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The Public's First Look at Wii

jgerman Re:Next-Generation Gameplay (282 comments)

Wii is the only true next-generation system, as it is the only one with a controller that allows next-generation gameplay. The other systems have lots of power but it is wasted on last-generation gameplay

There are dozens of crappy games like this in any Best Buy you go to: baseball games, tennis games, fishing games, there are lightsaber ones too iirc. This is not new, it's not revolutionary. Sure it's now going to be more generic than those stand alone games, but the gameplay is exactly the same... and guess what, that gameplay tends to suck.

I won't slam the system until it comes out and I have a chance to really try it, but this is NOT new ground for gaming, and Nintendo is going to have to do something really spectacular to make it good. All this talk of "next generation" and "new and innovative" in regards to this control scheme is nothing more than fanboy nonsense. No one knows enough to even know if it's any good at this point, and NOTHING that we have seen is innovative and new.

more than 8 years ago


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