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Why Linux Is Not Yet Ready For the Desktop

jackjeff Re:Why OSX isn't ready for the desktop. (1365 comments)

I did my research and found a TV tuner that would work under Linux so that I could run MythTV. How many tuner cards work with OSX?

Many TV tuners are supported on the Mac, so if you do you research well, you could probably find one that works on Mac, Windows and Linux, and maybe even Linux on non i386 hardware

Webcam drivers are bit irrelevant on the Mac, considered that Apple bundle WebCams with many of their hardware nowadays. But anyway:

I stopped reading halfway through. Its a troll. I could say Windows isn't ready for the desktop because there are no CLI utilities or scripting languages built in.

Windows has PowerShell. It has some features which I have never heard of on Linux (but I'd like to be proven wrong): the pipeline support typed objects and not just text streams that Unix tools spend their time parsing; powershell allows full access to the DotNET api.

If you want to do something in batch like resize and auto-rotate a bunch of digital camera pictures you need to search for and download a program that does exactly what you want and hopefully not get a virus.

You could use Powershell and jhead to accomplish the same thing on Windows. (Or even cygwin!) Or use jhead on MacOS X :)

Or you use powershell, access the DotNet image framework, even create a CmdLet encapsulating the hard nifty tricky details...

more than 5 years ago

Sex Offenders Must Hand Over Online Passwords

jackjeff Re:I have a question... (630 comments)

Additionally this is stupid.

Have access to the offender email?
-> Offender can encrypt all his emails. So that no-one would pose as him, nor anyone read his emails. Effect of having the password => absolutely none.

What kind of monitoring anyway?
-> Offender can open hundreds and hundreds of accounts, send the password, register to a huge amount of spam. He would comply with the rules, but who would have time to read/process the emails anyway???
-> Offender could change passwords of his accounts on a daily fashion or open an account every day.
-> Once email has been deleted, what good can "have the password" do. Let's say. A. Open new account on yahoo + send password B. Send email to prey, asking to reply on another email (not yet created). C. Erase traces of first email.... Seriously?

Totally ineffective way to achieve i don't know what.

about 6 years ago

IT Internship In the US For a Foreigner?

jackjeff Re:I'm guessing... (298 comments)

J-1 visas are the way to go, but a company will not invest time if you are not planning to stay for at least 6 months...

I did this for a 6 months internship, in a small company in SC. They had some europeans employees (1 french, 1 german now naturalized) which helped the process. I did not know them personally but I tried to convince them that it would be a good idea to hire me...

In the end they wanted to keep me, but other visas that J-1 are hard to get. I ended up in a partner company in Germany for nearly 2 yrs, before I quitted for a much more interesting offer back in France.

Now I am planning to move to the UK, Canada or the US...

more than 6 years ago



HFS+ Bit Rot

jackjeff jackjeff writes  |  about 7 months ago

jackjeff (955699) writes "HFS+ lost a total of 28 files over the course of 6 years.

Most of the corrupted files are completely unreadable. The JPEGs typically decode partially, up to the point of failure. The raw .CR2 files usually turn out to be totally unreadable: either completely black or having a large color overlay on significant portions of the photo. Most of these shots are not so important, but a handful of them are. One of the CR2 files in particular, is a very good picture of my son when he was a baby. I printed and framed that photo, so I am glad that I did not lose the original."

Link to Original Source

Free software developper site Savannah is down

jackjeff jackjeff writes  |  more than 4 years ago

jackjeff (955699) writes "There has been a SQL injection attack on the GNU development management system hosted at savannah.gnu.org. The site has been offline since yesterday and some encrypted passwords were leaked. According to the temporary webpage they are planning to hash the passwords with MD5. This raises questions about the competence of the staff, since MD5 has been already severely compromised. Why not use SHA-1? Or something even stronger?"
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