2 for it at Amazon.com; YMMV).

Instead of costly solid fuel rods (only ~ 2% of whose energy is used before they're sent to costly storage), liquid fueled reactors need no such rods. Instead, their liquid fuel (about 98% of whose energy) is used.

The LFTR is just one of the several designs being discussed. Some want ASD's in their designs, ie, with an Accelorator in the picture. (I'm sure still other designs will be proposed, possibly incorporating something else that a particular physicist knows well enough to build into it.)

There's plenty of time to innovate, discuss, simulate & build prototypes... Join in the Fun (Did he say Fun?!?) & games of designing safe nuclear power plants, for a change.

Don't let Fukushima's disaster send the baby (nuclear industry) out with the bathwater (a particular design, used at Fukushima)!

We didn't stop sending shuttles, etc. up to the ISS, ie, even after 2 losses! So, let's not let the greenest energy source get away from us... Embrace Next Gen Nuclear Energy, eg, LFTRs = Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors.

about a year ago

UK Gov't Plans To Censor "Extremist" Websites Via Orders To ISPs

ivi Will this include "commercial extremists"? (208 comments)

So, Energy from Thorium (promoted, in part, by an international group, which just concluded its 2013 Conference, at CERN, in Geneva) could be deemed as a -commercially- extreme concept, eg, since - if/when Thorium-/LFTR-based nuclear power (cf the recently released eBook "Nuclear 2.0") begins to replace fossil-fueled & even Uranium-based powe plants - a number of well-endowed commercial interests may feel unduly threatened by EfT.

Could the info & organisations who would like to bring EfT -sooner- into pur energy markets be deemed "extremists" & see their web sites, etc. get blocked 8n the UK, etc.?

about a year ago

Germany Finances Major Push Into Home Battery Storage For Solar

ivi Better: Invest in R&D + Educ on Enegry fr Thor (282 comments)

Especially if the energy used to make a PV Solar Cell is still -less- than the amount it's expected to produce, over its lifetime, PV solar energy might not be the best choice of sustainable energy to invest in.

(Batteries for -local- storage of electrical energy might be good, eg, as anything that disconnects one's home or office from mains power is a problem almost anywhere.)

In a post-Fukishima world, the EC - if not [also] Germany - should be investing in Energy from Thorium (eg, developing improvements of its proven technology from the 1950's, which even Germany has successfully trialed in the 1960's or the 1980's, I understand).

For many of the reasons (ie, features), cf Prof Dr Eduardo Greaves' [36-min.] talk "Thorium as Nuclear Fuel in Molten Salt Reactors" (on YouTube.com). (The impatient can search TED.com for Sorensen's 10-min talk & view at least its last 5 min's.)

R&D should run in parallel with Education & Debate, in the hopes that the Public will soon "get" that there are several types of reactor, some (eg, Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors = LFTRs) being much -safer- than Fukushima's reactors proved to be.

We should all understand the differences between even Canada's (long ago) improved CanDo reactors (still in the same "safety class" as Fukushima's, I understand) -and- LFTRs, which are expected to be not only "walk-away safe" but also cheaper to build & run.

After people come to understand the significant differences & inherent advantages in the design of LFTRs (and their safety levels are verified in ways that give all peoples confidence to embrace them, even near their back yards), we'll be able to make another great stride in our energy technology that can enable us to:

1. reduce CO2 emissions, & also turn back Climate Change that appears to be caused by it

2. enable any & all nations to build & use LFTR-technology - instead of current Plutonium-producing reactors, that we limit today

3. reduce the amount & cost of spent-fuel storage, eg, by consuming that fuel & getting energy from what was once waste

4. reduce or even eliminate "oil wars"

5. enabling us to -stop- "fracking" for Shale Oil &/or Coal-Seam Gas (CSG), which destroys water & land resources

6. reduce internal conflicts within nations (eg, legal battles & protests over "fracking")

7. redirect our minds to innovative & exploratory projects, in Science, Medicine, Space, Community Development, etc.

I see only win-win's from Energy from Thorium... are there any risks or disadvantages?

Let the debate continue, eg, in you comments & replies.

about a year ago

Imprisoned Physicist Honored For Refusing To Work On Iran's Nuclear Program

ivi A third alternative... (138 comments)

Energy from Thorium gives us one more way to resolve this issue, ie, beyond 1. Withholding nuclear technology and 2. Sharing it with Iran, namely:

Share the safe, non-Plutonium-generating Energy from Thorium (LFTR technology with Iran &;anyone who' ready to use it.

about a year ago

BlackBerry Confirms 4,500 Job Cuts, Warns of $950 Million Loss

ivi Re: Errata: If they'd only released an vanilla And (120 comments)

We trust it eventually became obvious, that we were referring to PlayBook, despite that name from being clipped from the OP's title line...

about a year ago

BlackBerry Confirms 4,500 Job Cuts, Warns of $950 Million Loss

ivi Errata: If they'd only released an vanilla Android (120 comments)

Wide (not wise)

And... We were referring to the rumoured but AFAIK never delivered upgrade to PlayBooks, that could have come out with the latest product releases... We think it still can & should be released, to help users retain some value in their mostly devices.

If that's impossible le, let RIM release the tools & info to enable those who can (& may still want to) attempt to do that, eg, as an Open Source project, as a tribute to the company & its device...

about a year ago

BlackBerry Confirms 4,500 Job Cuts, Warns of $950 Million Loss

ivi If they'd only released an vanilla Android ver for (120 comments)

...then I might have felt endeared to them.

