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Are Women Getting More Beautiful?

jascha00 Re:Each sex is defined by the needs of the other (834 comments)

Nice try, but claiming you don't need a citation doesn't mean you don't need a citation. I found several reports (none of which compensated for all the factors you mentioned), which all put women's pay at 60% to 80% of men's (for example: Your claim has no validity unless you present some evidence.

more than 5 years ago

Canadian Gov't Asks Public About New Copyright Law

jascha00 Re:That's not how Harper does things. (77 comments)

Do you seriously think that every single bill introduced by the government has to be passed or they will be kicked out? That basically only applies to the budget and things specifically declared to be confidence motions (

more than 5 years ago

Emigrating To a Freer Country?

jascha00 Re:What languages? (1359 comments)

Yes, much of Canada is extremely far north. That's why we all live in the south. The vast majority of Canadians live at a lower latitude than London, so SAD is no more of an issue. Probably less, because it's not constantly raining (outside of Vancouver).

more than 5 years ago



Online Image Manipulation Collaboration Program

jascha00 jascha00 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

jascha00 writes "I'm looking for an online collaborative tool like google documents, but for image manipulation. Is anybody aware of a tool that would allow several people to modify the same image from various locations?"


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