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School Installs Biometric Fingerprint System For Cafeteria

jedidiah Re:Bring a lunch yourself? (182 comments)

> Too many kids show up with nothing, or nothing of any nutritional value, because the parent can't or won't prepare a lunch..

In a school district like that, there's so many kids on the dole that they are all getting a free lunch anyways. It's easier on the school district that way.


Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

jedidiah Re: illogical captain (724 comments)

> My point is, if atheism is a valid belief/religion, then stealing should be an ethically (but not legally) okay profession. That is, atheism supports the path of the sociopath.

This is the problem with Xianity in particular. It believes that all people are fundementally evil (original sin) and that people need religion and the promise of severe retribution as a crutch. It doesn't allow for the possibility that people could develop or mature morally.

It's kind of "anti-StarTrek" if you think about it.

Plus you have the modern fundie movement that thinks that you have to be a blithering mindless moron vulnerable to the next cult leader to come down the line.

This is VERY "anti-StarTrek" if you think about it.

Europe has had 2000 years of that kind of indoctrination. It's a wonder the entire continent isn't a backwards idiot ridden Sodom and Gamorrah.


Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

jedidiah Re: No, no. Let's not go there. Please. (724 comments)

> A religious person says: I believe in God.
> An atheist says: You shouldn't because you can't prove it

No. You're projecting. You're trying to conflate what YOU would do with what some "other" would do. You are engaging in a common fundie tactic of pretending your own fault is that of your "enemy".

You assume that atheists "give a fuck". They generally don't. They really only have an interest when some theocrat jackass wants to impose their beliefs on everyone around them.

> What about non-religious people forcing their views onto you or other people?

This only manifests in preventing theocrats from running around like members of ISIS forcing their views on everyone else. We have certain laws and founding ideals that are contrary to the theocrat mentality.


Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

jedidiah Re:No, no. Let's not go there. Please. (724 comments)

> really? to me it seems more that the athiests are trying to prove something to the others on how superior they are.

In truth, it is Tea Baggers that do most of that. They are the most numerous and most visible of any of this kind of thing. They insist on pushing their beliefs on everyone (including other Xians).

An atheist or two pointing out that you are breaking your own rules is not nearly as obnoxious as you make it out to be.


The MOOC Revolution That Wasn't

jedidiah Re: hahaaa.... (171 comments)

Not just that. They would rather watch football or Game of Thrones than the current iteration of The Day the Universe Changed. It doesn't matter how much you impress random billionaires or the Ivory Tower education crowd.

You can provide the materials, but there's no gaurantee that anyone will want to use them.

On the other hand, The Great Courses see plenty of Torrent traffic. There's certainly demand for the stuff. Just less than for Expendables 3.

2 days ago

SanDisk Releases 512GB SD Card

jedidiah Re:I need this in comparable terms. (204 comments)

Dunno about LoC's but this is equal to about a single Archos 5.

When these prices come down, I will finally have a reason to retire the old thing (my Archos 5).

2 days ago

SanDisk Releases 512GB SD Card

jedidiah Re:Fahrenheit? WTHolyF? (204 comments)

One arbitrary roller-coaster is as good as another.

2 days ago

CBC Warns Canadians of "US Law Enforcement Money Extortion Program"

jedidiah Re:Shouldn't be a problem (458 comments)

> I don't know why any one in Canada would want to visit that cesspool we have what they have only without the suck and with a lot more natural spaces to enjoy.

They seem to like to come down here and play with our guns.

3 days ago

CBC Warns Canadians of "US Law Enforcement Money Extortion Program"

jedidiah Re:Simple solution (458 comments)

Yes... but you can avoid much of the problem by simply bypassing these communities. The US Interstate Highway system is even designed with this kind of thing in mind.

It's too bad that the Canadians opted for the easy yellow journalism approach. Instead of providing useful information to their own citizens and the rest of us, they just engaged in mindless hysterics.

Kind of like "Germans will take your car for speeding".

3 days ago

The State of ZFS On Linux

jedidiah Re:License mismatch (362 comments)

The GPL only hates Mad Max post apocalyptic style "freedom".

The FSF rightfully understands that the complete absence of the rule of law simply enables the person with the biggest pile of guns to control things.

Sun seemed like a benign enough master but Oracle far less so.

3 days ago

Massive Study Searching For Genes Behind Intelligence Finds Little

jedidiah Re:In other words nobody is born smart (265 comments)

> You're not born with it, you have to learn to be intelligent.

Unfortunately that doesn't account for examples where there are strong deviations from one generation to the next without any clear indication that environment was capable of being the deciding factor.

Actually, examples like those should probably be the starting point for work like this. This study may be full of not terribly useful examples.

