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Slashcott: is the Altslashdot site OK?

j_presper_eckert Re:Define OK (3 comments)

Thanks for the info, folks; much obliged. Off to IRC for now.

Annnnnd...logging-off from the beowulf cluster here, maybe for the final (?) time. (sigh) Good luck to the 'dot and all who choose to sail aboard her.

about a year ago

Quarks Know Their Left From Their Right

j_presper_eckert Re:Quarks also know a good website from a shitty b (150 comments)

Yes and no -- I've heard that "fuck the beta" is now "olives and feta". Tryin' ta be a wee bit classier with our needlessly-provoked volcanic rage and contempt, by dressing it up in some Cockney rhyming slang. (Not my idea, but I saw it and liked it.)

about a year ago

NBC News Confuses the World About Cyber-Security

j_presper_eckert The word "cyber" is so 1999. (144 comments)

No one here gives a shit about that lame "o noes hax0rz in mah cup of coffee" NBC article.

The real news is that, after having read tonight's even *more* lame, unhelpful, patronizing and disappointing Slashdot Beta feedback thread, it's now clearer than ever that this ship of ours is sinking. At long last, I think that Netcraft really HAS confirmed it. :/

Soulskill and the other Dice weasels may indeed be "listening" to us, but they've still got a righteous hard-on for destroying this website regardless of how many times we've rubbed their noses in the beta's odiferous offal. I don't believe their calculated, faux-caring, used-car-salesmen spiel for one moment.

The question now is: Exactly when do we take to the lifeboats, and to what safe harbor do we start rowing towards?


about a year ago

iWatch Prototypes Could Be Ready, Apple Hires Fitness Physiologists For Tests

j_presper_eckert Our community transcends any mere "place". (100 comments)

An iWatch??? Oooooh shiny! I wish that I had an iWatch prototype so that I knew exactly when 2359 hrs rolls around on Feb. 8, and I can leave this inglorious Beta disaster once the week-long "slashcot" begins. There might not be much point in waiting for the trainwreck to begin; it's already in progress, and we're all starring in it. Dunno if I can masochistically "tough out" this entirely needless murder of my favorite discussion forum. I very rarely post, but I read a great deal of it and am always entertained, challenged, and (most of all) educated by the entire Slashdot experience.

Fuck Dice. Fuck 'em right in the wallet; fuck 'em in the share price; fuck 'em in the investment portfolio and cut the strings on everyone's golden parachutes. :P

Anyone at Dice who cheerfully refers one more time to us as a motherfucking "audience" is a complete smeg-head.

I'm not sure I want to stick around and watch Dice's inept version of Mount St. Helens erupt in slow-motion destruction. Seeing it deserted en masse in coming months due to the Beta's inevitable victory, and having it start resembling something like sad old deserted kuro5hin, is probably too much for me.

In the big feedback thread, Soulskill's oozed forth nothing but laughably transparent management-speak platitudes that are devoid of any actual understanding of, let alone respect FOR, the community that comprises Slashdot. if he doesn't get it, or is studiously AVOIDING getting-it, then i'm sure his Chad Lumbergh superiors at Dice Central Command sure as hell don't get it. Tonight's presently-in-progress Beta feedback thread is pointless 'cos the suits really have no intention of switching gears, and the usability-destroying "OMG Ponies!"-ization of ye olde 'dot is a solid certainty.

Up until this moment the whole thing made me rage, but now I'm just feeling a bit more sad than angry. Yeah, we're being sold out. I'm not going to pretend I'm not pissed-off and unhappy about that.

Stick a fork in ye olde 'dot, folks; it's done. Last one out, please turn off the hot-grits spigot.

I look forward to some other new site/wiki/blog/Fuhrerbunker/casino where I can digitally rub shoulders with y'all in the VERY near future. There are already several posts in other current threads about a possible Altslashdot.org; who knows what other new purpose-built destinations might come to be? But I truly have very little further hope for this fascinating & enlightening place that I've been visiting since before 9/11. It's a place that I miss already, if you know what I mean.

