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Come Try Out Slashdot's New Design (In Beta)

jampola good use of 960px but here are my thoughts (1191 comments)

I have my 1920x1200 displays on their sides so the site looks fantastic but the old site was making better use of the space, especially if I'm on my laptop using it's dismal 1600x900 display. If /. is going to go down this route, why not do something akin to Google Plus where you can switch between the 960px container and a 100% container and maybe have it saved as a user preference or dynamically re-size base on the users screen res (easy task using Javascript, not fool proof though) Also, what's with the header? Once the user scrolls to the top, why not have it expand even taller and bring some use to it (I love how Tech Crunch make use of their floating header, and also Google Plus) All in all, it's still WIP afaikt so I'll be interested to see how it pans out. Now get off my lawn!!!

about 10 months ago

Secure Boot Coming To SuSE Linux Servers

jampola Re:good as MS ideas like metro on servers is dumb (135 comments)

Turn computer ON -> Press F12 or Del -> Disable secure boot -> Reboot

Now THAT wasn't so hard was it?

Yes yes, I know, some systems aren't that easy but for the last 3 or 4 (really really new) laptops I've had to install Debian on, it really was THAT easy!

1 year,15 days

NSA WhistleBlower Outs Himself

jampola Why not Iceland straight away? (860 comments)

RTMFA And I am perplexed as to why he chose not to go to Iceland and claim asylum straight away as opposed to going to HK first?

about a year ago

One Year After World IPv6 Launch — Are We There Yet?

jampola Re:But its still difficult (246 comments)

I live in Thailand. There isn't a single ISP that offers residential services that pushes IPv6. When I call and ask about it, I get the usual "huh? IP what?" -- So yeah, that gives you a sure indication of where we're at!

about a year ago

When Smart Developers Generate Crappy Code

jampola Re:Communication isn't the problem... (195 comments)

It's a "herd" of RMS's running round a field proclaiming that we should all kill closed sourced software. Color me scared...

about a year ago

Google Releases Glass Factory System Image, Rooted Bootloader

jampola Re:But... (74 comments)

Enough of it already! People have been selling "lapel" type spy cams for years! Less discreet than Google glass and smart phones (the latter that have been around for many years already)

Talk about crowd sourced fear mongering.

about a year ago

Yahoo Board Approves a $1.1B Pricetag For Tumblr

jampola Re:Making this... (142 comments)

"Who wants to look at someone else's stupid photos?"

Yep. That's why we have Instagram!

about a year ago

Bloomberg Reporters Caught Spying On Terminal Users

jampola I knew it!!! (55 comments)

Always knew those cheeky Bloomberg staffers admired my sweet .bash.rc and my fancy PS1! No wonder they were spying on me!!!

about a year ago

Snapchats Don't Disappear

jampola So, Uhmm, Yeah... (85 comments)

My data doesn't disappear when I run # mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda either. Make ya think eh?

about a year ago

Debian + Openbox = CrunchBang Linux (Video)

jampola Re:Well... (106 comments)

You must have popped into #archlinux by accident :)

Seriously though, on the forums, the #! guys (and girls!) are some of the nicest in the Linux community.

about a year ago

Ubuntu Developing Its Own Package Format, Installer

jampola Re:Good (466 comments)

Haven't used OSX in quite some time but isn't this how their .app files are maintained?

I can see some logic in this. Doesn't mean I agree with it but time will tell.

about a year ago

There Is No Reason At All To Use MySQL: MariaDB, MySQL Founder Michael Widenius

jampola Re:or sqlite (241 comments)

This! Hell, using SQLite on most small web sites would be overkill and could quite easily grep text files all day long!

about a year ago

On the Heels of Wheezy, Aptosid Releases 2013-01

jampola Re:A great distro. (79 comments)

Recently switched back to Debian from Arch. Best thing I did. I have nothing against the Arch guys or the distro, but I seem to get more work done on Debian!

XFCE 4.10 and I'm running sid with the siduction repo's and I couldn't be happier. It's a shame they couldn't get the XFCE 4.6 -> 4.10 upgrade path working by freeze.

about a year ago

Set Your Watches For the End of Windows XP

jampola Re:Linux Desktop. (712 comments)

"We can have a viable replacement" My folks use all of the above under Linux for close to 3 years already and they haven't had a single issue.

about a year ago

Set Your Watches For the End of Windows XP

jampola Re:Macs (712 comments)

You're absolutely right. I am a Linux guy but I would probably feel more comfortable moving back to Win7 as opposed to OSX (if I ever had to of course!)

about a year ago

Set Your Watches For the End of Windows XP

jampola Struggling to migrate from WindowsXP? (712 comments)

More like "too lazy" to migrate.

