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Proof Comcast Throttles Netflix

jdastrup Doesn't prove anything (8 comments)

Using a VPN just pushes the traffic over a different path than direct from Comcast's network to Netflix servers. So now it's going from Comcast to Work (or wherever VPN server is) to Netflix. The path between Comcast and Netflix may just be saturated and now you've bypassed it. If a VPN works better for you, keep using it.

I'm not saying Comcast doesn't throttle it, but this isn't proof.

about 7 months ago

Why Robot Trucks Could Be Headed To Afghanistan (And Everywhere Else)

jdastrup Send robot trucks to... (135 comments)

...the slashdot beta.

about 7 months ago

A Year With Google Glass

jdastrup If you ever talk to someone wearing Google Glass.. (292 comments)

..just hold your own smartphone up by your face, as if you're recording them while you talk to them. Whether you are recording or not, I can't imagine the Glasshole won't be slightly annoyed by what you are doing.

about 9 months ago

Piracy Rates Plummet As Legal Alternatives Come To Norway

jdastrup US rental industry is insane (261 comments)

If I want to rent a movie, I have to either:

1. Use my favorite torrent site, or
2. Check netflix (doesn't have it), check Amazon Instant video (maybe has it), check vudu (maybe has it), find a local Blockbuster store that hasn't shut down (unlikely), Find a redbox (probably doesn't have it), buy it at Walmart (don't want to), return to step 1.

about a year ago

Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 10 For Windows 7

jdastrup Re:Can we have the story with the additude? (321 comments)

8 Yes [sucked].

Really? Have you guys even used Windows 8? It's virtually exactly the same as Windows 7. Even the hated "start screen/new UI/Metro" performancs exactly the same as the Win 8 start menu for the majority of people that use it

1. Click the lower left of your screen (Windows 7 and 8)
2. Type the first 3 or 4 letters of the program you want to run (Windows 7 and 8)
3. Hit Enter to launch it (Windows 7 and 8)

In addition, I'm the only one that runs Windows 8 in my office because everyone else hates it. Yet they all come up to me and say "See, even you're still running Windows 7." I tell them to look closer, it's 8, yet they couldn't even tell the difference because the desktop is the same, which is where I spend 100% of my time.

Ignore the stupid Metro UI if you don't like it. I do. Was there nothing you ignored in Windows 7? You played Purple Palace all day? Or you like Windows 7 inspite of Purple Palace? Get over your complaining about an OS you haven't even used.

about a year and a half ago

Linus Torvalds Explodes at Red Hat Developer

jdastrup Re:Ideology is what it's all about (786 comments)

Someone doesn't seem to understand the difference between consumer and enterprise, or what MTBF is.

I understand the difference very well. Price. If you were thinking of Knowledge, that can be found anywhere, including in an IT shop that has someone capable of building their own SAN.

Oh, and re. MTBF. Are you saying that NetApp doesn't use the exact same drives you can buy off the shelf and just load their own firmware on it and slap their sticker on it?

about a year and a half ago

Astronomers Find Planet Barely Larger Than Earth's Moon

jdastrup enhermesenate? (71 comments)

Below the caption of the artist's rendition: "Click to enhermesenate"

New word for the day

about a year and a half ago

Congress Takes Up Online Sales Tax

jdastrup Re:Idiots gives suspended taxes (297 comments)

A flat tax will NEVER happen. Sure it's a good idea, but what politician is willing to do this? Because if they did, millions of jobs would be lost instantly. The entire tax industry (H&R block, KPMG, Deloitte & Touche, etc) gone. No politician wants to be the one that voted for a 10% jump in unemployment, even if it would be the best in the long term.

about a year and a half ago

OUYA Android Game Console Available In June

jdastrup Re:Ouya was more relevant, before. (196 comments)

sure, XboxLive, with a $50/year fee.... You can't even watch Netflix on the Xbox with a paid Netflix subscription without XBox Live. As for the cheap/free game selection, I haven't looked in a while, but wasn't very good. I was under the impression that the dev fees for XBox were to high for most of the small game devs.

about a year and a half ago

OUYA Android Game Console Available In June

jdastrup Re:Ouya was more relevant, before. (196 comments)

I think the idea of "cheap console games", if it exists, will happen with this console. We can get $0-$10 games on our smartphones and tablets, but those are almost always 1-player games on a tiny screen. If this offers a cheap marketplace for console-style games, I think it's great.

about a year and a half ago

As Music Streaming Grows, Royalties Slow To a Trickle

jdastrup Demand More (665 comments)

Is negotiating a higher price not possible?

about a year and a half ago

Thousands of Publicly Accessible Printers Searchable On Google

jdastrup Re:How did this happen? (192 comments)

Schools and some government branches often have devices, esp. printers, on public IP addresses. Several good reasons for it, but of course it can get abused

about a year and a half ago

Health Care Providers Failing To Adopt e-Records, Says RAND

jdastrup Upgrades aren't cheap (228 comments)

I support several small medical practices. They don't (or say they don't) have enough money to upgrade their systems. Like any small business, potential savings in the future don't always translate to extra income now. New systems are expensive and often included monthly fees from the software providers. In addition, if their analog, handwritten system has been working for decades, there's not a lot of incentive to switch.

about a year and a half ago

The Trouble With 4K TV

jdastrup Re: cable and sat don't have the bandwidth for it (442 comments)

Yet people still insist on buying 1080p TV's instead of 1080i TV's. Just goes to show that people will buy 4K TV's just because they are 4K, not because the content will take advantage of it.

about a year and a half ago

Scientists Breed Big-Brained Guppies To Demonstrate Evolution's Trade-Offs

jdastrup Re:I'd find this more interesting... (121 comments)

Guppy IQ Test
Q) Do you eat your own babies?
End of Test

about a year and a half ago

Scientists Breed Big-Brained Guppies To Demonstrate Evolution's Trade-Offs

jdastrup Idiocracy (121 comments)

This was demonstrated in the first 5 minutes of Idiocracy.

about a year and a half ago

30 Days Is Too Long: Animated Rant About Windows 8

jdastrup Re:This guy is an idiot (1110 comments)

Before you copy your reply to another similar (yet not the the same) post, you should read the post. I do not use 3rd party applications. I didn't even infer that in my post. As I said, the NewUI (a microsoft product, built-in, not 3rd-party) is basically a replacement to the Start Menu. I use it to start applications. That's it. I don't use the NewUI Apps and App Store because I'm not on a tablet, I'm on a desktop. If I had a Microsoft Tablet, I would use the NewUI and App Store. I said the author of the YouTube video is an idiot because he says windows 8 is unusable. That is completely false, because I use it just fine, as well as many others.

about 2 years ago

30 Days Is Too Long: Animated Rant About Windows 8

jdastrup This guy is an idiot (1110 comments)

I've been using it just. I put up with the NewUI instead of the Start Menu when I have to, but other than that, I spend 99.9% of the time on the desktop and it works just like Windows 7. I haven't used the NewUI/Metro Tiles/Apps or Store since the first day I installed it, and I have no plans to either.

about 2 years ago



Satire of TSA to become illegal

jdastrup jdastrup writes  |  more than 2 years ago

jdastrup (1075795) writes "Another example of satire and free speech becoming illegal in the US. From the story; "any colorable imitation of such words or initials, or the likeness of a Transportation Security Administration ... badge, logo, or insignia on any item of apparel, in connection with any advertisement, circular, book, pamphlet, software, or other publication, or with any play, motion picture, broadcast, telecast, or other production" would be punishable."
Link to Original Source


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