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Google Finally Quashes Month-Old Malvertising Campaign

jafiwam Re:Not a priority (56 comments)

> Stopping malware is not a priority for advertising companies.

> The priority is to do whatever they can to help advertisers, because advertisers give them money.

Yes, but there is a gap between the two statements. How about:

The priority is to do whatever they can to help malware (while only appearing incompetent and not actually evil), because malware spreaders are giving them money.

All I am saying that this is a very slippery slope. Google is most certainly helping to spread malware, and they are probably making money from it. And they could do more to avoid it if they wanted to...

Malware is the primary reason why I have aggressive ad blocking strategies.

I don't see ads on the internet.

If I never had to clean up some poor sap's computer of malware caused by ads, I wouldn't care about ads. I have the bandwidth to handle it. I just don't want my shit infected.

about two weeks ago

Human Language May Have Evolved To Help Our Ancestors Make Tools

jafiwam Heeeeyyy! (154 comments)

"Look what Thag do!"

about two weeks ago

Finnish Bank OP Under Persistent DDoS Attack

jafiwam Re:OP customer here: this must be pure vandalism (92 comments)

I see no other reason for this DDoS attack but vandalism of some sort. The attackers have no political agenda (this is a small Finnish bank, not one of the big tax-haven transfer banks like UBS. It also has no political connections/owners. The attack also has no way of obtaining any useful info, as all banks in Finland use one-time passwords for login.

That part in bold is irrelevant.

Often these are a distraction to get the manpower (management in a tizzy, IT busy) doing lots of stuff while they break in somewhere else. Customer accounts are not the target. The infrastructure NOT under attack at the time IS.

It also could be as simple as "no particular reason" sometimes it is random boredom. They chose this target because they thought the logo looked stupid, or they figured they could actually accomplish something over larger perhaps "more deserving" banks.

about three weeks ago

Microsoft Is Building a New Browser As Part of Its Windows 10 Push

jafiwam Re:WHY GOD WHY (248 comments)


Why? I like the idea of having browsers that can show off what they're better at, by rendering pages in different ways. It creates a market with a variety of browsers.

The great unwashed masses fucking EXPECT them to render in exactly the same way.

That's why.

'But it looks different at home .... blah blah blah"

If that quote above, didn't give you fits of anger, you haven't done enough web development and need to shut up on the subject you don't know anything about.

about a month ago

"Team America" Gets Post-Hack Yanking At Alamo Drafthouse, Too

jafiwam Re:What are they going to do? (230 comments)

nobody cares about the hackers. it's the terrorist threats of "9/11-style" violence that have people freaked out.

It will be 911 times 2356?

about a month ago

Google Proposes To Warn People About Non-SSL Web Sites

jafiwam Re:503 (396 comments)

In any case, Google hasn't formally announced a decision yet, it has merely made a proposal public and started a discussion on the subject requesting feedback. The fact that everyone is condemning Google for this proposal vindicates all the companies that keep their discussions private and out of the public eye until they work them out -- all secretly first.

Google has already fucked with the icon in the address bar.

They have started to reject certain encryption protocols and now state "no public audit records available" for quite a number of domains and certificates. These changes went out a couple weeks ago.

So the "but they didn't start fucking with it yet!" comment is not valid. They'll request feedback and then do what they are already planning to do anyway.

about a month ago

Google Proposes To Warn People About Non-SSL Web Sites

jafiwam Re:503 (396 comments)

https will not stop mass metadata collection.

It definitely will make the spying harder though...which is a good thing.

Harder for whom?

I am going to bet, that the big players in the data collection game already have a way to sniff traffic in SSL mode because they stole the root keys, certificates, intermediates, and even your certificate a long time ago.

Do you really think Network Solutions or GoDaddy are going to fight off the NSA or Mosad? (if they even _wanted_to?)

about a month ago

Google Proposes To Warn People About Non-SSL Web Sites

jafiwam Re:503 (396 comments)

Yep, same here.

On topic, Google, I appreciate the focus on security, but stop deciding to simply implement however YOU THINK the web should be working. Ok, technically, it's just a change in the browser, but the semantics are obviously meant to "encourage" everyone to switch to HTTPS. However a good idea some of us think that is, it's not up to you.

