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Metadata and the Intrusive State

jackb_guppy Stop supporting the NSA with FAKE terms (66 comments)

METADATA has a meaning. It defines the column characteristics and use help text associated. Think as "standing" on a row, in a column, what is the definition of that spot.

DATA defines the other items on that same "row".

Someone started to talk about a picture, that date, time and location of that picture is the METADATA. It is not, is the DATA on the same row storing the blob called picture. NSA is using this same misinformation to minimize the from number, to number, start time and duration of the call.

about 9 months ago

How Mobile Apps Are Reinventing the Worst of the Software Industry

jackb_guppy Re:App permissions (333 comments)

There is no WHY.

I get asked over and over about using this or using that. There is no why they need it. How will it be used. Who will see it.

about 10 months ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

jackb_guppy BETA is as broken as this META system and Account (2219 comments)

BETA cannot display a meaningful page... Canot figure out how much whitespace is needed for text. Just like the ACCOUNT information, half the test is missing.
BETA cannot let you post, just a META will not allow me to post. It keeps trying to refresh and has Jscript that I have cancel to get the page to work.

Do not break original.

about 10 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Do Mobile Versions of Websites Suck?

jackb_guppy Google Mobile is bad, too. (382 comments)

I can barely use Google's Mobile. Why?
1) They have turned off the ability to reverse pinch to make the text bigger.
2) They are using White Background with Gray Letters.

Really guys, does anyone test their software in enviroment that is not a designed "normal" mode.

The internet with it's structure allowed for the user to adjust character size to make it readable... Now, you turn it off! Some great help or equallizer!

about a year ago

Raspberry Pi Hits the 2 Million Mark

jackb_guppy Get little machine (246 comments)

This weekend I found IPFIRE (Linux firewall/router follwoing IPCOP like design). Installed a UML295 LTE internet usb dongle with the on-board ethernet, up and running 10Mb/s (Both Up and Down) backup for my internet connections. Can also use it as base for mobile router in the car for the kids. Not bad for the low cost investment.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Open Source Project For a Router/Wi-Fi Access Point?

jackb_guppy Re:DD-WRT on Buffalo hardware (193 comments)

Please do not talk to my 486sx25 with 12M of memory and 283M harddrive running an old IPCOP version. Works just great.

about a year ago

Come Try Out Slashdot's New Design (In Beta)

jackb_guppy Re:Link broken? (1191 comments)

It looks like apple ios7 - unreadable. I had to turn on the invert display just to read. It the sames as this white box white on gray YUCK!!! Make things readable!

about a year ago

Writing Documentation: Teach, Don't Tell

jackb_guppy A common language (211 comments)

The article misses something critial - the use of common language.

The biggests example of this is HIS use of "user". A "user" for all my time in this business is the person sitting in front of the computer using the software to preform a business funtion... not programming a business function.

This leads to second issue a developer is person that uses an embedded function written by another developer - generally with a higher skill or at least akill peaked before the new developerl. That developer is trying to come up to speed about cause and effect of using a given piece of code and trusting the original developer actual did his job right.

How can you trust a person that says what documentation is to be, that cannot teach it following his own rules? The first rule of any teaching is placing terms that you are going to be using, to teach the others what you mean. You see this legal documents to prevent confussion of common terms being used in a more defined or limited manor.

about a year ago

IPTV Providers To Pay Same Regulatory Fees As Cable Companies

jackb_guppy I cuut the cable 5yrs ago (97 comments)

I do not see how FCC thinks they will collect on those fees. I been watching shows for years off the net and all has been free. So 5% of $0 is $0.

Maybe they are trying to collect on ad clicks? I don't click them so again $0.

Lastly most of the sites I watch is outside the US. So they are like what? $0

To be far though, I did have Netflix, but my wife canceled that subscription after buying ChromeCast and finding out no 3mo free NetFlix becuase she bought it 30 minutes to late. Also Goolge did not document that well, seemed "bait and switch".

We actually have only 2 TVs: 32" on wife;s desk she uses as montior and 23" in bedroom w/ annena to watch late night after kids go to sleep. But then again 8 compters with screens, who needs TV.

about a year ago

Yahoo Deletes Journalist's Pre-Paid Legacy Site After Suicide

jackb_guppy Re:Why isn't this tagged with the censorship logo? (403 comments)

Need to right the release of rights page, read his last line.

Release of Rights

I, Martin Manley, being the creator and owner of all information on the site "MartinManleyLifeAndDeath.com", neither hold nor retain any claim or copyright on any part of this web-site. I do not grant these rights to any individual person or entity either in life or upon death. Rather I release all rights to this work - making it public domain. Anyone can do with it whatever they wish.

