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Facebook Changes Provoke Uproar Among Users

jawschlech Re:Good thing Facebook made the new changes (426 comments)

I don't really think that Facebook has an interest in teaching those durned kids a thing or two about privacy--those durned kids are their consumers and I don't see what they have to gain from continuing an unpopular feature.

Besides, the issue here isn't that OMG MY INFO IS ON TEH INTERNET?!--it's that, now, I know that my buddy who's going out of state just made nineteen new friends I've never heard of and will never meet, and one of them invited him to a party, which he will not be attending, and two others asked him how his first day of classes was on his wall... sure, it's all stuff I could find on my own, but do I give a shit? Unlikely. If I did, I would probably check his profile every nine minutes like a normal creepy stalker.

more than 8 years ago


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Darn This Infernal Lightning!

jawschlech jawschlech writes  |  more than 11 years ago

While I was away on vacation in gorgeous Florida, the Gods were smiting my home. Lightning struck Tuesday or something and screwed up my system BIOS or possibly the entire hard drive.-Through- the turned off surge protector and turned off computer. It will not boot to Windows, and while I'm not sure if that's a sad occasion, I'd like to get to some of those files if they're not gone forever. (Among other things that were broken around here; the router, the modem, my brother's NIC, the garage door opener, the actual door in the garage, the TV downstairs, the DVD player upstairs, our phone, my sister's heated mattress pad, my will to live in the midst of my computer's ailment...) I'd try the Windows boot disks but for some reason I need six formatted floppies, a large SETUP program, the XP CD--wherever that is or if I even HAVE it--and a fucking trained monkey to wash my dishes. Jesus Christ. Okay, I was kidding about the trained monkey. I want Linux on my desktop. Six boot disks my ASS.

Damn this infernal weather. And Bill Gates and his XP and its six boot disks. And also the RIAA, for I'm sure they have some sinister connection to the whole thing.

I'll worry about fixing it in the morning. Curses.



jawschlech jawschlech writes  |  more than 11 years ago Finally set up my /. account. Excitement! Don't know what else to right. Man I suck at these journal things. Feel rather new, which I suppose is normal because, well, I am. But I'm excited, nonetheless.

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