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Slashdot CSS Redesign Contest Update

j7953 Re:Jason's design (577 comments)

Yes, that is my favorite, too.

Actually, I think Michael Johnson has the best header design (it lacks a search box, but I think it wouldn't be hard to add one), but Michael's design of the content area looks a lot too generic in my opinion. Jason's content area design is immediately recognizable as Slashdot, and it still looks good.

The design by Peter Lada looks too cluttered in my opinion (at least at the top, the article summeries at the bottom look better). I'm not a designer, but I guess that is because the tagging box that is added to the article summary divides it into too many horizontal regions (green, grey, white, grey, white, grey; not counting shadows), plus yet another box is added below if there is a headline-only article link. And a lot of these regions have extra lines as borders (shadows, dark grey line, etc.). But I think Peter has the best sidebar design of the three entries.

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