On the upside, this year might FINALLY be the year of the Linux Desktop! *hides*

about a year ago



Ecuador grants asylum to Julian Assange

jampola jampola writes  |  about 2 years ago

jampola writes "Reuters UK has reported:

"Ecuador has granted political asylum to WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange, Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said on Thursday, a day after the British government threatened to storm the Ecuadorean embassy in London to arrest Assange."

Assange and the Ecuadorian Embassy are still unsure if the UK Police will make good on it's previous threat to forcefully remove Assange."

Link to Original Source

Satellite phone Encryption broken

jampola jampola writes  |  more than 2 years ago

jampola writes "ARS are reporting that a team at Ruhr University Bochum in Germany have reverse engineered the encryption used in satellite phones and are able to decrypt voice, data and message services. Whilst they're able to decrypt the voice calls, they're unable to listen due to a proprietary codec.

"Our claim is, (a) we can decrypt and the codec will be revealed shortly which allows full eavesdropping and (b) we can apply the attack to different channels (fax, SMS) for which we don't even need a codec," Driessen said. Satphones "are vulnerable because the protection-layer is worthless."

The university claims the encryption used closely resembles the proprietary A5/2 cipher once employed by cellphones based on GSM. They also faulted the algorithm for performing what's known as clocking separately and generating output equations with a low algebraic degree, flaws that also diminish security.

The team also claims that with modest hardware, a call can be decrypted within 1 hour, but doesn't rule out real time decryption being possible with better hardware.

Their findings have been published here. I can assume their might be more than a few people interested at having a read of that!"

Link to Original Source

The Pirate Bay's Taken down by.. Some

jampola jampola writes  |  more than 2 years ago

jampola writes "It appears that the DNS Records of have vanished (site still contactable by original IP). At this stage no one knows what has happened but Active Politic (you know, that news site that runs on port 82) has a small Write Up on the situation and the link to the original IP.

What do you think? Is this another reason why we don't need SOPA/PIPA/ACTA or just an honest mistake on their hosting company's part?"

Link to Original Source

Wikipedia to dump GoDaddy over SOPA.

jampola jampola writes  |  more than 2 years ago

jampola writes "So it's not only imgur (amongst many others) who are giving GoDaddy the flick, it also appears Jimmy Wales, Co-Founder of Wikimedia will also be making the change — [url][\url] — Whilst unsure to what effect Wikimedia utilizes the services of GoDaddy, I imagine this could very well be another public blow for GoDaddy in the wrong direction over their descision to support the SOPA."
Link to Original Source

Ask Slashdot: UPS suggestions for office in Thaila

jampola jampola writes  |  more than 2 years ago

jampola (1994582) writes "I am based in Thailand and I am responsible IT in all the offices for my company.

One office in particular requires a higher level of up-time than the other offices. This office has 12 PC's and one server. All the PC's were built with embedded Atom main boards and SSD's (to keep energy use down and uptime when on UPS) and the monitors are all 20in LCD and as a whole, draw around 150watts each on full load. The server, switch, CCTV and 2 ADSL routers draw about 500 watts all up. For any other wild cards (people plugging in phones to charge, desk fans, etc) I would round off the total Wattage up to 10KW to be safe. This would only cover the IT systems, no lights or A/C (Lights are already dc and have built in UPS that will last for 8 hours)

One thing to take note of is that power outages here are quire frequent. It can vary from 1 — 2 hours for one day a month to having 1 or 2 days without power for 7 or 8 days, especially during monsoon season. We would require a solid 6+ hours up-time from this system.

What are my options? Whilst the budget I have could be quite large if needed, I want to stray away from having to pay huge amounts for UPS as contrary to what most believe, anything IT is not much cheaper here!

I have read a few articles on Ghetto UPS systems using deep cell 12v batteries that can discharge to 90% safely. I have also toyed with the idea of using a generator paired with smaller UPS to cope with the change from mains to gen.

What are you thoughts? Are any other slashdotters in similar scenarios and having to deal with frequent power outages?"

Uh oh! Android password data stored in plain text.

jampola jampola writes  |  about 3 years ago

jampola writes "So The Hacker News is reporting that Android password data is being stored as plain text in it's SQlite database. The Hackers news says that "The password for email accounts is stored into the SQLite DB which in turn stores it on the phone's file system in plain text.Encrypting or at least transforming the password would be desirable." — I'm sure most would agree encrypted password data in at least SHA or MD5 would be kind of a good idea!"
Link to Original Source

Aussie IT Guy Mines Bitcoins On Govt Severs

jampola jampola writes  |  more than 3 years ago

jampola writes "Just when you thought there was enough Bitcoin related news floating in the vast cloud *cough cough*, an IT worker at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) thought it would be a good idea to install Bitcoin mining software on government owned PC's. Needless to say, they're not happy and a "serious misconduct case" is underway.

Never fear, I doubt we've barely touched the bottom in Bitcoin related news!"

Link to Original Source


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