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Osborne 1 vs. IPad 2

jdb8167 Re:Do slashdot writers know math? (249 comments)

64 K to 512 MB is 8192 times more not 1000 times more. 4 MHz to 1 GHz is 250 times more not 300 times more. Please consult a calculator before spouting off mathematical comparisons.

4 MHz to 1 GHz is 250x but the A5 is dual core so 500x - amdahl's share. But yeah, innumeracy is a societal problem.

more than 3 years ago

THX Caught With Pants Down Over Lexicon Blu-ray Player

jdb8167 Sad, Lexicon used to make great stuff (397 comments)

I used to work for them in the early 90's. They made really amazing surround sound processors. It is kind of sad that Lexicon has fallen this far.

about 5 years ago

Father of MPEG Replies To Jobs On DRM

jdb8167 What's with the Pro DRM Articles? (234 comments)

What's with all the pro-DRM articles recently? I thought /. readers were generally opposed to DRM. I think that is 4 in 2 days.

more than 7 years ago


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