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An Accidental Wikipedia Hoax

jason.sweet Re:In the olden days... (189 comments)

You mistook dismissal for whining and indifference for ignorance. Your comprehension of the English language is fleeting.

about three weeks ago

An Accidental Wikipedia Hoax

jason.sweet Re:In the olden days... (189 comments)

Why do so many people misspell and mispronounce that?

The better question is "Why do you care?" I submit a "get off my lawn" rant without proofreading, and the best you can do is criticize my spelling of the name of a crappy burger joint. Your internet-foo is weak.
As far as I'm concerned, MacDonalds is the one who doesn't know how to spell MacDonalds.

about three weeks ago

An Accidental Wikipedia Hoax

jason.sweet In the olden days... (189 comments)

In the olden days, as my children like to call them, we learned that you only use an encyclopedia. For those too young to remember, and encyclopedia is a set of articles about stuff, like Wikipedia. It came in a large set of books. It was edited by a much smaller, and, we assume, more educated set of people than Wikipedia. But even so, we recognized that a small summary article could not sufficiently convey the complexity and nuances of the subjects we were eager to study. We also understood, that such a large volume of knowledge was likely to contain oversimplification and plain errors. That is why the articles included a bibliography of sources, so we could find those books and expand our knowledge more completely and accurately. Somewhere along the line, we grew lazy. We got used to the instant gratification of the internet. Somewhere along the line we decided it was too much trouble to GET OUR HEAD OUT OF OUR ASSES AND READ A FUCKING BOOK.
This isn't about Wikipedia being unreliable. It's about authors being unreliable. Check your fucking sources, or get a job at MacDonalds.

about three weeks ago

The Sci-Fi Myth of Killer Machines

jason.sweet Re:It's not really a myth anymore (222 comments)

(HTML5-based because no one else is writing programs for your custom OS).

Figures! Skynet is written in fucking JavaScript. The whole world is going to hell in a handbasket, and Brendan fucking Eich is still sitting there shrugging and making excuses about the schedule he was on.

about 3 months ago

AT&T Hacker 'weev' Demands One Bitcoin For Each Hour He Spent In Jail

jason.sweet Re:A fifth horseman (449 comments)

And why does he include Heemeyer in when speaking of federal government?

Probably because of his sweet beard.

about 3 months ago

Replicant Hackers Find and Close Samsung Galaxy Back-door

jason.sweet Re:Who's behind that back-door ? (81 comments)



Or their equivalent from South Korea ?


about 5 months ago

Thieves Who Stole Cobalt-60 Will Soon Be Dead

jason.sweet Re:They will, without a doubt, die... (923 comments)

Film continuity doesn't apply to the real continuity.

Do you mean the real continuity described in the excellent historical references published by Marvel Comics?

about 9 months ago

Most IT Workers Don't Have STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) Degrees

jason.sweet Re:Personally (655 comments)

I think you meant to write, "It's's possessive."

about 10 months ago

1.5 Meter Long Meteorite Fragment Recovered From Russian Lake

jason.sweet Re:Obligatory (86 comments)

The change to the manual was a decision made by a minority, and it will ultimately be as successful as Prohibition in the United States.

about 10 months ago

It's Official: Voyager 1 Is an Interstellar Probe

jason.sweet Re:Really? (218 comments)

In space...
No one hears your nerd rage.

about a year ago

Psychopathic Criminals Have "Empathy Switch"

jason.sweet Re:With the right training, huh? (347 comments)

Holy fuck YOU'RE dense. Were you born without the ability to comprehend humor?

He probably switches it on and off at will.

1 year,28 days

Tar Pitch Drop Captured On Camera

jason.sweet Re:Ok.... (142 comments)

So they would spend decades carving the ornamentation, but only do a half-ass job installing the glass?

about a year ago

Browser Choice May Affect Your Job Prospects

jason.sweet Re:Loaded language? (374 comments)

Do you mean "know-it-all"? If you used Safari, you probably would have caught that.

about a year ago

Interviews: Ask What You Will of Paleontologist Jack Horner

jason.sweet Re:Is it in theory possible to get dinosaur DNA? (208 comments)

I've always dreamed of something like Jurassic park (obviously without the stupid non-security... :) )

Silly child. Everybody knows that life finds a way.

about a year and a half ago

Three Low-Tech Hacks for Phones and Tablets

jason.sweet Wow! (286 comments)

I think we just went from "news for nerds" to "news for morons who couldn't find their ass if it wasn't attached" in one post.

about a year and a half ago

The Atlantic's Scientology Advertorial

jason.sweet Re:Just a thought (213 comments)

so I'm not trying to push an agenda by asking this question.

Bullshit! Asking a question is always pushing an agenda. Even if you are only asking where to find a toilet, you are pushing an agenda.

about a year and a half ago

New Hampshire Cops Use Taser On Woman Buying Too Many iPhones

jason.sweet Re:iPhone IS MADE in China (936 comments)

just think how dumb what you said is

I think they call the foreshadowing.

about a year and a half ago


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