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Silicon Valley Could Be Heading For a New Stock Collapse.

jezwel Re:Systemic debt (200 comments)

I see you have not been exposed to a margin call. In the USA your margin seems to be limited to 50% of the value of a share; this is not the same the world over, and can vary based on the company and its risk profile.

1 year,18 days

Scientists Create New "Lightsaber-Like" Form of Matter

jezwel Re:massless photons vs black hole (175 comments)

Light does that further out from the center of the black hole - it is bent by the gentle curvature, but still comes out the other side - just like a marble might on a trampoline with someone standing on it. Gravitational Lensing. The 'black' part of black hole is from where the 'slope' is so great that light gets stuck circling the singularity at the center, and therefore cannot escape. (That might be an elephant making your trampoline into basically a pit).

about a year ago

Why Is Microsoft Setting More Money On Fire With Surface 2?

jezwel Re:Surface 2 Pro, for Pros (616 comments)

For most serious work, you'll need a proper keyboard. Once you add a keyboard, you might as well just grab an ultraportable laptop (e.g. MB Air or Thinkpad X-series).

I have a ThinkPad x230T series (tablet convertible ultra portable) and it's a fine desktop replacement & nice as a laptop, but comes nowhere near close to the usability of an actual tablet convertible such as the Lenovo Helix (or I'm guessing the Surface Pro 2).

The weight of both devices with keyboard is comparable, but with the Helix you can ditch half the weight if the keyboard isn't required. Pretty handy for certain use cases, and cost effective if you can reduce your device count of an x86 device plus a separate tablet iDevice or similar.
The Helix is physically smaller and thus easier to carry around, however has enough grunt to cover most day to day use of an i386 compatible device.
The Helix looks impressive, especially when you slot/unslot it with the keyboard. The x230T looks ungainly. (unfortunately yes this needs to be factored in).

I suspect Microsoft will have a bit of a sleeper, especially if performance is sufficient.

about a year ago

EU Proposes To Fit Cars With Speed Limiters

jezwel Re:Actually, you do not have the freedom to exceed (732 comments)

Get a bicycle or a horse, and enjoy the freedom of mobility that can take from one side of your country to the other. Heck, you can even walk if you want - here's a random link:
You seem to be confusing your freedom of mobility - which you obviously have - vs. your desire to complete your trip in a certain elapsed time - for which you may need to pay for a faster mode of transport, or acquire a means (vehicle) and right of passage (licence) to do so yourself.

Self-nullifying your right to mobility by defining the timeframe taken is your problem.

about a year ago

Omate TrueSmart Watch Stands Alone — No Phone Required

jezwel Re:Watch phones are nothing new. (167 comments)

Undoing mod points to ask:
Does the screen permanently display the time - as a normal watch does - or do you need to 'wake' the watch up?

I've only seen one phone that boasted an 'always on' time display, and that was my old Nokia N8 with an AMOLED screen (very low power). This thing needs to work as a watch first and foremost! TIA

about a year ago

Aussie Public Servant Criticises Gov't On Twitter, Gets Sacked

jezwel Re:We'll see (151 comments)

In practice, this is unworkable - how can someone be sacked for holding a political view that does not impact the exercise of their duties? that screams discrimination, it screams an unworkable scenario for the exercise of government. It stinks .

It's very disappointing, and if I wasn't an Australian public servant I might have an opinion about this story and your comment.
Carry on.

about a year ago

3 Reasons Why Microsoft Needs 3 Surface Tablets

jezwel Re:RT should not be! (266 comments)

The massive (and only) drawcard for Microsoft is the ability to be 100% Windows compatible. Without that the RT is a misleadingly labeled tablet with few apps and poor integration with other big-name services.
The RT should never have been released.

about a year ago

Rupert Murdoch Wants To Destroy Australia's National Broadband Network

jezwel Re:Australian federal election announced today (327 comments)

