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How Do You Keep Track of Your Web-Based Research?

january Clever cut&paste (150 comments)

The most annoying part of web-based research was for me always copy & paste. Each month I am doing a literature digest from my scientific field, which requires me to copy titles, abstract, urls of selected articles. And each journal has another format / layout, furthermore, you sometimes need more than this information, so that manual copying is necessary. Copy, switch to the editor window, paste, switch to the browser window, where the hell am I, copy, ...

Therefore, I have written myself a small tool to record all copy operations automatically. Essentially, anything that I mark (since this means "copy" in Linux) gets *added* to a clipboard. I am not going to publish it, though, because it was written in perl/tk and seems to work only with particular versions of perl/tk, but as an idea it greatly improved the process of storing my web searches. I tried to find a ready tool that does just that, but I could not find anything.


more than 7 years ago


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