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Among the Costs of War: $20B In Air Conditioning

janestarz Re:Solar Power? (409 comments)

From TFA:
"Why does it cost so much? To power an air conditioner at a remote outpost in land-locked Afghanistan, a gallon of fuel has to be shipped into Karachi, Pakistan, then driven 800 miles over 18 days to Afghanistan on roads that are sometimes little more than "improved goat trails," Anderson says."

Bringing in solar panels would reduce costs in the long run, but the transport investment would be the same or higher. I agree that there are greener ways to handle this. Personally, I think it's insane they provide air conditioning at all.

more than 3 years ago

Facebook Facial Recognition Raises New Privacy Concerns

janestarz Re:Shit, this is what I feared (159 comments)

The Person you tagged as being Jane Starz does not have a Facebook account. However: We have found these e-mail addresses, a blog, a Flickr page, twenty-nine forum accounts, pictures from their childhood and two criminal records .
[ ] Would you like to use our handy app to contact this person?
[ ] Would you like to create a Facebook page for this person and add all this data to the page with Just One Handy click?
{Submit} {Cancel} (Wait, that's actually also a submit button, but never mind. Just say yes.)

more than 3 years ago

Browncoats fight again

janestarz Just about to submit this... (2 comments)

Was just about to submit this myself. Over a million dollars has already been raised. I'm curious what will happen when Fox gets wind of this success? Will they even sell the rights, glad to be done with it, or cling to a dead series trying to squeeze more money from its deceased remains?
I sure hope this takes off... I wouldn't mind seeing more from the 'Verse

more than 3 years ago

Designers Create Meat Eating Furniture

janestarz Mouse-eating coffee table.... (120 comments)

The coffee table eats mice to power itself.

But what does it need power for? It's pretty much a coffee table without the energy the mouse will provide!

more than 3 years ago

Competition Aims To Make Cybergeeks Cool

janestarz Re:It's the same as it always been. (134 comments)

If you need to be gorgeous and adhere to ridiculous social standards in order to be cool, most geeks are doomed any way. We don't have the cool hobbies, because practicing sports take time away from our interesting research. We don't watch the cool shows, because most popular TV shows have gaping plot holes or are just not interesting at all. It's hard to "fit in" when you're smarter than the masses. I like it that way.

We are more suited to distinguishing ourselves from the masses with silly jokes and dooming ourselves to our little social niche because let's face it, the conversations are just so much more interesting over here.

Come to the nerd side, we have pocket-protectors.

more than 3 years ago

Abusing HTTP Status Codes To Expose Private Info

janestarz Slashdotted. (133 comments)

Slashdotted. I guess everyone was curious!

about 4 years ago

Slashdot Launches Re-Design

janestarz Re:Horrible. (2254 comments)


We basement-dwelling nerds hate the sun. We hates it, precioussss!


about 4 years ago

Unwise — Search History of Murder Methods

janestarz Re:timothy... (532 comments)

That list alone will warrant Homeland Security / FBI / CIA / MI5 / KGB and the Doctor to keep an eye on you.

^H^H^H^H^H I was never here.

about 4 years ago

Samsung Set To Introduce Android-Based iPod Touch Competitor

janestarz Re:It has a GPS too (221 comments)

There are some fixes for the GPS issue on these forums:


Haven't tried it myself as I don't yet have root access, but this supposedly fixes your GPS fix. =) My GPS has once saved my ass in Germany when I drove to the wrong town (Goch-Kessel reads as Kessel, stadt Goch) and has given me a number of severe headaches as well. I love my little Galaxy S to death, but I do not count on its navigation ever.

about 4 years ago

London Police Credit CCTV Cameras With Six Solved Crimes Per Day

janestarz It works! (280 comments)

Oh hey, it works. Now here's my privacy. Sure, sure, take it. By the bucketload if you can. We've just proven this works!

more than 4 years ago

Geek and Gadgets Set Cross-US Speed Record

janestarz Re:Hoorah! (805 comments)

Except for the fact that on the German Autobahn, people expect this. There are many stretches of road that you are allowed to drive as fast as you can go, if traffic allows. All the German people driving cars know that there might be cars on those stretches that are doing 200kph. It's not just the fact that you are paying attention as a driver, but that the other cars around you are paying attention as well. I've done the German Autobahn as a passenger at 160-180 kph (my father was driving and I hated every second of it) and as a driver (135 kph is fast enough for me) and your mirrors become your best friend. You keep an eye on traffic in front and behind you, anticipate speeds and you'll do fine.

There are also stretches of road in Germany that you're not allowed to go too fast, sometimes with speed limits of 80 kph because the difference in speed between the trucks (LKW's) and regular cars would become too great. And most people abide just fine by it, because they know it can get really dangerous. Sure, the BMW's and Mercedeses and Porsches will accelarate very fast once the speed limits are raised again, but they keep their speed mania in check when danger is close.

I live in the Netherlands and when I crossed back over the border after a trip to Germany, within 5 kilometers of the border you can tell the difference in driving style. I'd drive in Germany any day, despite the speed limits or the lack thereof. Just because Germans can anticipate and think about what they are doing and what impact they might have on other peoples lives.
Roy does not.

more than 7 years ago



Generating power on the road's surface

janestarz janestarz writes  |  about 4 years ago

janestarz (822635) writes "In Amsterdam Dutch research organisation TNO has presented a new concept today: SolaRoad. With this innovation TNO and the North-Holland Province hope to contribute to sustainable energy infrastructure and long term climate-neutral mobility.The material will be tested in the town of Krommenie for an expected period of five years. The first test piece will only be a 100 meters long stretch of bike path.
"This top layer is roughened so that cyclists and later cars can grip the road. It will also counter the reflection of the sun." said Sten de Wit van TNO.
The original press release in Dutch is available; as well as an article on a second-party site (Dutch here). Google translate has some problems with the Dutch translation, though."

Link to Original Source


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