3 days ago

Researcher Fired At NSF After Government Questions Her Role As 1980s Activist

jedidiah Re:Wrong Title (495 comments)

Until it's disclosed which such group she actually belonged to, then this is all just a big bunch of nonsense. I'm not going to take it on faith that she's was a member of some organization or that the organization in question was actually terrorist.

Domestic terrorist groups sound more like the 60's rather than the 80s.

4 days ago

WD Announces 8TB, 10TB Helium Hard Drives

jedidiah Re:SSDs will outpace platter drives (295 comments)

> By 2020, SSDs will have greater capacities than 20TB.

I will believe it when I see it.

Even with spinning rust you see a lot of vaporware and delay.

Gleeful declarations of the death of the other option are entirely premature.

> and hopefully a reversal in the recent trend towards less durability

That's the real kicker. I can bitch and moan about my Barracudas all I want but at least they give me ample warning before giving up the ghost. SSD has yet to prove itself in this regard.

5 days ago

BBC: ISPs Should Assume VPN Users Are Pirates

jedidiah Re: Arrrrgh! (362 comments)

Intellectual property is ultimately public domain, in all legal systems so far.

5 days ago

Is It Time To Split Linux Distros In Two?

jedidiah Re:Hogwash (280 comments)

One of the big reasons that I like Linux is the fact that it is really just a conventional server OS with a GUI bolted on top. That is not a bad thing. That is a very GOOD thing. That means that there is a solid foundation on top of all of the shiny shiny.

Linux is not Windows.

Linux is not MacOS.

There is no point in mutilating Linux to pander to people that will never appreciate Linux on it's own terms.

That's rather the whole point.

about a week ago

Is It Time To Split Linux Distros In Two?

jedidiah Re:Nonsense (280 comments)

I read the whole thing and I am still not convinced that this nonsense is of any value. Even as a desktop user, I don't see the point in systemd or upstart. The kids that need to look like they are busy with something need to leave well enough alone and actually fix something that needs fixing.

These idiots are trying to sell a false dichotomy and just assuming that their nonsense is necessary somewhere. They have yet to establish that is actually the case.

They have yet to make the case that any of this nonsense is even remotely necessary.

about a week ago

3 Recent Flights Make Unscheduled Landings, After Disputes Over Knee Room

jedidiah Re:Anthropometrics (811 comments)

Your boarding pass is not a license to be a jackass despite the fact that you clearly view this to be the case.

People like you are why we need cops and governments and laws. You will use a tense sitaution as an excuse to try and screw over the rest of us.

about a week ago

Survivors' Blood Holds Promise, But Draws Critics, As Ebola Treatment

jedidiah Perfection is the enemy of the good. (55 comments)

While it is true that there are any number of ways that the implementation of this could go horribly wrong in West Africa, the hard fact remains that they really don't have any other options. There's no "blue pill fairy" that's going to swoop down and save them. This isn't some episode of TNG where they can just technobabble their way out of the problem.

This may be a crazy hair brained idea but it seems to be the best thing they have going.

We ran out of the magical ebola drug after just 2 patients. Waiting on Big Pharma is probably not a good idea.

about a week ago

Bill Gates Wants To Remake the Way History Is Taught. Should We Let Him?

jedidiah Re:Big "history" or big science theories? (362 comments)

The big problem with this is that it's spoon feeding people a narrative that they should be able to come up with by themselves. Students should be able to make these connections on their own. For that they need all of the relevant source material. Something like this is no substitute for the courses it seems to displace.

As something extra, it's a nice idea for those with added interest. However, public schools have enough of a problem just handling the basics. Expecting them to take on something extra just shows how woefully out of touch this billionaire is.

Besides, it's not even that radical. Public broadcasting has presented shows like this for decades.

Again, extra stuff that those with an interest can seek out on their own.

Common core in general (like the rich idiot behind it) seems to forget that we can't all be millionaires and rock stars. Some of us have to pump gas or pump stomachs. Public education should acknowledge that rather than try to deny it.

about a week ago

Bill Gates Wants To Remake the Way History Is Taught. Should We Let Him?

jedidiah Re:Hell no (362 comments)

No. That just shows how sad and pathetic you are an the rest of you peasants that elevate jackasses like this. It's idiots like you that allow the redeption of the reputation of Robber Barons.

about a week ago



InternetGambling Verboten! EU objects.

jedidiah jedidiah writes  |  more than 6 years ago

jedidiah (1196) writes "It seems that the US is not the only country that likes to "legislate morality" and whatnot. Germany and Sweden have now gotten in trouble for taking steps to outlaw online gambling. This has caused a ruckus in the EU since these laws might not be consistent with EU law overall. Did the Europeans saddle themselves with their own version of the ICC here? I guess "states rights" is not just for the US anymore."
Link to Original Source


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