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Amateur Radio In the Backcountry?

jfroot Re:VHF/UHF are mainly line of sight (376 comments)

And keep in mind 911 doesn't work on Iridium so have some numbers programmed in. The cell phone revolution seems to have rendered actually remembering someone's phone number a lost art.

This is untrue. 911 does work on Iridium and is handled by an outsourced company called Intrado. Additionally, you do not need an active account or SIM for 911 to work. Which makes an Iridium Sat phone a great emergency back-country tool.

more than 4 years ago

The DIY $10 Prepaid Cellphone Remote Car Starter

jfroot IED (454 comments)

Also a good way to make an IED trigger. In that case, you reallly don't want a telemarketer to call when your doing the final arming stages.

about 5 years ago

2008 Pwnie Award Nominees Announced

jfroot SdDOS (74 comments)

Maybe they should give themselves an award as they appear to be pwned by the Slashdot effect.

more than 6 years ago


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