But then again, Dice's chronic greedy misunderstandings about that are a huge part of this needless mess, hey? This crufty ol' comment-friendly website, as a place, does not matter. Why?

Because we're Slashdot.
Our community transcends any mere "place".
Together, we can exist anywhere we choose.


about a year ago

CubeSat Launch Visible Around U.S. East Coast Tonight

j_presper_eckert Rocket sighted from New Jersey (34 comments)

Clearly visible from my selected seashore town in southern New Jersey. I could not make out the exhaust trail due to some ultra-local light pollution (fortunately not TOO overpowering), but the engine glow itself was visible the entire time. I had a cloudless night here that was just too good to waste by not going for a drive this evening to "be there in person".

From a distance of roughly 80 miles from Wallops Island, the light was a visible circle (not a mere point-source) and strongly resembled the somewhat faint orange glow of a lit cigarette in a darkened room. From this vantage point, it did not shrink to a point until nearly 2 to 2.5 minutes after my first sighting

While the rocket was on its way, It was really nice to be talking to a friend on the phone who was viewing the live webcast on his computer. This gave me basically realtime intel on when each engine stage was shut down and the next one was ignited -- I could actually see the glow temporarily darken, then brighten again several seconds later. All in all, a very enjoyable experience despite my inability to be any closer to the launch site.

I'm extremely impressed that it was clearly visible from Toronto, eh! :)

about a year ago

The Latest Security Vulnerability: Your Toilet

j_presper_eckert Ur Ine Trouble Now, World... (211 comments)

...what kind of a society do we live in when not even our "IP" address is safe??? Time to re-check my chlorine-bleach-based firewall; you never know what nefarious trouble is in the pipeline.

Oh God - stack overflow!

about a year and a half ago

Hostess To Close; No More Twinkies

j_presper_eckert And nothing of value was lost (674 comments)

Way to go, Hostess management. Don't let the door hit you in your partially hydrogenated ass on the way out!
Considering that their product has a shelf life best measured in geologic terms, and is often functionally identical to substances used in ancient Egyptian mummification practices, I think that nothing of value was lost.
Except the jobs themselves, that is. It's going to be *such* a merry Christmas for their workforce this year.

more than 2 years ago

Arizona Attempts To Make Trolling Illegal

j_presper_eckert A Katrina for common sense (474 comments)

"You're doin' one heck of a job there, Brewie."

One can only surmise that toxic tailings from Arizona's open-pit copper mines have leached into their public water supply, subtly influencing their legislature. For a moment, I thought I was reading of a fatally-flawed decision willingly undertaken despite near-universal ridicule, but that's just crazy talk. Mine tailings, definitely. O.o

more than 2 years ago

New Humble Indie Bundle Goes Live

j_presper_eckert Re:Gratuitous Space Battles (159 comments)

Yeah, tell me about it. :) It's not only visually polished and loaded with options, but I'm happy to see that there's an active modding community for it. Many of the mod packages I can see so far are stunningly awesome. This bundle was cash well spent.

more than 3 years ago

Steve Jobs Resigns As Apple CEO

j_presper_eckert Meanwhile, in Redmond... (1027 comments)

...they fail to get it [as usual] ---

Ballmer, to shareholders: "Today will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Jobs, and will soon see the end of the Apple Rebellion."

Good luck, Steve, and thanks for all of the dogcows.

more than 3 years ago

A Piece of Internet History Lost: IO.com Sold, Services To Shut Down

j_presper_eckert Farewell, IO (123 comments)

That's what happens when you finally *do* begin to see the fnords. A pity about the relatively short notice, too.

more than 3 years ago

StunRay Incapacitates With a Flash of Light

j_presper_eckert Re:This is not new... (431 comments)

Faaaaar from new. It was also a key plot point in the 1981 movie "Looker," starring Albert Finney & Susan Dey.

more than 3 years ago

Former MI6 Chief Credits WikiLeaks With Helping Spark Revolutions

j_presper_eckert Re:Misrepresentation? (146 comments)

We really need to get a mathematician to take a serious look at human history. It appears to be fractal: it not only repeats itself, but the same patterns show up on different scales as if there were a great deal of self-similarity.

