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RIAA Victims Bring Class Action Against Kazaa

jehnx Ignorance is not a defense... (288 comments)

...nor should it be. According to case law on this issue (read through the "StepSaver" case and the "ProCD" case, as well as Uniform Commercial Code section 2207), a binding contract is created when one presses the "I agree" button. Therefore, if someone does not read it, it is their own fault and they are held liable for their part of the contract. EOF, seriously.

more than 8 years ago



Networks at US Hotels Found to be Vulnerable

jehnx jehnx writes  |  more than 5 years ago

jehnx writes "A Cornell University study of 147 U.S. hotels finds a mixed picture (free signup required to download) with regard to the security of guests' connections to the hotels' network, whether by cable or Wi-Fi. Since many business travelers connect remotely to continue working while on the road, the potential for theft of corporate information exists. Some hotels still rely on relatively rudimentary hub technology for their networks, and these are particularly subject to hacking."
Link to Original Source

jehnx jehnx writes  |  more than 8 years ago

jehnx writes "Apparently, Comcast is trying some new tricks to get people to sign up for its version of VoIP, "Comcast Digital Voice." Wang (of WangScript fame) writes on ReadyResponse.org that,

"Today my wife received a phone call from a Comcast representative who had called to promote their new 'Comcast Digital Voice' service... Ordinarily, we don't mind Comcast calling us from time to time with new offers... [but this time] they proceeded to tell LIE after LIE in an attempt to convice us that Vonage was not as good as Comcast Digital Voice. Imagine how many people would be scared into using Comcast Digital Voice because Comcast makes them believe that Vonage is insecure + only works when your PC is turned on."

Is Comcast going a bit far in their techniques to lure in new customers?"


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