This is why people are getting freaked out about the power you hold. You're starting to demonstrate that you're not afraid to *use* that influence to simply push things to work however you want them to. You've already done that once already by pushing forward an SSL-related change far ahead of when it really needed to be, and now it looks like you're floating a trial balloon to go one step further.

Am I overreacting here? Or is Google going too far, too fast with this?

They are most certainly going to far.

Last week, with the latest update of Chrome, they started putting a yellow warning triangle on any cert with SHA1 encryption. While SHA1 should be avoided, they are issuing what is basically a big "FUCK YOU" type warning. There were a number of CAs that didn't provide an option for anything else up until last year, so basically Google is forcing site owners to pony up for a new cert ahead of cycle, or do the paperwork to re-issue a cert and then re deploy it.

Likewise, Chrome is now bitching about lack of "public audit records" that have barely begun to be deployed with CAs, Let alone something that every certificate and domain have yet.

The changes mentioned in the article are not the first attempt at screwing with the function of the symbols in the address bar.

That little lock is one of the FEW things that end users have properly picked up on as part of security, now Google is undermining that. Instead of getting certs to "their standards" (who the fuck voted them boss on this?) they are going to end up teaching users what happens up there doesn't matter.

For a long time, people feared the Internet turned into something only the sanctioned big players could play in, assuming it would be media producers, TV networks, large telcos and internet providers.

Instead, we have Google doing it. If they succeed, the "little guy web site" is going to disappear from the internet.

My response is going to be "Chrome doesn't work right anymore, switch to Internet Explorer" Not going to bother complying to a standard that is unreasonable and unwanted at this time. Sure, in the FUTURE, however rushing shit through in a few months is pant-on-head retarded and extremely arrogant at the same time.

about a month ago

POODLE Flaw Returns, This Time Hitting TLS Protocol

jafiwam Re:Nothing to see here (54 comments)

The CVE for this has already been rejected. There was an implementation problem on a specific piece of network equipment and not a general TLS implementation issue


about a month and a half ago

POODLE Flaw Returns, This Time Hitting TLS Protocol

jafiwam Re:A question I hope someone can answer (54 comments)

For those of us who are stuck using older browsers (FireFox v10 or IE6), even with SSL disabled and only TLS 1.0 enabled, will this be a problem?

As I said, stuck. I won't appreciate replies saying to upgrade my browser.

In IE 6.0, you can enable TLS 1.0. It is not on by default.

It is deep in the "Internet Settings" in "Security". Scroll down the list and find where it mentions TLS.

IE 6.0 does not do TLS 1.1 or later, so when TLS 1.0 gets shut off, you are done with it.

I believe RC4 is only in SSL 3.0 so that being on or off doesn't matter.

PS, most sites already have 3.0 off, so you may be in the clear already.

about a month and a half ago

Practical Magnetic Levitating Transmission Gear System Loses Its Teeth

jafiwam Re:PBS had a documentary... (103 comments)

Some huge trucks still have things based on variable transmission technology, so the entire gearbox doesn't have gears but just slides into the most convenient gearing automatically. They've been around for decades. And they work by using a strong belt that can slide up and down a conical shaft. I kid you not. Every few years, they are re-invented under another brand / patent / material and actually do quite a good job. But they are still considered specialist parts because we can't overcome their weaknesses.

For someone asserting they know all kinds of "unknoiwn" details, you sure are behind.

The description above is called a "Constant Velocity Transmission" and both Nissan (recently) and Subaru (since the 70's) have these. Subaru has had MOST of their new non-performance car fleet use CVTs for the last three years. Nisssan's CVT uses a "pusher" belt made of stacked plates connected by a chain. Subaru, a regular chain.

This is not "specialists" parts anymore. This is just a different type of automatic transmission.

True, "going back to the old" works sometimes, often that is because materials and engineering concepts have advanced far enough to actually make the stuff work now. That doesn't mean tinkering with, or taking another try at these old methods isn't worthwhile.

about 2 months ago

Game Theory Analysis Shows How Evolution Favors Cooperation's Collapse

jafiwam Re:Justifying (213 comments)

Society has strictly no duty to help those who truly cannot fend for themselves, just like cops have strictly no duty to put their lives on the line to save others. And before you contradict me on this point, have a look there: http://disinfo.com/2010/03/the...


The grandparent poster is stating the socialism spin on an accurate statement.

There is no "duty" to protect the weak as it were. There just isn't. Philosophically you can't get there. That's pure political progressive ideas based on emotion and not actual thinking.