I heard that some math-and-history whiz named Hari Seldon has already got that covered. In spades. There's even a few books out there detailing some interesting things that happened when he published his findings. Any serious conversation about the subject really has to acknowledge his work as the foundation of the entire field.

more than 3 years ago

1,200 NASA Layoffs, Shuttle Fuel Tank Plant Shuts Down

j_presper_eckert End of the line (236 comments)

Last Post.

more than 4 years ago

New Firefox iFrame Bug Bypasses URL Protections

j_presper_eckert Re:Firefox blows (118 comments)

How about being a civic-minded pal and kindly post them for our enlightenment? Some of us are hungry for alternatives; I certainly am.

more than 4 years ago

Rare Sharing of Data Led To Results In Alzheimer's Research

j_presper_eckert Re:This is what I was always taught science was li (159 comments)

It's rather reminiscent of Gorbachev-era glasnost. Since such openness lead to this awesome surprise, perhaps if carried further it can also point the way to the IP version of the dismantling of the Berlin Wall. Who knows what else lies beyond? The terrain that beckons is certainly much more enriching to humanity-at-large than todays's walled gardens of data. Too often those gardens seem to be allowed little purpose other than than for their intellectual fruits to be monetized at all costs and defended against any influence that would delay that. It's very encouraging to see a group go so far against that trend!

more than 4 years ago

Rumor of Betelgeuse's Death Greatly Exaggerated

j_presper_eckert Re:Short Story (356 comments)

That's one of the most brilliantly creepy things I've read since discovering Larry Niven's short story "Inconstant Moon" (very related).

Thanks for the nightmares, dude! [shiver] Can't sleep; nova will eat me...

more than 4 years ago

"Moot" Working On Reboot of 4chan Platform

j_presper_eckert Re:Three sentences turned (205 comments)

Could that article possibly be any more lame??? So...Moot ponders some nebulous concepts about 4Chan: The Next Generation for about five seconds. Some other dude then bloats it into a puff piece in hopes of warping reality by placing the concepts of "New York Times" and "hip blogger" in the same sentence, with his own name on top. Riiiight. Journalism, we hardly knew ye.

Call me when a *real* article on the subject appears. Until then, forward my calls to /s/. :P

more than 4 years ago

The Secret Origin of Windows

j_presper_eckert Re:To be fair... (402 comments)

I'm so confused! This goes against everything that me and millions of others were taught. I was so *sure* that Windows had its origin in a golden, seductive ring of incalculable power...or was it a tower in Redmond topped by a lidless eye of flaming malice?

more than 4 years ago

Justice Dept. Asked For Broad Swath of IndyMedia's Visitor Records

j_presper_eckert Don't hang onto visitor stats (244 comments)

Whaaaaat, Your Honor??? Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome my 24-hour-data-retention-policy is!
Fuck that subpeona.
In the ear.
With a Siberian ice dildo.

more than 5 years ago



Slashcott: is the Altslashdot site OK?

j_presper_eckert j_presper_eckert writes  |  about a year ago

j_presper_eckert (617907) writes "Hello, and my apologies for the off-topic submission.

Is anyone else who's planning on joining the (very) imminent slashcott having difficulty in reaching altslashdot.org?

I ask because, despite several careful attempts, I have not yet been able to successfully reach the new wiki this evening. (It had been fine on Friday, though.) For me, the address is now resolving as soylentnews.org and is also showing as a parked domain courtesy of some place in France.

I'm concerned about the new site still not being "ready for primetime" despite the slashcott being almost literally around the corner. Did I somehow fumble-finger the link, or are others seeing the same thing when they try to reach Altslashdot??? TIA"

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