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The Largest Ship In the World Is Being Built In Korea

jchawk The shipping industry never learns... (275 comments)

It's interesting that the shipping industry never seems to learn. They continue to bring on more and more capacity while shipping prices are at historic lows.

Perhaps the plan is to flood the market with even cheaper capacity and drive a bunch of competition out of business so they can raise rates later... Then the cycle will start all over again.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Who Should Pay Costs To Attend Conferences?

jchawk You Don't Go (182 comments)

This is really pretty simple. If the funding isn't available to send you to a conference in Vegas -- You don't go. Or if you want to go you pick up the tab.

It seems that you can't afford to go and your employer doesn't see value in sending you.

Life sucks get a helmet.

about 4 months ago

Internet Transit Provider Claims ISPs Deliberately Allow Port Congestion

jchawk L3, Cogent and Others Crying Wolf (210 comments)

Peering agreements are established between different networks to further the common interests of both network providers.

For example - Cogent and Verizon reach a peering agreement of 100 megabit. This is a dedicated symmetrical connection between the two companies. They do this because in theory it is cheaper to swap data directly rather then pay a 3rd party to transmit the data between the two networks.

Now what happens when Cogent goes and sells a bunch of cheap bandwidth to various providers like Netflix and begins flooding relatively one way traffic onto Verizon's network? Well they saturated the 100 megabit connection in one direction. Verizon who isn't anywhere close to the saturation point on their side says hey if you want more bandwidth you have to pay for it because we're not using anywhere near what you are and these agreements are supposed to be fairly equal with respect to traffic flows.

Level 3 and Cogent are both guilty of selling cheap bandwidth to internet companies who mostly only send traffic one way. Video, Music, etc... You can't expect the other side of the peer to just keep expanding the circuit to accommodate your horrible business model.

I'm not a huge fan of any of these companies Verizon, Comcast, Level 3 or Cogent but Level 3 and Cogent are both in the wrong given their current agreements and since they can't reach a deal in private they are parading this out in public and trying to make a spectacle.

about 9 months ago

The $5,600 Tablet

jchawk Chances Are Good (96 comments)

That these tablets never leave the truck or tank because they are heavy and very likely not all that usable.

We tooled around with a general dynamics tablet with similar capabilities and it wasn't good for anything except blocking bullets.

about 9 months ago

Netflix Plans To Raise Prices By "$1 or $2 a Month"

jchawk Re:Milk that cow! (202 comments)

You're close but there is some additional details you missed.

Normally large providers of bandwidth will peer with one another. Meaning I'll give you 1 gigabit of bandwidth and you do the same for me. The assumption is that traffic will be flowing at a near equal rate between both providers. As usage goes up you continue to increase the peer.

The problem is Cogent is notorious for being a low cost bandwidth provider so they end up being a bigger sender then receiver of data. Cogent tried to throw a hissy fit demanding that Comcast, Verizon and others increase the peering agreement even though Cogent was lopsided. Comcast and others said no -- pay for the bandwidth you are using with us because you're lopsided. This is an industry standard practice.

Cogent's CEO and Upper management decided they would blame everyone else, drag in the public and try to make this a PR nightmare in order to get these companies to cave to their unreasonable demands.

Good on Netflix and the rest of the industry for standing up and saying no to Cogent's bullshit.

about 9 months ago

Google Unveils Android Wear

jchawk Android Wear (103 comments)

The ultimate form of birth control. This revolutionary clothing will ensure that no girls will come within 50 yards of you.

about 10 months ago

Cupertino Approves New Apple Spaceship HQ

jchawk Re:Apple has JUMPED THE SHARK (172 comments)

If it's mostly glass and steel it's probably not as expensive as you think it is. I work for a fortune 200 company and we just completed a new HQ campus. It looks dramatically more expensive then it really cost to build and makes perfect financial sense given trying to lease the amount of space we needed house all the employees.

about a year ago

The $200,000 Software Developer

jchawk Issue Is... (473 comments)

I work in IT for a large multinational company and the issue I see with our approach to developers is better, faster, cheaper. In reality what this boils down to is cheaper and good enough. Projects tend to drag on for longer then they should but the development expense from a salary perspective is fairly minimal because the bulk of it is being done offshore.

