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PSP Launch Coverage

jared_hanson Got a PSP, need more puzzle games... (461 comments)

I picked up a PSP, and I must say I am impressed. The device is great, technically and asthetically.

I also picked up two games, Tony Hawk and Lumines. I've had the chance to play each for about 30 minutes, and I must say, the PSP needs more games like Lumines (which is a puzzle game similar to Tetris, for those unaware.)

The great thing about those types of games, is they are quick to play. You can pick it up and put it down at any time, without having to get into a story or finish some long drawn-out goal or mission. I'm hoping both Sony and the game studios see a benefit in creating more games like this, especially for the PSP, but also stand-alone consoles.

I've posted links to pictures and more info to my blog, if you are interested. More info will be posted as I get a chance.

more than 9 years ago


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Cliche Slashdot comments

jared_hanson jared_hanson writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Is anyone getting annoyed with the standard comments that get modded up to +5, Funny on damn near every story? Well, I sure am.

What I see as moderation injustices have become my most recent crusade. I am trying to point these things out in the hope that moderators will use their points more wisely. Here is my case in point:

Read this post I made, deliberately using not one, but two cliche jokes. It promptly got modded up to +4, Funny, at which point I made this post explaining my motivation. The orignial post received another Funny point after the motivation post to get to +5, Funny. The motivation post then got modded up to +5, Insightful, which shows that people must agree with me.

Anyway, the original post then took a dip down to -1, Funny and the motivation post fell to +2, Insightful. I highly suspect had I not made the latter post that the former would have remained at +5, Funny. This only demonstrates my theory that the cliched funny posts are not really funny.

However, the moderators continue to award these comments with funny points, which only ensures that they will continue. It is an experiment that would make Pavlov proud.

In any case, I'm hoping that those who are sick of these reduntant comments will make their feelings known. You can start by posting in reply to my journal entry. Hopefully, if enough of us make our feelings known, and use mod points we recieve to moderate down, we can eliminate some of these comments.

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