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ARM — Heretic In the Church of Intel, Moore's Law

jeffkjo1 Horsepower (390 comments)

As I read through the article (I know, I've already violated Slashdot's law, but anyway), I couldn't help but go back to this whole idea of 'under-the-hood performance.' Cars built today don't necessarily have to have the 400 cubic inch plants and 500 horsepower that they sometimes had in the 60's. Engines are half that size and half the horsepower, but because they're designed better, it doesn't matter. (Although I'd love a 500 hp engine anyway.)

As well, continuing the car analog, just because there are still some cars with 500 horsepower engines made today, it doesn't mean everyone needs one. There are plenty of tiny cars doing just fine thankyou
This article suggests that because we're not using giant oversized processors in our iPods and cellphones, that somehow we've violated Moore's law. All it really means is that putting a Ferrari engine in golfcart is pointless.

more than 5 years ago

Young People Prefer "Sizzle Sounds" of MP3 Format

jeffkjo1 Beatles Shimmer (743 comments)

This reminds me of something I've read about when the Beatles were recording. The recording equipment at the time was primitive, and because of the layering found in a lot of their music, they were regularly doing bounce-downs on their 4 track recorders to free up the other three tracks to add more to the mix.

But of course that creates analog generation loss, which unsurprisingly annoyed their recording engineers, but John, Paul, George, and Ringo all liked the 'shimmer' sound that it created in their music.

more than 5 years ago

Octopuses Have No Personalities and Enjoy HDTV

jeffkjo1 Best Headline Ever (482 comments)

Octopuses Have No Personalities and Enjoy HDTV

This has to be the single greatest slashdot headline I've ever read.... research performed on two seemingly unrelated things combined into one project. Cue bad jokes about what television shows those with 'no personalities' must enjoy.

more than 6 years ago

Unsolicited Offer For My Personal Domain Name?

jeffkjo1 Alternate domain (542 comments)

If you were to go through with it and sell the name to them (and certainly there are already posts debating the merits there), I would made sure that your alternate domain name would be available. It would be a shame if you wanted to get the .us variation on your name, and the company you sell your domain to also decides to buy it. It would also be a hassle if they asked you to sell them the .us variation three months down the road. It might be a reasonable part of a deal, to discuss the name you would use instead, so that they are clear on it.

more than 6 years ago


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