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OSx86 Cracked Again

jerde Re:If you replace enough files... (707 comments)

>Likewise, once you've lawfully obtained a copy of MacOS-X, Apple loses all rights to dictate how that copy may be used.

That's not correct. You do not own the software, you are licensing it, and you must agree to the license to install it.

All your other points are valid about it not being a _good_idea_ for apple to work too hard to prevent, you, the user, from using their software in the way you want. But they sure have the _rights_ to do just that.

You mentioned the example of a phone company restricting what brands of phones you attach to its lines: before all the anti-trust bruhaha against AT&T, that was indeed how it worked! You could be sued by AT&T for attaching "foreign equipment" to their network -- and they'd win. It was later argued, successfully, that the telephone network was a public utility that shouldn't be restricted in this way.

Apple's software is in no way a public utility. If they want to state that you have to buy their expensive boxes to run their software, that's up to them. You the consumer have NO entitlement to anything else, since it's a free market for you to choose any of their competitors' products.

Now -- if _Microsoft_ were to suddenly jump into the hardware game, and require that every windows user buy Microsoft hardware -- THEN there'd be some legal wrangling, becuase they _are_ a legally defined monopoly, and as such they have to be careful not to stifle competition.

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I have a journal!

jerde jerde writes  |  about 12 years ago

Not much to say at the moment, but at least it serves as a place for people to leave me comments, should they feel the burning desire.

  - Peter

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