The ALP NBN forces removal of competing technologies, so internet over HFC will eventually die off. The provisioning costs are worrisome, however you are supposed to be able to change your ISP quite easily on the ALP NBN.
The LNP NBN seems to be happy to use whatever mishmash of infrastructure sticks on the wall be used, so long as the cap-ex cost is lower than the ALP plan. Long term management, maintenance, interoperability, ISP portability be damned.

about a year ago

Rupert Murdoch Wants To Destroy Australia's National Broadband Network

jezwel Re:Labor Lie (327 comments)

If the Liberals really wanted to win this election, they'd sack Abbott and put Malcolm Turnbull in charge, but the "faceless men" of the Liberal party wont do this because 1) Turnbull is too much of a centrist for their liking, 2) Turnbull will not blindly follow their agenda.

They cannot replace Abbot as they have been heavily spruiking their 'stable government' platform based around the "Keven overthrow -> Julia -> leadership challenge" events in ALP. Too bad for them he is a muppet compared to Rudd with the silver tongue. Will be interesting to see how the country votes.

about a year ago

Rupert Murdoch Wants To Destroy Australia's National Broadband Network

jezwel Re:Labor Lie (327 comments)

Exactly - the current speeds talked about are far less relevant than the shift of the underlying infrastructure to stable, passive, water resistance fibre from the current power sucking degraded copper with high maintenance overheads that requires cabinets closer and closer to the end consumer.
I'd also wonder if anyone is going to bother stealing fibre cables to sell the raw material for $$$. Oh that only happens with copper?

about a year ago

Rupert Murdoch Wants To Destroy Australia's National Broadband Network

jezwel Re:That anti-government bullshit is not relevant (327 comments)

Depends on whether you are rooting for individual taxpayers or corporate taxpayers.

If the ALP win the election:
The ALP will do it right by creating an almost ubiquitous FTTHome network that will last several decades. It will cost more than it should but it won't be disastrous - currently private enterprise are causing hold-ups for what looks like political advantage. Down the road the LNP will obtain a majority and privatise it for their corporate buddies - using a mantra of 'paying off Labor's debt'- with not enough oversight or regulation. Costs to consumers will increase, but at least almost every one will be on fibre, so that helps immensely when it comes to development of new tech.

If the LNP win the election: They will scratch a lot of the FTTHome and replace it with FTTNode, with last couple hundred metres served by copper xDSL. Other technologies such as HFC will be kept. 60,000 + DSL cabinets and consequently 2+ additional power plants will be needed. The cost *may* be several % cheaper than the ALP FTTHome plan, though it is doubtful it could be completed earlier.
There will be cherry picking and over-servicing.
Obtainable speeds will be variable and a mish mash of technologies and infrastructure owned by different companies.
The copper will require $1B annually to maintain, which - with the extra power plants - will increase the costs to the taxpayers.

The entire FTTNode system will be shown to be inadequate, possibly before it is completed. All those DSL cabinets will need dismantling, and the FTTHome runs will cost the taxpayer more $Billions.

IF you are a corporate that is interested in this venture, you will want the LNP to get in so you can get your snouts in the trough twice in quick succession.

about a year ago

Adobe's Creative Cloud Illustrates How the Cloud Costs You More

jezwel Re:Complete Rip-off (403 comments)

We use to only upgrade Adobe suites every 2-3 years, at $375 a pop.

Why is no one bringing this up?

Because Adobe recently changed their upgrade policy such that you can only upgrade 1 version back. With a version released every year that means no more 2-3 years between upgrades - you were either going to pay for that upgrade every year or buy an entire new licence after you ran your old one dry.

I suspect that once the subscription model has been bedded down and accepted that their release cycle will slow down. You will still have new products every year, but I doubt each and every product will have a full blown release every year as is pretty much the case with current creative suites.

about a year and a half ago

Microsoft Prepares Rethink On Windows 8

jezwel Re:100 million licenses sold, but to whom? (536 comments)

We've just started our upgrade from XP on 10,000 devices under an Enterprise Agreement. The OS environment was set about 2 months ago.

