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Animation Sophistication: The Croods Required 80 Million Compute Hours

jay508 Intrigued by the numbers (196 comments)

80,000,000 hours is 476,190 weeks or 109,516 months or 9,126 years or 912 decades. Can someone familiar with this type of processing comment on the type of hardware it would take to run this in 3 years? Also, given the processing time I'm really surprised at the low amount of storage that was used. 250TB isn't that much. Makes me curious what kind of throughput was used on their storage arrays. Even if you had the kind of processing power required to process 9,126 years of data in 3 I'd imagine it would be very I/O heavy. The IOPS on the disk arrays are equally impressive as the processing power itself.

about a year and a half ago

A 50 Gbps Connection With Multipath TCP

jay508 What am I missing? (150 comments)

So they're able to get 50Gbps out of 6 10Gbps circuits/handoffs/etc... well simple math would say why only 50 and not 60? Ok so it's cool if you want to tell me that I can simultaneously send data to a single destination via wifi and 3/4g, simultaneously being the key word. that part is interesting because in most cases the public address is different. But the article also mentions "servers that can pool multiple high speed interfaces". What? Any decent firewall, switch or server has been providing this functionality for years. It's called teaming or bonding. You want to send a shitload of data to a destination but it takes too long? Not a problem, throw a couple quad nics in those bitches and bond them up, problem solved providing your network can support the throughput. What am I missing?

about a year and a half ago

Why Earth Hour Is a Waste of Time and Energy

jay508 Great!!! (466 comments)

I've always wanted to hit the EPO switch in the datacenter. This will be the perfect time to test.

about 2 years ago


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