You CAN however, expand the argument a bit and come up with a compelling reason why helping the weak is actually helping yourself. First, everybody, at some point, is "weak" or "strong." For example. I am a nerd. I am generally, less physically capable than other adult men. (This is my own doing, shut up, I know.)

On the other hand, I carry a gun.

Someone, a large young man, could walk into a store and toss around a clerk or two while stealing swisher sweets and be the "strong" one. While he has no philosophical duty to protect the weak, it is SMART for him to do so, because there just may well be a nerd behind him with a loaded gun. Or, a skinny cop may tell him to get back on the sidewalk, where playing "tough" only gets the moron deaded.

The short version is, the "philosophy of using strength" gets you into conflicts in a society, where "philosophy of cooperating" tends to keep you out of conflicts. No matter how tough you are, you might end up standing in front of a nerd with a gun. This is true whether or not you are a socialist or some other political bent.

about 2 months ago

Cops 101: NYC High School Teaches How To Behave During Stop-and-Frisk

jafiwam Re:Wouldn't time be better spent... (481 comments)

... teaching the cops how not to alienate the people?

I agree they are teaching the wrong people.

Though, this effort would be best spent on the parents of the kids that get in trouble, along with the kids who DONT SHOW UP FOR SCHOOL.

What these classes do is make it clear to the non-criminals how collossally stupid the average thuglet really is. The people that need to know how not to get beat, don't pay attention to anything anybody tells them... or they would already know how not to get beat.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Dealing With VoIP Fraud/Phishing Scams?

jafiwam Re:Level3? (159 comments)

I've got a better solution for both of you...

Put an automated message that says the following...

"If you are calling about a recent scam involving our number, please call Level 3 at..." and give the phone number to Level 3's complaint office. If they don't have a complaint office then simply give the main number. Better yet if you can, forward the call to them via a menu system. Let them deal with the fallout. Maybe they will take the hint.

I suggest the sales department phone number. Those seem to be able to accomplish things with screeching to management and IT.

about 2 months ago

MARS, Inc: We Are Running Out of Chocolate

jafiwam Re:The Fix: Buy good Chocolate! (323 comments)

Price of any stock will go up when the demand is higher than the supply. And if supplier business is truly not currently economically viable, less fields will be used for cocoa, supply will go down, and price will go up again. No need to talk about what one ethically "should" pay for it.

Yup. The market will adjust.

The problem is, the adjustments will be wild and put companies out of business.

Cocoa comes off a tree, so switching land from bananas to coca is not a "next year we'll grow that" type of transition. While that expansion happens, the price goes where ever. Also, with that start up time, a local farmer might get burned by being a little too late where large numbers of other fields are converted too. Leaving him out of business or at least less willing to do cocoa again.

If my industry relied on the good stuff, I'd be looking hard at geographically spreading my supplies out and getting production in places it hasn't been done before, AND stockpiling it if it keeps well. Just set a price, buy all of it you can.

about 2 months ago

Window Washing a Skyscraper Is Beyond a Robot's Reach

jafiwam Re:Shocked... (203 comments)

You think $26.89/hr is a low wage? Wow. That's $53780/yr! A huge amount of money. And people wonder why international outsourcing and illegal immigrants are a problem. The North American standard of living is unsustainable, pure and simple. All these rich folks have no idea that the majority of the population works for far less. Housing alone costs about 80% of earnings for most people. Ain't capitalism grand?

In the cities where they are needed, that's not a whole lot of money. I bet those guys live in hovels or commute from waaaayyy outside the cities the work in.

about 2 months ago

Senate May Vote On NSA Reform As Soon As Next Week

jafiwam Re:It won't happen (127 comments)

When they have the majority in both the house and the senate starting next Jan. they will expand the NSA's powers and try to ram it through.

IOW, continuing the good work of the current majority and the administration?

Or, just now realizing the power structure of parallel construction, back room deals to harass people for political reasons, massive and invasive domestic eavesdropping abilities etc. are all going to be in the hands of the Republicans when Democrats lose the white house in 2016... and fearing the machine they created being turned against them.

about 2 months ago

Internet Sales Tax Bill Dead In Congress

jafiwam Re:Ok, they got ONE right... (257 comments)

The IRS actually did not do anything wrong until they were shamed into letting the groups keep their 501(c)(3) status.

