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3-D Printed Gun Ban Fails In Senate

jimbouse New Bill =/= Passing House Approved Bill (414 comments)

CBS Says it passed

I believe the Senate Democrats wanted to create a new, tougher bill. The bill that started in the house was passed by both the house and senate. President Obama signed the bill.

about 10 months ago

Fusion Reactor Breaks Even

jimbouse Mr Fusion (429 comments)

Mr. Fusion here we come!

1 year,17 days

Google Argues Against Net Neutrality

jimbouse Re: Another failure of "unlimited" bandwidth (555 comments)

I own a small wireless ISP. I currently offer unlimited connections but they are low bandwidth. If I offered high speed links, I'd have to put limits in place. I find that customers are willing to accept either scenario. They prefer unlimited with lower speeds over quotas.

about a year ago

802.11ac: Better Coverage, But Won't Hit Advertised Speeds

jimbouse Re:wasteful on spectrum (107 comments)

As a wireless ISP owner, I dread all this 802.11ac gear. 80+mhz channels so that they can stream their AirPlay or whatever they *think* they need to see in HD.

There is a finite amount of spectrum and every bozo is going to turn their router up to the max width and power because "more is better".


about a year ago

What Can You Find Out From Metadata?

jimbouse Re:Where is the outrage? (341 comments)

Where is the outrage over this? It's amazing, Clinton gets a blow job from an intern and he gets impeached by the House! But yet this happens and... nothing. Oh, sure, the media is -talking- about it, people are -talking- about it, but where are the protests? Where is the action? Revolutions have been fought over less than this!

Clinton was impeached because he lied under oath. The blowjob was not the reason.

Study history before spouting off.

about a year ago

Open Spectrum Does Not Mean Free Internet

jimbouse Re:Last Mile (60 comments)

You are referring to a (w)ISP.

I own one and it is exactly how you postulate. I started with one tower 12 miles from the nearest Fiber POP. Now I have 7 towers covering 34 square miles in less than 1 year.

I provide a good service for a reasonable price. No caps, no filters, just the "speed limit" that your tier of service is set to.

about a year and a half ago

DARPA Begins Work On 100Gbps Wireless Tech With 120-mile Range

jimbouse Re:height = more problems (83 comments)

The problem that was already addressed is the curving of earth, because it can be overcome with height. Let's sustain that increasing the altitude of your dishes will allow greater distance without the sphere's shape interfering, you still have all of the factors associated with those heights: weather, cost of getting there, service, general maintenance.

Maintenance: How easy is it to remove ice? Snow? What about the cost of maintaining the tower?

Service: What do you do when you can't communicate with the unit, and you've ruled out everything except the cable between the unit and it's nearest point of contact?

Cost: This is a broader issue than maintenance, because it allows for not owning the tower/building. Tower space is premium, building roof-tops are premium, labor to install, service, or repair is EXTRA premium. Not only do you need guys willing to climb 200+ feet, but they need to be technically capable. charges no less than $250/hr.

Weather: Why don't you see point-to-point connections on towers that are 200ft up on towers? Because the bandwidth requires very high frequencies, and those frequencies are very susceptible to any movement caused by wind. I've seen a gentle breeze (on the ground) turn a wireless link from -45 dbi to -60. Let's not forget rain and snow.

The only good ways to mount an antenna or dish at a height, and ensure reliability, are with a very large antenna (think something with 3 or 4 legs and covering at least 400 feet^2), or a building.

You sound like someone who has never looked at a communication tower, much less installed and used equipment on one.

I run a WISP and have equipment dangling hundreds of feet in the air. With proper planning, amazing results can be achieved. Weather is a factor over 6Ghz but, once again, this is not a problem with proper planning.

about 2 years ago

Nissan Develops Emergency Auto-Steering System

jimbouse I, for one,.... (391 comments)

I , for one, welcome our new automatic steering overlorrrrdd....... Wait, no I don't!

Traffic accidents happen fast. Normally due to 2 distracted (or impared) drivers crossing path.

If you are a defensive driver, you always have an "out". I, like a responsible adult, keep my distance, travel at a safe speed, respect the road conditions, etc. I have only had one near-miss and it was due to someone running a red-light.

about 2 years ago

The Coming Internet Video Crash

jimbouse Re:Free market! (419 comments)

There are a couple of ways to find a WISP. Most reputable WISPs are members of WISPA. WISPA search

The other way is to ask on DSLReports WISP section. DSL Reports WISP

Good Luck.

about 2 years ago

The Coming Internet Video Crash

jimbouse Re:Free market! (419 comments)

Upstream data is plentiful. Last mile data delivery is the problem.

The routers and fibers carrying the internet backbone are upgradable and there are plenty of routes.

The problem comes when a incumbent drops 200 households on a single gigabit line. You can do the math. Although everyone is not using their full connection, at some point there is a limit.

I agree I am a middle man. The rates I pay are in the $50/Mbit completely unlimited. When I started a year ago, the rates were closer to $90/Mbit. This shows the costs for bandwidth are dropping (if you can afford to buy enough).

about 2 years ago

The Coming Internet Video Crash

jimbouse Re:Free market! (419 comments)

I run a small WISP (wireless ISP, tower based) that does exactly this. We cost more than the incumbents but offer unlimited downloads and you get what your pay for.

People are happy to pay money for a service that performs as advertised.

My tiers bill out at $36/Mbit. It sounds steep compared to a 10Mbit for $80/mo from the local incumbent. Except that the incumbent can't actually provide that speed, nor will they let you use your connection to the fullest.

about 2 years ago

19 Million Americans Cannot Get Broadband Access

jimbouse Re:Only 19 million? (279 comments)

Less than 3Mbps might as well be dialup.

You can't really stream much video over it, video conferencing is probably right out and I doubt that slow a link is very reliable. They had to put a limit on it, or people would assume like you that even ISDN should be considered broadband.

Mind you much of what you are considering broadband is actually baseband. So they might as well keep redefining broadband over and over since they already destroyed the term.

A stable 1Mbit connection is plenty fast to stream from any provider.

The problem is that ISP's oversubscribe so your 3Mbit connection is really like 512kbps.

Source: I own a small ISP.

more than 2 years ago

19 Million Americans Cannot Get Broadband Access

jimbouse WISP Operator Here (279 comments)

I own a small WISP (fixed Wireless ISP). I report my customers to the FCC via Form 477.

I have plans up-to 10 Mbit (if the customer is willing to pay for it). When you are serving customers with a density of 5 houses per sq mile, the infrastructure cost to deliver that speed is pretty high. My ISP provides service at $36/Mbit. Buy as much speed as you want. 10Mbit = $360/mo.

Once you realize that speeds being sold "in town" are "up to" speeds, you realize that a 12Mbit cable connection provides a consistent 2Mbit connection. My bandwidth prices are competitive. You can run NetFlix, Hulu, YouTube, etc over a 1Mbit connection without buffering (as long as it is a stable 1Mbit). Anything over 2 Mbit is rarely noticed if you are not downloading or running multiple streams.

more than 2 years ago

Google Giving Google TV Another Shot

jimbouse The real challenge... (199 comments)

I think Google's real challenge is with the content owners. If it would 'just work', then I believe the product would sell.

more than 2 years ago


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