I think if you want to earn the big dollars as a programmer either need to be the best in the field working for one of the big tech guys like Apple, Google, Etc... Or you need to go work for a start-up for bad starting wages but a percentage ownership in the company.

The only other option I see is going out on your own and starting your own development company but then if you earn big dollars it's because your business is doing well not because you are programming most of the time.

about a year and a half ago

FBI's Smartphone Surveillance Tool Explained In Court Battle

jchawk Re:Ok..So verizon has shown they cant be trusted.. (168 comments)

While I really agree with what you are saying... The market has not demonstrated that it cares about this type of behavior. Joe Six Pack continues to pile on more and more devices onto the Verizon network without a second thought to privacy. If you think I'm wrong look at the 6-strike rule in their Internet business... This hasn't hurt them one bit.

The average person simply doesn't understand the behinds the scenes technology well enough to care.

about 2 years ago

AirBNB Opensources Chronos, a Cron Replacement

jchawk Control-M (72 comments)

I'm curious to see how this stacks up against BMC's control-m product. These schedulers are useful when managing 1000's of machines running interdependent jobs.

about 2 years ago

What To Do When an Advised BIOS Upgrade Is Bad?

jchawk Re:Upgrading to the Latest Version (467 comments)

Dell 1950's aren't expensive anymore. You can buy a complete drop in replacement system from eBay for 200 to 400 bucks depending on the options you need.

about 2 years ago

What To Do When an Advised BIOS Upgrade Is Bad?

jchawk Rationalize your Upgrades (467 comments)

If the bios update isn't security related and you aren't experiencing the described issue or condition I would likely avoid doing the upgrade entirely.

Why open yourself up to the risk?

about 2 years ago

Buffalo Bills Going the Moneyball Route With Analytics

jchawk Analytics Won't Help you Buffalo (94 comments)

Unfortunately it's poor ownership and overall lack of leadership that is forcing you to suffer season after season after season of terrible records.

This team is hopelessly lost. They have not made the playoffs since 1998 and haven't had a winning record since 2003.

Invest in proper coaches and support staff. Commit to building a franchise instead of quick picks that you think will instantly win you a super bowl. Teams don't win with one or two guys. It takes a good (not great) quarterback, a good running back (not great) and a couple of good receivers. Couple that with a consistent defense and you can win Championships.

Look at Pittsburgh or New England. Year after Year these teams are in the hunt and have won a truck load of trophies.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Is Going To a Technical College Worth It?

jchawk Quit and go to a real University (309 comments)

It's very likely that it will cost the same or less and will lead to more gainful employeement later.

The point of all the extra non-computer science classes is to teach you how to learn and process new material.

Having a 4 year degree from an accredited and respected school will also serve you well.

Here comes the rub... Most start-ups and even smaller mid-sizes might not care or hold it against you but then if you can impress them now why go to school at all?

Just my two cents from a guy works in the fortune 200. Right or wrong I see good people held back by lack of a 4 year degree all the time.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: When Is It a Good Idea To Incorporate?

jchawk My Personal Experience (293 comments)

I've owned and maintained an LLC for about the last 3 years. I own 99% of it and 1% is controlled by my father. I did this so I could continue to maintain the protection that the LLC structure offers. In the event that I would ever get sued my personal assets should be shielded from the lawsuit. (Not that I plan to get sued but you can never be too careful).

I was able to incorporate in the State of Pennsylvania (where I live) for a filing fee of $125. I was also able to to register for an EIN with the IRS for free. From there I opened a bank account and got moving. I do limited consulting from time to time as well as manage a couple of servers for some folks. I keep everything totally separate. At the end of the year I work with a local accountant who charges me $125 to $200 to complete my LLC taxes with the State and the Fed.

There are some inherent benefits to having an LLC. I'm able to purchase business equipment such as laptops, computers, supplies, etc... with pre-tax money which lets my dollars go much further.

