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Antarctica Needs a Network Engineer

jezreel Re:Obligatory (226 comments)

I'm pretty sure they keep enough chemical fire-extinguishers around for that exact reason

more than 4 years ago

Russia's Mars Mission Raising Concerns

jezreel Re:The "New World" (245 comments)

Well, then it doesn't seem like a bad idea to kill the yet-unknown original inhabitants by cross-contamination to keep the analogy up

about 6 years ago

Playing Tetris Is Good For You

jezreel When will it end? (132 comments)

I wish all those doing-nerdy-stuff-is-good-for-your-brain-somehow stories would cease to be made up by "some researcher" or editors!

not having RTFA but assuming it to be the usual bullshit

about 6 years ago

How the City Hurts Your Brain

jezreel Re:OMG, how badly informed are they? (439 comments)

Evolution doesn't work by changing yourself and passing on the changes to your children, but being happy with that mutation you gained (when you were just 1 cell) and thus manage to NOT get killed like everybody else before having children.

Since ads don't kill people (well, yet) ....
But maybe I've got an old-style brain aswell

about 6 years ago

How the City Hurts Your Brain

jezreel Re:What natural setting? (439 comments)

Hell when I'm sardine canned like we get at concerts and baseball games I can barely carry on a conversation.

Why would you want to carry on a conversation while being at a concert or attending a baseball game? I mean, you could do that at home (or in the wilderness if you want)

about 6 years ago

Volvo Introduces a Collision-Proof Car

jezreel Re:Good luck with that. (743 comments)

Your 'statistically on average' is right I think, but you should check your physics as ABS in fact dramatically decreases your braking distance on bitumen or concrete roads.

Static friction > dynamic friction

about 6 years ago

Intel Open Sources Graphics Drivers

jezreel Re:Competition from AMD/ATI? (345 comments)

As I read today somewhere on /., ATI won't play along because some portions of their code are licensed to SGI and they are legally unable to open source it

more than 8 years ago


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