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Myst Creators Announce Obduction

jerk Re:Abduction (103 comments)

Since your dictionary is broken and mine is not:

obduction |bdkt()n| noun [ mass noun ] Geology
the sideways and upwards movement of the edge of a crustal plate over the margin of an adjacent plate. the granitic magmas formed when the ophiolite complex was obducted onto the continental margin.

about 10 months ago

Myst Creators Announce Obduction

jerk Re:If it's as good (for today) as Myst was (for th (103 comments)

I remember spending a solid 24 hours playing Myst for the Mac when I was in high school and it remains my absolute favorite game of all time. I opted for the $75 level on Kickstarter. The enjoyment I got out of Myst is worth it even if this game is somehow horrible.

about 10 months ago

Shuttleworth: Apple Will Merge Mac and iPhone

jerk Re:idiots (414 comments)

Oh yeah, seemed to work well for Motorola, they sold tens of hundreds of Atrix phones!

And don't forget the wildly popular Asus PadFone products.

about 10 months ago

Apple Shows Off New iOS 7, Mac OS X At WWDC

jerk Re:Is it me (607 comments)

I think it's more similar to Windows Phone (which I think is the most aesthetically pleasing OS available on mobile.) The only thing that's kept me from switching to WP from iOS is the lack of apps and accessories. I bought a Windows Phone 7.5 handset, which I still have, but haven't used it for more than a month at a time (mail was the deal killer for me.)

about a year ago

Apple Shows Off New iOS 7, Mac OS X At WWDC

jerk Re:Windriod Phone? (607 comments)

I'm all for it. Windows Phone is a great-looking OS (I think it looks better than any version of Android or iOS 6.x) with poor support from developers. Also, the new Yahoo Weather app is beautiful and has become my go-to weather app almost purely for aesthetics (and it doesn't hurt that they now use Weather Underground as a source for data.)

about a year ago

Apple Shows Off New iOS 7, Mac OS X At WWDC

jerk Re:Looks like (607 comments)

Yes, it seems to me that they've taken everything I like from WindowsPhone 7.x+, a little from WebOS, and maybe some from Android and combined them to form my favorite mobile OS.

about a year ago

CenturyLink's Nationwide Outage Affects Millions

jerk Re:Not me (105 comments)

Same here. I was streaming video last night as I went to bed and have been logged on to my VPN from work all morning. If it went down, it was between 11:30pm and 8am MST.

about a year ago

BlackBerry CEO: Tablet Market Is Dying

jerk Re:I agree (564 comments)

Easy, Tiger. I was trying to address two different posts in one reply. I should know better, you have my sincere apologies.

about a year ago

BlackBerry CEO: Tablet Market Is Dying

jerk Re:I agree (564 comments)

Yet nowhere in his reply did he even mention Apple. He may be an "Apple fanboi", but that post doesn't smack of one to me.

I also disagree that tablets are a fad. I owned a netbook for about two months before it was sold because it was nearly unusable. Everything about it was horrible: 600px high screen resolution made web browsing laughable, near-unusable trackpad (this was a Dell, others may be better/worse), the small keyboard made text input a chore (especially the punctuation keys), and so-so battery life.

Tablets are much more usable *to me* than my netbook ever was. My first tablet was much more pleasurable to read webpages on (in fact, I still prefer using Pulse to keep up with the tech sites I read every day to using multiple tabs in a browser), and its text input was easier because the soft keys were larger than the keys on the netbook. Yes, it lacked tactile feedback, but I was used to that within a week. I don't usually hammer out many multi-paragraph emails or forum comments on it, but I have no problem doing so, if necessary.

I'm not saying they're for everyone, but for me my tablet is my go-to device for 95% of my non work-related "computer" usage (the other 5% is a custom-built computer for gaming and photo editing.) I've even stopped carrying my laptop (a sub-3lb ultra-book) to and from work everyday.

about a year ago

Microsoft Could Earn Billions From Office For iOS

jerk Re:Why bother? (188 comments)

Your observations do not reflect mine. I've stopped taking my laptop to and from work because I find that the tasks I want to do at home (browsing, email, and streaming video) are better suited to the iPad. I'd much rather wake the iPad (near-instant) than use the laptop which takes more than two seconds to wake from sleep (first-world problems). The iPad is far less awkward to use in a casual setting like a couch or big, comfy chair and is more comfortable to read on, too (I have several digital magazine subscriptions in Zinio.)

My father has replaced his laptop with an iPad, my mother and grandmother now rarely use their very capable desktop computers, and my tech support requests from all of them are almost non-existent.

about a year and a half ago

Of the Love of Oldtimers - Dusting Off a Sun Fire V1280 Server

jerk Re:seconed debian (281 comments)

There seem to be a lot of us ex-Sun FE's.

about a year and a half ago

Microsoft Releases Batch of Windows 8 Input Devices

jerk Re:why no wires? (156 comments)

Maybe not in your bluetooth devices, but my bluetooth keyboard has close to 6 months on 3 AA batteries (newer models of this keyboard use only 2 AAs) and it's at 43%. After two months, my trackpad is at 77%. This is on my "workstation", so it sees a lot of use 5 days a week, at least 8 hours per day (not a solid 8 hours, of course.)

about 2 years ago

NSA Mimics Google, Angers Senate

jerk My ads changed the moment I ordered mine... (193 comments)

I ordered my Nexus 7 on June 28th and saw almost nothing but Nexus 7 ads for the next week. I received my Nexus 7 yesterday and haven't done a lot of browsing on it (I'm actually rather disappointed in the device - I'm not feeling the "butter", especially in scrolling, and the UI is still inconsistent and does unpredictable things like rotating the display to display certain images).

more than 2 years ago

The $45 Windows Laptop

jerk Re:"I'm still waiting for my under $50 Macbook." (299 comments)

I used to think the same thing until I used the newer Apple glass trackpads. There is no comparison, really. And the gestures are nice feature and work well.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What's Your Beef With Windows Phone?

jerk Mail and App support (1027 comments)

I really like the OS and the social network integration is second to none. While it's lacking in apps, many of the major ones are there, but it still needs more developer support if it wants to starting picking up market share. I'd also like to see prices come down. iOS has set a precedent for cheap apps (games from major players and specialized software not included) and Android has most of its users trained into refusing to pay for software at all.

The real deal killer in WP7 for me was the email client. Something as simple as an email with 5 images attached results in an excessive amount of taps. Where iOS and Android display them inline, WP7 takes a different approach in the name of "security".

Using the example of an email with 5 images attached, here's how you view them:

Tap "Show all attachments"
Tap each image to download them
Tap the thumbnail to view it full size
Tap back to go back to the body
Tap the next thumbnail, etc

Total number of taps to view all 5 images on WP7: 15
Total number of taps to view all 5 on iOS (and Android, I believe): 1 (images are displayed inline)

If you go "back" out of your message to the inbox, when you click on that same email, you have to "show all attachments" again (though you don't have to re-download your images)!

On html emails with images, you only have to tap the button to show all images.

more than 2 years ago

An Early Look At Mac OS X 10.8

jerk Re:Not free. (658 comments)

iCloud backups don't work that way, but local backups to your computer still work do. I rather like the restore from iCloud option, though I've only used it once just to see how it worked. Since my backups were to iCloud (nightly - when I plugged it in before bed), my application data was more up to date than my backups to iTunes were (the only one of great concern to me was CarCare to track car/motorcycle maintenance.) The night I did the iCloud restore, I kicked it off before bed and woke up to the phone just like it was before I had erased it.

more than 2 years ago


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