People who "didn't do anything wrong" don't destroy emails that prove that they "didn't do anything wrong." The act of destroying the emails itself, is something wrong.

about 2 months ago

Internet Sales Tax Bill Dead In Congress

jafiwam Re:Ok, they got ONE right... (257 comments)

roll back IRS harassment powers

If they were smart they would increase IRS funding since it results in something like a 10:1 return rate. You know where the extra money would come from? Tax cheats! People who don't pay their taxes aren't your heros, they are your parasites. While I'm being wistful about things that will never happen, increased funding might even give us more streamlined processes and overcome the turbotax lobby...which for years has been lobbying against simpler taxes that you can do yourself on the IRS website, reducing errors and thus the likelihood the IRS would want to talk to you.

No. The extra money would come from harassing politically "undesirable" non-profits out of existence.

How is LESS complication going to COST MORE? By your standards, someone putting more money into developing a better snow blower would end up with a shovel. Your ideas of how the world works are ass backwards.

about 2 months ago

Study Shows How Humans Can Echolocate

jafiwam Re:I do this with water temp. (136 comments)

I always thought this was the pipe, the faucet head and aerator and sink changing temp. Not the water itself.

You can hear the difference between a mug of hot water and a mug of cold water if you tap the outside of the mug with a spoon as well. That doesn't have any turbulent flow to it...

about 2 months ago


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Million Monkeys

jafiwam jafiwam writes  |  more than 10 years ago My boss has a program called "Million Monkeys" that uses the Windows UI to pound through an arbitrarily long brute-force sequence in some program installation routines... basically a generalized brute force key generator that can be pointed at a "key" field and run for several days to get a valid key.

So there's often discussions about the classic Shakespeare question; if a million monkeys sat in front of a million typewriters would they eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare?

It's a fun question.

Here's some point's of view;

Yes. Well, if you assume the example of the keygen program fits for larger field sizes, then absolutely yes. True random, or sequential tries would eventually produce the desired results, as long as you have an arbitrarily long length of time to get there.

Also, interestingly enough there's a mathematical proof out there that says any specific string of arbitrarily long length exists in the numbers after the decimal points in Pi. These words, they are in there. deCSS code, it's in there. Britney's next song lyrics (before she has written it... if she writes her own songs...) is in there. So is Shakespeare. All of it. [I'll try to find a link.]

No. Shakespeare's words on typewriters are not random, monkeys (in real life) are likely to produce non-random keystrokes as well. These two non-random data sets do not intersect. Monkeys simply won't type "King Lear" (the phrase, not the play) because the word "Lear" requires a shift-L stroke, then the e, a, and r strokes in a certain order. Monkey keystrokes will be grouped in monkey-sized feet or fist groups. (Though the monkey's I've met probably would try to pry the keys up and chew on them.) So even though the randomness can be arbitrarily long, the data-set produced is always not the same data set as english words.

Push the "no" idea a little further, and the Internet can be used as a test bed to prove the point.

To begin, I start with a quote; "We used to think that a million monkeys in front of a million keyboards would eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare, now, thanks to the Internet, we know this is not true." - P. Lutus.

Internet users are going to produce by far strings of characters that are FAR less random than that of monkeys. Yet, without deliberately attempting to, they haven't produced the complete works of Shakespeare.

Ok. On to the point. This quote from tbannist This quote concerning the question of AOLers producing the works of Shakespeare is incredibly funny (even though it doesn't subscribe to my same point of view).

"No, the key here is monkeys are a random string generator. You can't replace a random string generator with a stupid string generator and expect to get the same result."


Manifesto de Vivando Merde

jafiwam jafiwam writes  |  more than 12 years ago

Recently there were some 'Parting Words.' That got me thinking. Here are some "Staying Words"

Manifesto de Vivando-Merde (or, shit to live by)

(1a) Want my respect? Earn it. You will get it no other way. You will not get it because you have kids, because you are black/white/male/female/christian/fag/short/fat or anything else. You will never get any respect if you use of those things as a crutch or as a tool to get attention. You have no right to my respect, it is a gift from me to you, a reward for not being a dumbass.

(1b) If you get respect, you will know because I listen to you, I will help you, and I might watch your back. You might even get invited to lunch. But remember, you can lose my respect in a heartbeat. Just like all things in life, earning it is harder than losing it.

