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Wiring A New House?

jamoke Re:Don't forget to run the conduit vertically (730 comments)

It's even better if you can run the conduit from each point all the way back to a central location where you might keep your hub/server, etc. Try not to exceed 3 90degree bends in the pipe run, and I would use at least 3/4" if not 1" emt electrical conduit. A conduit bender is cheap at the hardware store, and the conduit itself is also cheap. Use setscrew type connectors(they are cheaper and less likely to come apart on you like compression connectors). Running conduit like this is a bit more expensive, and time consuming, but the benefit is that you will be prepared for any transmission medium that might become popular in the future. A set up like this will serve the owners of the home indefinitely... Cheers!

more than 12 years ago


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