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Western Digital Service Restricts Use of Network Drives

jacobcaz Is this really WD's place to be a cop? (315 comments)

Really, WD?
Is it your place to be the cop here? Shouldn't I - as a fully aware (or not, the law doesn't make a distinction) adult - have the freedom to share whatever type of file I wish?

Wouldn't (and shouldn't) it be my butt on the line if I'm sharing my 19 volume set of "The Best of Barry Manilow" all willy-nilly across the Internet?

Please get your industry-browned nose out of my business, and let me worry about the repercussions if I get caught violating copyrights.

more than 7 years ago



Best software/service for small company intranet?

jacobcaz jacobcaz writes  |  more than 6 years ago

jacobcaz (91509) writes "We're a small company (about 50 people) of varying technical prowess. I've been tasked with finding a new solution for our Intranet, which is currently a collection of very old (and outdated) HTML pages. We use Exchange2k3/Outlook2k3 heavily, but a small and growing group have branched out to the Google Apps for their collaborative features. Google's online calendaring is attracting a lot of interest, but we still have a core that want to live in Exchange/Outlook. Any suggestions for tech that will let us go to a very collaborative system and retain our back-end? We can do some roll-our-own, but we're not hard-core programmers here. What is your smallish company doing to keep everyone communicating when there is a lot of in-the-office and outside-the-office activity going on and everyone needs to be on the same page?"

What's your ultimate laptop bag?

jacobcaz jacobcaz writes  |  more than 7 years ago

jacobcaz writes "I've been on a quest for the holy grail of a laptop bag/daypack. Right now I would be stashing a Dell D820, but would eventually like to migrate to a MacBook 15". I've been carrying a Wenger backpack which has a ton of room, but is heavy when empty and lets me load way too much into it to carry around.

What laptop back do you love and consider the ultimate bag? I would like to hear from people who are using backpacks or slings, or shoulder bags that let you carry your laptop in a vertical orientation."

Link to Original Source

jacobcaz jacobcaz writes  |  more than 8 years ago

jacobcaz writes "I recently was asked to run the AV systems at a charity event. I ended up doing more "V" than "A" as every presenter had a PowerPoint slide show or a short video to accompany their presentation.

I was armed only with a laptop and a video projector (without a "blank screen" feature) for the video presentation. I tried my best to keep desktop distractions minimized, but there was some of that as I switched from a PowerPoint to a video, etc. during the presentations.

Years ago I did some work in a theater where we used a Video Toaster to control video during live events. And after my experience with this charity event I started to look — without success — for a software based video switching package.

Are there any software based switchers out there for such events that don't need a full-blow professional switcher with dozens of video in/out puts? Is there software (bonus if it runs on OS X) that can do for video what Asterisk does for telephony?"


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