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Route-Injection Attacks Detouring Internet Traffic

jgaynor misleading & likely incorrect (85 comments)

This whole article smacks of some CISSP pouring over BGP looking glass router logs and having a sophomore Eureka moment. BGP MITM is not practically possible because of the return path problem: the last router that dumped you the traffic believes you are the legitimate endpoint for that traffic and therefore is not going to forward it to the ACTUAL target once you're done doing nefarious things to it. The article tries to explain this away with the following:

"The traffic was likely examined and then returned on a “clean path” to its destination—all of this happening in the blink of an eye."

If the 'clean path' of the internet thinks Mallory is Bob, Mallory's theoretical egress 'Clean Path' will make the same assumption. Perhaps Alice's first hop AS was compromised? If so this is an isolated vendor network problem, not an 'internet at large' problem. Maybe Mallory's 'clean path' is a point to point to Bob? If so Bob's an idiot for signing a peering agreement with a known Hooligan.

This was likely a misconfigured customer router connected to an irresponsible ISP that doesn't filter the routes it accepts, just like the Pakistan/Youtube Incident. The author either doesn't understand the technical impossibility of the attack they're dreaming about or does and is willing to lose credibility in exchange for ad traffic.

about a year ago

PlayStation 4 Will Be Running Modified FreeBSD

jgaynor Confirm THAT, Netcraft (457 comments)

Filter error: You can type more than that for your comment.

about a year and a half ago

New Research Suggests G-Spot Doesn't Exist

jgaynor Only on Slashdot . . . (392 comments)

Only on Slashdot can a story about sex be primarily categorized as 'humor.'

about 5 years ago

Best FOSS Help Desk Software For Small Firms?

jgaynor Re:RT (321 comments)

RT doesn't scale well. We used it at Rutgers but around the 100K ticket mark it started to tank. So we rewrote it:


Very capable.

more than 5 years ago

Corporate Data Centers As Ethernet's Next Frontier

jgaynor Re:what am I missing with this article? (152 comments)

This article sucks donkey nuts.

"Ethernet, which drops packets"

Ethernet switches Frames. It does not route packets. That's like saying a railroad track can drop a car because it doesn't like the passengers on it.

"they're trying to change Ethernet because of TCP/IP"

Your question just confuses things more because TCP segments are l4, as opposed to packets (l3) and frames (l2).

more than 6 years ago


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