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Bell Wants to Dump Third-Party ISP's Entirely

jeepeagle Re:They are a utility (227 comments)

If you want decent access to the Internet, you have to buy a corporate connection from these people... Bell's cheapest runs about $80/month, Rogers is the same, and Storm is $195/month. Just for the privilege of actually having a connection to the 'net which you can use for more than surfing and e-mail.
This wasn't possible in January when I tried it. As an Ottawa resident, I got tired of the reliability problems and poor customer service at my DSL reseller, so I thought I'd go with a business line from Rogers, and damn the cost. Problem is, they say they cannot sell a business line to a residential address. I pleaded with them and talked to two different sales reps, and neither of them seemed to really know the reason, but they both told me it was impossible.

more than 6 years ago


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