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Fake E-Mail Results in Angry Apple Shareholders

jdbartlett Re:Downside to secrecy (193 comments)

Ethical ways. I subscribe to an Apple rumor site (other than Slashdot!) I can't speak for them all--a huge selection exists--but haven't observed spin in favor of any product or company other than Apple (who doesn't pay them, and has almost certainly sent them a Cease And Desist or two over the years). If the site's subscribers did notice a strong spin on stories or non-advertising plugs for non-Apple products, I suspect we'd leave. As I said, there's a huge selection--no sense in wasting time when an ad-free version is available elsewhere.

Undeniably, it takes a certain amount of time and dedication to dig through all these patents and things hunting for nuggetty rumors and news. There are much easier ways to make a couple of hundred bucks unethically.

The site I subscribe to did post a link to Engadget's iPhone delay story, but did so with the warning that it seemed suspect, and updated to confirm its falsity as soon as that news broke.

more than 7 years ago



jdbartlett jdbartlett writes  |  more than 7 years ago

jdbartlett writes "Apple recently received a hard bashing from misguided environmentalists and the media after another barely researched and presumptive Greenpeace report claimed they were the least eco-friendly of the companies reviewed. Once again, Steve Jobs attempts to wrest public opinion into Apple's favor, this time with a detailed analysis of Apple's environmental efforts.

After explaining why the Greenpeace Electronics Guide was flawed, Jobs writes:

Dell, HP and Lenovo all scored higher than Apple because of their plans (or "plans for releasing plans" in the case of HP). In reality, Apple is ahead of all of these companies in eliminating toxic chemicals from its products.


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