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Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

jdgoulden Re:Maybe the aliens are just as religious (534 comments)

Robert J. Sawyer is apparently an idiot. Contact with a superior culture always goes badly. Any aliens with the ability to travel to Earth will be as far beyond our understanding as we are to a mound of termites. We'll be lucky to survive First Contact at all.

about three weeks ago

Doom Ported To the Web

jdgoulden In Soviet Russia, Firefox Dooms You! (248 comments)

Wow, it's not often that you find a script that will not only crash every open tab in Firefox but also take down every other instance as well.

more than 3 years ago

Hawking Radiation Claimed Created In a Lab

jdgoulden Re:What To Expect During First Contact (129 comments)

OK, this was SUPPOSED to be in the thread about our Glorious Overlords at the UN appointing an ambassador to the aliens. How it got attached to the Hawking Radiation thread is a complete mystery to me.

about 4 years ago

Hawking Radiation Claimed Created In a Lab

jdgoulden What To Expect During First Contact (129 comments)

The other day I was clearing debris from a fenceline. I turned over a rotten log to reveal a termite nest. I watched for a moment as the panicked insects scurried about with their larvae and such, then kicked their home aside and went about my business.

This is what First Contact will be like for us. If we're lucky. Note that I didn't bother to exterminate the critters.

about 4 years ago

NHTSA Has No Software Engineers To Analyze Toyota

jdgoulden How many microprocessors was that again? (459 comments)

70 to 100 microprocessors? I imagine that this is true only if you employ a fairly broad definition of "microprocessor" and note that the vast majority are single-purpose devices in self-contained systems. I doubt that the "microprocessors" and "lines of code" that run the stereo or the climate-control system - or even the airbags - have any connection with the driveline.

more than 4 years ago


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