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Confessions of a Cyber Warrior

jeanph01 Re:saber rallying (213 comments)

Well I reviewed a good bunch of your comments and they are well articulated. Having both side points of view is interesting but you can say "fair, you found me !" :) You're definitely government paid.

about a year ago

Microsoft Server and Tools Head Muglia To Step Down

jeanph01 Re:Ballmer job security program (79 comments)

Well now this makes sense ! And if this is the case then Microsoft is slowly sinking.

more than 3 years ago

Groklaw — Don't Go Home, Go Big

jeanph01 You have to choose your way (230 comments)

No one know the end to this story. PJ did her part when it what her time. She's asking what can she do now... Maybe it's time to do something else... or not. I think PJ has to choose what in her heart she feel is right even if that mean nobody will follow her there.

more than 3 years ago

Should Wikipedia Just Accept Ads Already?

jeanph01 Re:Yo, Jimmy, I've got an idea: (608 comments)

Same story for me... discarded edits should at least be justified. This is Wikipedia where everybody can contribute, not Encyclopedia Britannica

more than 3 years ago

Oracle Claims Google 'Directly Copied' Our Java Code

jeanph01 Oracle is doing much harm to Java (675 comments)

Oracle is doing much harm to Java. In the longtime this will not pay off at all.

more than 3 years ago

Facebook, Microsoft Team Up Against Google

jeanph01 Re:Botnets anyone? (297 comments)

Right on. The most dangerous thing in facebook is the relations with our peers that can be harvested. Spammers will now not only exchange e-mail lists but the relationship between each e-mail. Talk about effective spamming, malware propagation, phishing, etc....

more than 3 years ago

Students Show a Dramatic Drop In Empathy

jeanph01 Re:Oh god.. (659 comments)

Well I scored 62. I would not be happy to be where you are and you probably would not be happy to be at my place. So I think that things are ok after all. Hmm ? But it's true that I do not fit well in the "cruel corporate world" :-) I found a niche and it's great for me.

more than 4 years ago

US Says 4.3 Billion People Live With Bad IP Laws

jeanph01 the real question (229 comments)

When most people on earth have a problem with a law, maybe the law is the problem ? Huh?

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Tips the Scale In Favor of HTML 5

jeanph01 We have nothing to gain (325 comments)

It's just Microsoft that want to control the web in place of Adobe. Nothing will be gained for the user with this. That codec is managed by a patent pool.

more than 4 years ago

Google Asks US For WTO Block On China Censorship

jeanph01 A good action from Google (115 comments)

I was really disturbed by the buzz fiasco with privacy and was awaiting a good action from Google to restore my faith in them. I think this move deserve to be called a good action.

more than 4 years ago

Two Scoops of Buzz

jeanph01 Re:Nothing to hide (178 comments)

That, with the buzz fiasco, made me consider all the information that Google had on me.... And it was a lot....
I think that Google lives in a ivory tower and do not understand what the real world is made of...

Anyway, I'm in the process of closing my Google account, my only problem though is Google Reader, I have a lot of feeds that I follow and there do not seem to be anything that good around as reader.

more than 4 years ago

Google Buzz — First Reactions

jeanph01 buzz off (310 comments)

Well I don't have it yet and do not want it. Is Google trying to answer a need I have or trying to stuff me with things I do not need ?

more than 4 years ago

Future Ubisoft Games To Require Constant Internet Access

jeanph01 Re:But why? (497 comments)

Well the problem here is the saved games are remote and you have to have an authenticated version to connect to it. So a cracked game is not the solution. Or the cracker will have to enable a local save game engine. Which will be tricky to say the least.

more than 4 years ago

US Youth Have Serious Mental Health Issues

jeanph01 A out of this world explication... (818 comments)

I am currently studying the phenomenon of spirit possession. I know it is designated as crazy on this newsgroup but I take the risk of a least writing about it. From my readings, I would say that most young people today are likely to be owned by one or more bodies of deceased persons. The fact that religion and interest in what happens after death is rejected as a whole since the 40-50 could explain a large mass of people died since the last 15-20 years, with no or little spiritual cue, come back to haunt consciously or not the spirit of young people who are easy prey.
The solution is therapies based on hypnosis and regression.

more than 4 years ago

New Microsoft Silverlight Features Have Windows Bias

jeanph01 Re:Because HTML5 sucks ass as a development platfo (251 comments)

>Instead, everyone will continue hacking browsers into submission ad nauseam..

I would mod you up if I could. Trying to design an interface in HTML + css + javascript is really, really hard. But even if I agree with you on this, I don't think that the solution is Silverlight. We have to have better standards instead of proprietary technology. Few people will win with the Microsoft approach, we will be stuck in another Microsoft prison. A prison with golden bars maybe but still no liberty.

more than 4 years ago

New Microsoft Silverlight Features Have Windows Bias

jeanph01 Re:Microsoft pollution at its best (251 comments)

Because instead of trying to get HTML 5 or whatever standards to be on par with what they offer with Silverlight they got there own proprietary technology. If they wanted something for the web, Silverlight would have existed only as a proof of concept to back a standard. If they wanted the web to be better, IE would never have stalled like it has. No, Microsoft want the web for itself, its own platform, with technology like Silverlight and active-X that only Microsoft control.

more than 4 years ago


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