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My primary phone runs ...

j_sp_r Re:Primary phone? (400 comments)

"I was driving" or "I was charging it" seem to be valid excuses

more than 2 years ago

Universities Hold Transcripts Hostage Over Loans

j_sp_r Re:Extortion? (541 comments)

Cable TV and smart phone plan cost basically $200,- a month. 18 years, that gets you $43200,- or about halfway there for one child.

more than 2 years ago

Mammoth "Metal Moles" Tunnel Deep Beneath London

j_sp_r Re:GPS? (294 comments)

For safety, sometimes you need to tag a flag along while diving, so boats know you're down. You can easily add an receiver in the flag.

more than 2 years ago

Reasons Behind the Demise of Kodak

j_sp_r Re:The industry disappeared (200 comments)

I give Microsoft a bigger change, they do apply the shotgun approach to finding new markets to diversify in. Probably, something will stick in the end.

more than 2 years ago

North Korea's High-Tech Counterfeit $100 Bills

j_sp_r Re:OOH! SCARY STORY! (528 comments)

And exchanging money at the shady money-teller office cost you less than 3%?

And paying directly in dollars/euro's is just asking to be ripped off.

more than 2 years ago

NASA Unplugs Its Last Mainframe

j_sp_r Re:Makes sense... (230 comments)

Wouldn't part inventory be a critical process for them that might need the reliability of a mainframe?

more than 2 years ago

President By Day, High-Tech Headhunter By Night

j_sp_r Re:H-1B (494 comments)

Except we cannot vote

more than 2 years ago

Amazon To Collect Indiana Sales Tax In 2014

j_sp_r Re:So if I travel to a Seattle bookstore... (413 comments)

If I take goods from the US to the Netherlands, I have to declare them and pay 19% VAT on them. I do get an exemption for E430,- in goods and they are pretty lenient (aka as long as the expensive items you brought don't add up to more than E430,- you're usually OK).

I think I can subtract any sales tax I paid in the US from the 19% and only pay the difference, but I'm not sure.

about 3 years ago

Does your cellphone have Carrier IQ's spyware?

j_sp_r Re:Dumbphone (249 comments)

Defy+ is a nice phone, just got one! Drowned it in a beer, put it in the dishes, shot movies at a pool, and dropped it a few times, not a scratch.

more than 3 years ago

California Going Ahead With Bullet Train

j_sp_r Re:You forgot one (709 comments)

Ausweis bitte

more than 3 years ago

Valve's Gabe Newell On Piracy: It's Not a Pricing Problem

j_sp_r Re:Of course it's a service problem... (466 comments)

If the above service is provided, it has a huge advantage over pirate content to most people
- No need to download using "torrents" from a shady site with shady advertising
- Avoids viruses/trojan from the less reliable file sharing sites ( not a big problem now, but that could be "arranged" by the power-that-be)

I think the price can easily be
$1 a song
$3 a TV episodes (how much does a single viewer bring in in advertising fees? Might add a selection $1,00 with advertising, $3,00 without)
$5 - $6 (50% of a movie ticket seems reasonable, smaller screen, worse sound system). Multiple views allowed.

$1 - $2 for a one-off streaming solution to your whatever-player connected to the TV (Same pricing as renting a redbox DVD).

And a netflix-like streaming service for older movies.

Do not try to limit personal sharing by DRM, but distribute huge, high-quality sites over a really fat internet pipe that can be streamed, so the price you pay is partly for the convenience of not having to copy the file, walk to your friend, copy it to his computer and watch it.

more than 3 years ago

Valve's Gabe Newell On Piracy: It's Not a Pricing Problem

j_sp_r Re:Hmmm (466 comments)

20% VAT versus 0% sales tax explains a big part of it, still 10% more expensive than in the US depending on the exchange rate (1 Euro is about 1.3 USD).

more than 3 years ago



j_sp_r j_sp_r writes  |  more than 7 years ago

j_sp_r (656354) writes "Microsoft has admitted, after thousands of complaints from users, that there is a flaw in the Xbox 360.
Using the flawed series of the Xbox 360 can cause scratches on disks, so has the Dutch consumer program "Kassa" found out.
First Microsoft stated it's the fault of the users who failed to handle the disks with care.
It affects a set of 1 a 2 million Xbox 360's. The problem is caused by an absent of protective pads around the machines lens.
Original article is here in Dutch and the babelfish translation is here"


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