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Ask Slashdot: Why Can't Google Block Spam In Gmail?

jeremiahstanley Re:WTF? (265 comments)

I'll second this sentiment. Gmail catches an obscene amount of spam sent to my account accurately and with so few false positives it blows my mind. I've dealt with lots of anti-spam software and some hardware and Google does a fantastic job.

Pro tip: you have to just start flagging things with the convenient "this is spam" button and in a short time their filters figure it out.

OP might just be getting a lot of legitimate list traffic that they signed up for. That isn't spam, you asked for that and need to hit 'unsubscribe'.

about 4 months ago

Why the FCC Will Probably Ignore the Public On Network Neutrality

jeremiahstanley Grammar! (336 comments)

I think poor Walter means that "It can continue to SHIRK the comments of ordinary Americans" not shrink.


about 4 months ago

Lenovo Set To Close $2.1 Billion Server Deal With IBM

jeremiahstanley Minecraft? (49 comments)

Seems like this was a real deal considering Microsoft just paid MORE for Mojang.

about 4 months ago

Scotland Votes No To Independence

jeremiahstanley 25%?!? (474 comments)

In other news, one full quarter of Americans are blithering idiots.

More telling was reading TFA and seeing that it's more predominant in the lower quintile of wage earners. Also tended to be in states where should they secede they would lose all their water contract rights with other states. Anybody who wants secession is just bad at economics.

about 4 months ago

Fracked Shale Could Sequester Carbon Dioxide

jeremiahstanley BSG was right... (235 comments)

What is with all this fracking schist?

about a year ago

World's First Programmable Quantum Photonic Chip

jeremiahstanley Imagine... (156 comments)

a beowulf cluster of these...

Had to go there, this is /. afterall...

more than 3 years ago

The Strange Birth and Long Life of Unix

jeremiahstanley Re:The most intelligent OS I've ever seen (293 comments)

Yes, the camel surely looks elegant in the desert. But then again, fish don't climb trees.

Just because something works well in one area doesn't mean that it will function well outside of that area. This is why there will always be "other methods" for operating systems.

more than 2 years ago

Penguin Yanking Kindle Books From Libraries

jeremiahstanley Um... (206 comments)

Was DRM ever about protecting content and not business models? The whole point of copyright in general is to create artificial monopoly...

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What OS For a Donated Computer?

jeremiahstanley The Obvious Choice (360 comments)

Windows ME

more than 3 years ago

Are Bad Economic Times Good for Free Software?

jeremiahstanley Re:Switching to a free Linux is not cheap (357 comments)

I've never worked anywhere that actually "trained" users on anything but custom in house software. This means that no matter what it runs on they will need that training. Nobody gets "trained" to use office suites or email. Maybe you have one of those good jobs where they don't just show you the door when they decide to switch platforms and hire another hungry monkey; no employer of mine has offered anything to "retrain" myself other than just keeping my job.

Conversely, if you are the type of company that needs software assurance you will pay for it. However, if you are the type of shop that doesn't have insurance contracts you probably also won't have large shop pricing on Windows or anything else. This means that FOSS will save you quite a bit, this is why it is used as "network glue".

Here you go sir, this is your troll chow...

more than 2 years ago

Online Collaboration Helps Mumbai Attack Victims

jeremiahstanley Humanity... (46 comments)

Just goes to show what people can do with a network designed to deliver pictures of Ceiling Cat watching you masturbate. Such a clever hack!

more than 3 years ago

Bitcoin Used For the Narcotics Trade

jeremiahstanley Hash Based (535 comments)

Nothing like using a hash to score some hash.

more than 3 years ago

Black Eyed Peas Member Joins Intel As Director

jeremiahstanley Damn bits! (188 comments)

I gave those bits some Will.i.am, bits love Will.i.am...

about 4 years ago

Intel's Sandy Bridge Processor Has a Kill Switch

jeremiahstanley Skynet (399 comments)

I guess this is how Skynet won... time travel is a bitch.

more than 4 years ago

Aussie Government Gives PDF the Thumbs Down

jeremiahstanley Old School (179 comments)

I'm pretty sure that 90% of all documents on the internet need nothing more fancy than RTF encoding or even a very simple set of BBCode tags to be usable. I know PDFs are supposed to have tons of features but why not just be simple and stick with ASCII?

more than 4 years ago

New Windows Kernel Vulnerability Bypasses UAC

jeremiahstanley Re:microsoft is a bad omen for windows (303 comments)

Google Apps for email, works miracles and it still allows you to use Outlook but also lets you use all the nifty free Mac apps. It has a calendar and automagically blocks spam. I've set this up for about 15 domains now, everybody loves it.

Active Directory however is one of the best features of Windows in the enterprise. Sure, their permissions make me go cross eyed but that's another story and has nothing to do with AD. It's really just LDAP with extensions anyway so you are complaining about the Microsoftisms that drive everybody nuts. It's a hard job to design a tool that works 90% for everybody in every use and not have some limitations from doing that.

As has been said previously: the flaw here is a PEBKAC issue. To save them from themselves we should be asking M$ to port Office to the Wii and a large majority of users can use that. The real issue that drives us all nuts with Windows is that it is a platform for 3rd party apps that work like shit. Almost all the M$ programs I've had to admin work awesome on their own, it's that accounting app that is 23 years old or some one-off utility database that sucks balls and forces us to reach around our heads to scratch our ear.

more than 4 years ago

Have I Lost My Gaming Mojo?

jeremiahstanley Something else.... (418 comments)

I gave up on games after I started to feel the treadmill effect of doing the same thing over and over. I pulled out the instrument I gave up for a decade and started actively entertaining myself rather than passively. This led me to home recording and then onto music production.

I've never been happier since I stopped consuming and started creating.

more than 4 years ago

66% of All Windows Users Still Use Windows XP

jeremiahstanley Re:Good Enough (931 comments)

Wow, and to think when I upgrade Mac OS X it only cost me $30 and already had that shit...

Vista cost something near $300, and 7 is around $200. For... larger icons... and fancy graphics. The problems with Windows for most consumers is the constant update treadmill. Most support calls I get from my family have to do with their anti-virus software that has it's own grinding death march of updates as well. MS Office is terrible for this even on the Mac, if the 2000 version for Windows had a citation manager I'd still be using that. Adobe does the same, yet their software is capable of running just fine for years w/o an update performed (in fact, it is more stable if you is the pirated versions).

Which makes me wonder: why does an office suite take a gig of RAM to run? Didn't we run old ones off of floppies? I mean, really, Google Docs does 99% of what Office does and it runs in a web browser.

Once you start USING a computer for something instead of having a digital hot-rod on your desk you grow weary of the upgrade grind. Nobody gets excited about a new washer/dryer like how people froth about new MS releases.

more than 4 years ago

Commerce Department Pushing For New "Copyright Czar"

jeremiahstanley Re:in related news (294 comments)

You slut...

more than 6 years ago


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