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Ask Slashdot: How Do You Stay Fit At Work?

jdc bike to work (you gotta get there somehow) (635 comments)

or join a volleyball and/or softball league. Meet some people

I recently joined crossfit. I'm terrible at crossfit, always finish dead last, but I'm in much better shape after three months than I have been in the past ten years

about 2 years ago

Misdemeanor Plea Ends Norwich Pornography Case

jdc Re:Disgraceful DA (260 comments)

Maybe prosecutors need alternate "metrics for success"?

If my job performance was based on my percentage of successful convections and I knew I was assigned a looser case, it's up to me to think of alternate ways to succeed at my job

A system that encourages this behavior is totally broken

more than 6 years ago



blatent plagerism by anonymous coward

jdc jdc writes  |  more than 7 years ago

jdc (17517) writes "I realize this is totally the wrong place to post this... BUT i couldn't find anywhere else to put it Comments are owned by posters, but what about anonymous cowards? See the link. Copywrited text is copied and pasted into this article. Looks like someone paid $39 for this article and posted the text on /. Sorry again for posting this here"
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