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The Power of the R Programming Language

jameshowison ggplot2 graphics library is fantastic (382 comments)

The power of R is in its libraries, which are often maintained by the best statistical researchers in that area.

Recently I discovered the ggplot2 graphing library, which is a huge step forward for constructing graphs of all types in R. It's very well documented and very actively maintained.


about 6 years ago

The Curse of Knowledge Bogs Down Innovation

jameshowison March 1991 Exploration and Exploitation? (260 comments)

If you like this stuff then you'll like this academic article:

March, J. G. 1991, 'Exploration, and exploitation of organizational learning', Organization Science 2(1), 71-87.

As I understand it March argues that new participants are required to learn new ways of doing things (just as the FTA does). March goes further though and argues that some kinds of organizations (often unconsciously) force 'rapid socialization' on new participants, bringing them in line with the groupthink quickly. He argues for a balanced socialization period, in which the organization can actually learn from the novel perspective (although not so long that the organization doesn't get back to exploiting its knowledge).

There's lots of good literature citing this article too.

more than 6 years ago


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