As it is, however, watching a worldwide fleet of such devices go out of currency (as the company unduly continues to wait for those of us who- who once trusted it to keep our devises up-to-date - to trust it again. We didn't & won't.

When will companies begin to enable its customers to enjoy the freedom of choice, in such matters, rather than opting for a "they'll have choice but to buy the new model" last resort - rather than encourahe a lasting, trust-rewarding relationship...

Perhaps someone who still can will help those who want to... to at least turn the fleet of PlayBooks into something useful... Eg, a handy console for a wise selection of video tutorials from KhanAdamy.org.

That's our hope for RIM...

They came, they made & sold (in this case, PlayBooks), they left something of some value for a unique purpose, supporting Education... So their creation won't go to the same kind of Hell that Apple's Lisa did, long ago...

about a year ago

Martin Luther King Jr's Children In Court Over MLK IP

ivi Could a will clause pre-empt all this nonesense? (344 comments)

So, anyone interested in encouraging their children
to be more enterprising & active in earning a living
& providing for themselves could - in some lawyer-
approved text, included in their will - make clear
that their wish is that any / all IP, that they (the parent)
may have created & contributed to the world, should
be considered to be in the Public Domain forever.

Such a text might even include a statement that the\
parent believes that they wish to encourage children
to do those things (listed above).

Q.E.D. (at least for those, who want to continue the
work, rather than encourage the consumption - by
the children - of any assets left to them)

The example (of action, if not will text, per se) is
The B. & M. Gates Foundation.

Why not "use up" - preferably, in humane ways -
the wealth, rather than hand it over to people,
who had little to do with its creation...?

about a year ago

Mexican Village Creates Its Own Mobile Phone Service

ivi Cf: South Africa's "Village Telco" (110 comments)

WiFi + VoIP system design to enable local calls;
add Internet connectivity to enable outside calling.

about a year and a half ago

Pastafarian Wins Battle To Wear Colander In License Photo

ivi S Australian FIREARM license w/ Sunglasses+Hat (535 comments)

+Beard didn't fit on Subj line, but all 3 were to be seen "masking" licensee's photo.

We think it was OK... since S. AU's gov't had same person's Driver's license in its database.

Why should beard + sunglasses + hat be OK on a firearm license???

Well, if someone finds that f/arm license, why make it easy to know who to follow home, eg, as footwork before breaking-in to steal guns...?

We say ir should be the norm, along with instructions to consider shaving off the eard, to make it even harder to make use of by such crims. Such licensees could also be advised to to to the photo shoot with coloured hair, for the same reason.

about a year and a half ago



Afghanistan: AU's Airmen Sit on Eskies to Man Chopper Guns

ivi ivi writes  |  more than 2 years ago

ivi (126837) writes "(From our Dept of "DIY chopper-mods in war zones")
Australia's ABC RN reported that the country's Afghanistan-based helicopters have been modified so that guns could be operated from each side of the aircraft.
However, rather than install proper seating for the airmen operating those guns, eskies were painted black and strapped into place, near each gun.
The esky-seats were deemed sufficient to the purpose, since they do not require gun operators to crouch or kneel for lengthy periods.
(This is more madness; it's really time for AU troops to leave Afghanistan, IMO.)"

Link to Original Source

German Home-Schoolers Granted Asylum... in USA

ivi ivi writes  |  about 5 years ago

ivi (126837) writes "A religious couple, unable to convince German court(s), that they should be permitted the opportunity to home-school their children in Germany, the couple moved — first — to France, and — later — to Tennessee, in USA. In order to win permanent residence in USA, they sought asylum, as people persecuted — by the German government — on the basis of their beliefs, ie, that home-schooling would be a better choice of education than sending their children to German schools. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,584001,00.html"

GP Drills into Skull with Home Drill to Save Boy

ivi ivi writes  |  more than 5 years ago

ivi (126837) writes "From our Don't Try This at Home dep't: When a Victoria (Australia) country hospital had no medical drill strong enough to drill into the skull of a 13 year old boy, who'd fallen — helmetless — from his bike, causing internal bleeding in the head, he called down to maintenance for a home drill, wrapped it in sterile cloth, soaked the drill bit in antiseptic solution and drilled into the boy's skull to relieve the pressure caused by the bleeding. http://www.theage.com.au/national/handy-country-gp-saves-boy-with-home-drill-20090520-beg7.html"

ivi ivi writes  |  more than 8 years ago

ivi (126837) writes "ABC Radio National begins & ends each of its podcasts with redundant audio
that, quite frankly, we'd prefer not to have to store. Assuming that these
unwanted audio clips are almost identical in each posdcast — added as part
of post-production, they should be (with a good audio processing utility -
easy to find & remove. What program(s) do this to a batch of podcasts, ie,
given the unwanted audio clips (removed from a single, representative pod-
cast) as separate MP3 files? The search might need to be "fuzzy" so that a
clip with slightly different volume level and/or length is still found and
removed. Which FOSS programs that do this task (referably on SuSE Linux or
Windows) would your recommend? (We're thinking something like ImageMagick,
for podcasts, not images, that — given a set of podcastss & the 2 unwanted
audio clips — returns the podcasts sans the redundant intros & outros) TIA"


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