(2) Want to get treated like you are worth something? Do something worthwhile. Finish something before it is due, do it better, do it well, or figure out how to do something more effectively. Above all, do not inconvenience me, that makes you worth less than nothing to me, more of an obstacle, to be dealt with accordingly.

(3) Want me to be friendly to you? Shut the fuck up. I will come to you when I want to talk to someone. If I am not talking, it is because I have nothing to say to you. If I am not listening, it is not because I didn't hear, it is because you are blathering about nothing important to me. I already know what is going on with you, because you told everybody else three times already. I can hear, I can hear a lot better than you think. I can hear you breathe in the dark. What makes you think I do not already have the information I want?

(4a) If I want you to take something personally, you'll know. Trust me, you will.

(4b) If you take something personally that I did not intend for you to take that way, you are not only stupid, but also arrogant. If I meant you, you would be painfully aware I meant you. There is no need for you to assume I mean you. If I do, you will know.

(5) If you act like, or say you know something... You'd better. If not, you will be made miserable and encouraged to go elsewhere. How far you are forced to go, depends on how big your mouth is.

(6) You will get my attention when I choose to give it to you. No sooner. You have no right to my attention, you will be punished if you try to force me to give you attention. If you force me to pay attention to you, you will not want the kind of attention you get.

(7a) Never start a sentence with 'Why didn't you...' if you do not want a sarcastic answer. I do what is on my list, I do what is important to get done. I do what I consider valuable or worthwhile. None of the former includes what you want. If it should get done, it should be explained to me, quickly, accurately, and without preconceptions how it should be done. Then I will do it when things of that priority get done in the way I see fit. I have no other system.

(7b) Things will get done in the order that I see them necessary to get done. Yes, I may do them to get you to shut the fuck up, however, be aware that you just forced me to pay attention to you, and that you will suffer as a result.

(8a) Yes I make mistakes. Sometimes they are big ones that cost time or money. I learn from them. Sometimes, I learn a lot from my mistakes. Sometimes I learn nothing from them. When I learn nothing, it is because I made the mistake of trying to work while you were yammering at me. So shut your mouth and go back to work and we will ALL learn more.

(8b) I do not expect you to not make mistakes or to be perfect. However I DO expect you to learn from your mistakes. Perfection is not attainable, however it should be your goal.

(8c) If you make the same mistake twice, you were not paying attention the first time. Make it three times, and you are plain stupid.

(9) Shit breaks. Get used to it. If you are lucky I may help you fix it. However, I cannot change the fact that shit breaks. So shit will break. Get used to it. If you don't like it, you were born in the wrong universe, to fix that, kill yourself.

(10) If you do not know who is doing it, nobody is. I come to meetings to listen to what you are doing, and to share what I am doing and so we can get some things done together. Pay attention, I assume you are. There are only a few people in the building, most of them talk too much. You have no excuse for not knowing what I am doing, and no grounds for complaining that you did not know. I know what you are doing already, and I do not have to leave my office to find out. You do not know because you do not listen.

(11) Weakness is not a virtue. Stop acting like it is. Weakness makes you worth less to me, and beyond getting any respect, ever.

(12) Do not let me detect a sense of entitlement. You will get what is coming to you anyway in one way or another, you do not need to tell me what you should get. What you think you will get and what you eventually get will never be the same.

(13) Do not ask me stuff that is on our web site, on our support site, or on any web site, or newsgroup indexed by Google. At best, you are wasting my time and making yourself look stupid and lazy. I learned much of what I do and know by figuring it out myself. You should too. But I do not expect you to duplicate my effort, so will share with you what you need to know. Once.

(14) I do not care if you think you do not have time to learn by yourself. I play dumb games on the internet, I watch 8 episodes of Friends and Sponge-Bob Square-Pants every week, I mess around with my computer, I have downloaded more porn than you thought existed, I read Slashdot several times a day, and I stare off into space a lot. I STILL have enough time to learn what I need on my own. You have no excuse not to learn what you need, aside from weakness, stupidity or being lazy. This is not my problem, it is yours. Do not expect me to act like it is anything other than your problem. If you do not solve your own problems, they will follow you to your grave.

(15) If you are shown, taught or given documentation on something but don't know it tomorrow; do not be surprised if I act like you are stupid. My cat has a brain the size of a walnut, yet she knows what "NO" means and changes her behavior based on the word. If you cannot translate words on paper or in a classroom into real life actions, die now please, you are a waste of biomass that could be used for roaches or something else more useful than you are.