Martin Allen Manley

August 15, 2013.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Secure DropBox Alternative For a Small Business?

jackb_guppy CALL the NSA (274 comments)

They are storing the internet traffic anyway...
By definition it is in US territory...
Their sites are secure... Opps!

about a year ago

Compared to my 1st computer's memory ...

jackb_guppy Re:If you had a hard drive, you aren't old (587 comments)

I solved the cost problem... I hand wired a machine a little at a time, took about 1 year. 4k of static ram, Z-80A processor, switches on the front panel and leds to display. Yes, the big cost was the Z-80A at ~$400 but the rest were mainly 74xx chips which were cheap in Bay Area at the time. Then added Hex Display and Hex Keyboard, Then add Video and Keyboard. Finally a 555 timer to change single stepping switch into a "gas petal" - let it run faster or slower as needed to debug.

2 years later bought a Timex/Sinclar with 16k module for about 1/2 the price.

But had wiring was a good way to learn and understand the computer as well as ports and singaling between the chips. It helped when I wrote my first and last C program for IBM PC (not even an XT) to handle communications between two async ports at 9600 baud.

Then again the smalest computer I built was 4bit computer with 256 bytes of memory. All from about 30 74xx chips and another 555 timer.

Good Times.

about a year ago

Compared to my 1st computer's memory ...

jackb_guppy Re:Missing alternative (587 comments)

You missed the "high-tech" solution I did for mine... Folded paper into a "roll" and taped it to the memory module between the computer and module bodies. Add tesion to connection - so no wiggle.

about a year ago

Surgeon Uses Google Glass and iPad To Capture Live Procedure and Stream It

jackb_guppy Re:FDA Approval (100 comments)

I have freind who worked on Artifcal Heart Admin application. You now to keep inventory of devices. FDA had to do full code review and audit of that software. Got him to leave the gig in less than 3 months.

about a year and a half ago

UDOO Looks To Combine Best of Raspberry Pi, Arduino

jackb_guppy Still missing the key for me, POE (59 comments)

Power over ethernet or USB3 device port (ie slave to another computer) would make these type of machines MUCH better, because the stand alone power supply is no longer needed. Think of BEOWULF cluster that was here on /. The cool think there was a different way of connecting power to each of the 32 RPi. But that was also two more power supplies to power them. If the RPi could have gotten POE, then switch he used could have been upgraded and all RPi powered just by being connected. Think of those CISCO phones on your desk. Thats how they work.

I also would like monitors to offer a USB port with enough power to run these machines (USB). Just like the in-line amps for HD antennas these days, Use the USB port on the back of the TV to power themselves.

My current RPi has Plugable USB 2.0 4 port w/ BC 1.1 Charging Hub. I use one port to power RPi and the other 3 ports to extend the USB of RPi. It can even power a hard drive connected to hub. But it looks like WART on back of RPi taking away the small size with lots of wires going in and out. Not clean looking.

about a year and a half ago

Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness

jackb_guppy SciFi requires Sci! (514 comments)

This movie and part of prior failed at basic science.
1) The ship is not a gaint beer factory with volumes of empty useless space between things. If you have leak there are no comaptments to stop the leak. See Titanic.
2) Build stairs to stairs to stairs show ship was not designed for use, but for only a movie.
3) Items inside of ship without power falling in planet's gravity well. Do not fall faster! You will not be runninng on the walls or sliding as it you are on a slide.

On another note...
1) A prefect human would have good teath.
2) An Asian 1990s charcter is not a white english guy.
3) Charcter of strong controled though - does not run in croward, does not fight stupily after controled battling, basicly being to opposite of his character.

The Golden Gate Bridge does not go east and west, nor is visual in fine detail from transamerica building! At least the real Start Trek gets that right.

about a year and a half ago

A Case For a Software Testing Undergrad Major

jackb_guppy FedEx looking at Univ Memphis (220 comments)

A few years ago I was talking with a Prof at Univ of Memphis and he was talking about starting a program, because FedEx was in looking to to help. They were looking for better quality control. I do not know if it was started, since I have moved 3 years ago away from area.

In my past, though, the best QA person was a gentalman that had a degree in Anthropology. He could find bugs that no one could find, by taking every single keystroke and option. Plus he had great stories to tell of different locations around the world.

about a year and a half ago

Old Educational Computer Resurrected As a Spreadsheet

jackb_guppy BARDIAC (37 comments)

Had a Comp/Sci professor who wrote BARDIAC (~1977), same as CARDIAC but with punch cards. It ran on DataPoint 2000 which was the 8008 instruction set run on decreate componants. Nothing like using elumation software on an elumation computer!

Will have to play with excel sheet, relive OLD times!

about a year and a half ago



How to get a working interface again to Slashdot.

jackb_guppy jackb_guppy writes  |  1 year,7 days

jackb_guppy (204733) writes "How do I gety a working interface again???? This new beta is made with poor interface design that makes reading it just junk. It took ten minutes just find the input boxes and type a message, becuase of the look and font choices. How do It get the old one back????"
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