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Perl Domination in CGI Programming?

jdwtiv Perl is fast enough + database access much easier! (432 comments)

When measuring efficiency, you have to look at the server, network latency, and even the speed at which the browser can parse your page. (I have a cgi-script that will generate 2000+ rows in a table in a couple of seconds, but the browser takes 30+ seconds to let me look at the table)

Does it really matter if a c++ executable can run the same query in 1.5 seconds instead of 2 seconds if it takes 30 seconds for the brower to show the page?

Accessing a database in perl/java is much easier than using the c api. (I don't know if there are nice c++ api's for databases yet, but doing dynamic SQL in c is 1000x more difficult than anything else I've seen) With so many developers wanting to store large amounts of text/information in a database, you want to be able to get at that data the most efficient way possible.

more than 15 years ago


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