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Build an Open Source Network Sniffer

jdrake wireless tools for linux... (99 comments)

all I am after, is a simple tool to switch networks on the fly... I can make wireless work great, but if I don't connect to the network I want the first try, I am stuck...

kismet requires special drivers to scan, but if you figure that winxp comes with a simple interface for this built-in, it's kinda depressing that we can't seem to build a good tool that can do that, list the available networks, and give a good connect to them.. (without beating my head on the kernel modules, been there, it hurts, especially when you go to upgrade the kernel) so anyone know of anythign simple that a newbie who's been around too long to be a newbie, like me hasn't found yet? that's been what i've been digging around for a while to find...

currently using a dell truemobile 1150 pcmcia, and fedora core 2... kernel is 2.6.8-521.. off the top of my head, I think that's right, but is there a universal solution? that's the real question...

more than 9 years ago


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