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Top 25 Innovations of the Past 25 Years

jamirocake Re:#1 will be... (624 comments)

No, #1 will be the net. Without it, search engines are a lot less useful.

about 10 years ago


jamirocake hasn't submitted any stories.



Submiting to Slashdot

jamirocake jamirocake writes  |  more than 12 years ago Considering the amount of readers and the amount of submissions to Slashdot i wonder: Is it helpful or destructive to submit stories to slashdot? I mean the amount of man-hours spent in filtering through the garbage to find a story is probably similar to have the editors look for the stories themselves. But then again: i don't know the volume of slashdot subimissions nor the elimination proccess (personally i have submitted 3 stories, all of them rejected....). So i feel compelled to ask myself: Sould i post to slashdot?

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