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Will Firewire be the death of SCSI?

jerodd SCSI has got cheaper. Hope it will in the future. (123 comments)

SCSI use to be horribly expensive. It's a lot more reasonable now (I can remember not too long ago SCSI cards costing $500). There used to also be a significant premium for SCSI disks; that's gone, as you can find general parity in pricing for EIDE and SCSI disks (although some places insist on charing more). Used SCSI equipment is often cheaper than comparable IDE equipment.

If FireWire be a better technology, then I do hope it will take over SCSI. However, it needs to be free of choking patents and the specifications need to be very open if we ever want to use it with an opensource operating system.

``I belive OS/2 is destined to be the greatest operating system, and possibly program, of all time.''--Bill "The Visionary" Gates, 1988 (Microsoft Press)

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