Windows 8 is not a consideration for any device class.

about a year and a half ago

Why Self-Driving Cars Are Still a Long Way Down the Road

jezwel Re:If a human has to be in the driver's seat (352 comments)

I think there will be a transition period where the self-driving car will work acceptably for most usual conditions (predetermined behavior) and emergency/panic situations (superior reaction time and 360 view), but will provide a warning that the driver is required to take control when conditions such as adverse weather, unrecoverable sensor failure, or a complicated location is encountered.

Perhaps learning algorithms will be used to record how humans reacted to specific situations and determine an optimum reaction.

about a year and a half ago

How Google Fiber Could Do Some National Good, Or At Least Scare the Carriers

jezwel Re:The carriers are trying to scare Google (163 comments)

I can't think of a more universally hated company than AT&T except maybe Monsanto.

Ha! You must've missed that Electronic Arts was named the most hated company in America for the second year in a row. Both AT&T and Monsanto were included in that poll, though I cannot find the graphic right now that gave us the showdown.

As an Australian, I'm just hoping that enough people vote for the political party at our federal election that is currently deploying fiber to the home for 93% of our premises . One highly regulated provider wholesaling to any number of retailers using a new ubiquitous all fiber network (well, plus 4% wireless and 3% satellite).

about a year and a half ago

Electrical Engineer Unemployment Soars; Software Developers' Rate Drops to 2.2%

jezwel Re:The current bubble is a software bubble (419 comments)

Working for someone else is about solving someone else's problems. If you've never done that, or if you don't even want to do that, then you have nothing to offer.

Fixed that for me; this is a good reminder.

I looked at my last resume (2 years old) and it really needs some work. Time to update and consolidate the old experience. I'm not looking for a new job, but it's a good idea to review and document your achievements against your objectives every once in a while.

about a year and a half ago

Retail Copies of Office 2013 Are Tied To a Single Computer Forever

jezwel Re:It's almost as if... (464 comments)

I'm slowly moving my family to Linux and OpenOffice, however my gaming box is still Windows, and with the Home Use Program for Office I was able to get Office 2013 for $15AU.

If I upgrade my PC often enough it might cost be $1 a month for a genuine licensed Office install. It's worth that even for the few times I use it. I sure wouldn't be sinking in three figures for it though, even if I could move it to another device.

about 2 years ago

Australian Govt Forces Apple, Adobe, Microsoft To Explain Price Hikes

jezwel I spend a lot of $ Au on these companies annually. (371 comments)

Apple hardware is becoming price comparative, it's iTunes under the hammer there. That could easily be long term contracts so im less worried about it than the other two campanies.

For the other two companies we are getting reamed for products that are obtained online and supported by a reseller - NOT the manufacturer - with an acceptable margin on their cost price.

I'd also point out that when you look at the purchasing power of the US $ vs Au $ (eg how many minutes of work is required to buy certain items), in many case we Aussies need to work more than twice as long as a resident of the USA to purchase the same item. The argument that 'Aussies earn more' doesn't hold water when you look at our purchasing power.

about 2 years ago

Valve Starts Promoting Steam For Linux To Windows Users

jezwel Re:My experience on ubuntu 12.04 (474 comments)

Almost all programs downloaded off the internet can be installed via the browser on Windows. When my download has finished I just click a few times on the file in the download links area bottom left of my Chrome window, and the EXE runs to setup the software.

heck I think I even installed Office that way after getting the home use program and downloading it from Microsoft.

used to be you would simply 'run' the file immediately before downloading, though that seems to have been given a bit more sensibility to let your AV scan the downloaded file first now.

about 2 years ago

How Much Beef Is In Your Burger?

jezwel Re:Horsemeat, cow, dog.. what does it matter (709 comments)

Pigs are omnivorous and they eat all kind of stuff. We still eat them.

I eat my beef steaks rare, but pork is always cooked through. Significant difference in the treatment of the meat.

about 2 years ago


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