(16) If you do not take care of your own data, nobody will. Don't stick files in stupid places then act all surprised when they are lost. Do not take risks with your data, I don't. Do not ignore what I say when I tell you how to deal with your data. Do not complain when shit breaks and your data is gone, I told you how to keep it safe and you fucked yourself anyway. How is that my problem?

(17) I do not send you pointless emails. Read all that I send you, I promise I will make them worth your while. Respond to them or delete them, or keep them, print them, pound them up your own ass, do whatever suits you. However, you will be responsible for the information contained in them.

(18) Feel free to make judgments about me, as I will make judgments about you regardless of your wishes. Deal with it. You will be judged to my standards as I judge myself. Deal with it. I will act on my judgments. Deal with it.

(19a) Your problems are yours. Do not agonize over them in front of me. The answers are obvious to me. You are not solving them because you are weak, pathetic, or stupid. Talk too much about them, I will give you the answer, in a way you will find unpleasant or rude.

(19b) I didn't come to work today to hear about your goddamn garden, your wallpaper, your bathroom, your new car, what you did last weekend, or what that stupid fuck you married did, or how big your boyfriend's cock is. I don't give a shit about your kids, and I don't want them here, especially if they are spoiled or unsupervised. I came here to do some tasks, sometimes I do them well. Ultimately, I do this work because I can get some things done and get paid for it. Do not think for one moment I would stop and give you the time of day if I did not work with you. If you are an exception to this rule, you will know. If you are unsure... then you are not an exception to this rule.

(20) If you need to spend time/do something with your kid or family. Fine. But do not expect me to do more work due to your choice to have children or finger-fuck Christmas presents with your family. I make my own choices, I deal with them. You make your own choices, deal with them. I will not deal with your choices for you.

(21) Do not, ever, ask me to do something you would not do yourself. I will do the same for you.

(22) Do not have contradictory opinions. I will notice them. I will exploit them to make you feel as worthless or stupid as you really are. Do not think that I do not have contradictory opinions. I have them. Exploit them if you can.

(23) Do not expect me to do more than you do, even though I often do more than you do the entire week in one day. Your expectations are your own, my interaction with them will only to be to cram them back down your throat.

(24a) Do not complain about being busy. I know what you are doing, what you did, and what you ate because you are NOT busy. If you were busy, I would not know these things. If you were truly busy, you would stay later. If you were truly busy, you would be at your desk all day, not out here talking about your child, your club, you church, your car troubles, or the play you went to last week.

(24b) The only response to a high workload from you I will respect is more work, more efficient work, faster work, and more accurate work. When you are out going to that play, going to your club, or flicking your own clit, I was at home doing stupid grunt work and making up for shit you didn't do during the day. Do not expect me to be happy about that. Ever.

(25) I know when you show up, I know when you leave, I know what is on your hard drive and what you download on the internet. I know this, because you do not clean up after yourself. Generally, I do not care about these things. However, I will use them against you should I so desire. Remember, every mistake you make is another tool for me to bludgeon you with when the time comes. For your own protection, do not attack my faults if you have any of your own. I retaliate.

(26) The computer in front of you is the most complicated device you will ever encounter in your entire life. Treat it that way. I can make it work, but you might not like how I get it working. So do not break it in the first place.

(27) Do not complain about scarcity and then waste yourself. Do not whine about how much you get paid then waste company money. Do not bitch about what you think you deserve, how much memory you need, or how your computer works. If you cared about these things, you wouldn't download stupid screen savers, you would take care of your computer, you would turn out the lights and your monitor at night, you would close your window when air conditioning is on, and above all, you would be working and making some money - not complaining. The company cannot give it to you if you don't make it for them in the first place. Learn that. It may keep you from getting laid off some day. It might have kept you from getting laid off last week. (ha ha!)

(28) Do not send me jokes. There is nothing on the internet that you can find that I have not already seen. The only good an email joke does for me is give me more ammo to get you booted from the company when the time comes. Remember, I can complain just as well as you can. If management acts on your irrational whining, they will act on mine as well. Do you really want me to have that kind of power?

These are "Staying Words". They may seem harsh. The world is harsh place. Earn my respect and I will watch your back. Lose it and you are cast to the random wasteland created by your own weakness and ineptitude. Deal with it.

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