Additionally other businesses automatically seem to take me more seriously when I reach out to them for software, equipment, services or as a potential client.

If you are already tracking your spending it's honestly not a lot of work. You just have to keep track of your income and expense for your business. If you are small a spreadsheet and some folders for paperwork will work just fine.

The LLC structure has been extremely easy for me to manage and most months I don't even think about it. The only advice I have is avoid those "we incorporate you" websites. Chances are pretty good if you do a little bit of research you will be more then able to handle this yourself. Also reach out to the state that you are incorporating in, you'll be surprised at how helpful they can be with the process.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, I'm happy to help.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Manage Your Personal Data?

jchawk Re:Here's a couple of solutions (414 comments)

You are certainly right about the noise! It lives in the basement in a rack. Since the basement is only semi-finished we're never down there so it works out well.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Manage Your Personal Data?

jchawk Here's a couple of solutions (414 comments)

I can offer a couple of suggestions... What I did was buy a used Dell Poweredge 2950 on eBay for about $500 bucks shipped and I added 4 x 1tb SATA drives to it and I run a raid 5 setup with 3tb of usable space across the four 1tb drives. This solution cost me less then $1000 and I have a nice playground to experiment with VMWare ESXi.

I know that's not exactly budget conscience but it works great for me.

If I were on a tight budget I would just buy a 2tb USB drive from Newegg or somewhere similar. It looks like you can buy a name brand for about $130 bucks.

If you have a little bit more money to spend you could always buy a couple of 2tb internal SATA drives and run RAID-1 mirroring on them. You could put these into an old computer and make a little NAS linux server...

If you're saying you have no money to spend then maybe you need to consider cleaning up your data. Often times all those "personal files" that you think you need to keep... Really aren't required. Just my 2 cents but this problem is very solvable.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Which Registrars Support DNSSEC?

jchawk Why do we immediately assume GoDaddy will suck? (70 comments)

I'm not sure why we should immediately assume that GoDaddy will suck just because they were purchased by a private equity firm. GoDaddy had every intention of going public but choose not to because of how they would have had to report their earnings/recognize revenue. From what I remember they would essentially split the revenue of a domain registration out over the life of the domain registration as opposed to immediately upon payment.

GoDaddy is a cash cow that will likely continue to be a cash cow if they parent firm let's GoDaddy continue to operate in the manner they have done so since they were founded.

I'm not an investment equity firm but if I were I would look to maximize revenue over as long of a timeline as possible. GoDaddy has no real tangible assets to come in and suck dry like a large manufacture might so sucking the life out really doesn't make a lot of financial sense.

I've been happy with GoDaddy over the years and will continue to use them until their service slips or their prices get out of control.

more than 3 years ago

Amazon Releases Cloud-Based Music Service

jchawk Alternatives to Corporate Clouds (222 comments)

I'm always distrustful of a large companies managing my music collection. What happens when they can't make a profit and shut the service down? At best I have to deal with retrieving my media, at worst I could potentially lose access to everything.

Most folks who read slashdot probably have all of the pieces they need to just build this service themselves. Broadband connected computer, iPhone or Android device, 3G or WiFi connection to the remote device or computer.

If you have a media server at home or just a computer running Windows, OSX or Linux why not consider running Subsonic (http://www.subsonic.org)? Using subsonic I can stream my media to any computer using the in browser player and I with a client for my iPhone (isubms) I can stream to my iPhone over 3G or Wifi.

I've been using this as my own personal Pandora radio in the car and it works great. The nice part about the client app for my iPhone is it can cache content for when I don't have 3G coverage.

The total cost for this project was about $20 bucks since I was already paying for broadband and 3G cellphone service. I bought the $10 euro streaming license for subsonic and the $4.99 iPhone app. If you have an Android phone your costs are even cheaper as I believe there is a free client app for Android devices.

This is the solution I've been looking for... For years!

I know I sound like an infomercial but no longer having to remember to sync my device and having my entire music collection at my finger tips where ever I am is awesome.

more than 3 years ago


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I was just wondering how / why I became your friend. What comment did I make for you to be my friend?

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