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Cyber-Goggles Record and Identify Every Object You See

jimforcy But can they... (108 comments)

..but can they counteract the effects of beer goggles to keep slashdotters from taking home questionable members of the opposite sex on a Friday night?

more than 6 years ago



Google Homepage to Include a Stripped Gmail

jimforcy jimforcy writes  |  more than 6 years ago

jimforcy writes "This evening Google released a new feature for those using the Gmail Gadget on the Developer Sandbox version of Google Homepage. The updated look lists the most recent Gmail messages of the user. When an email is click on, users are presented with a stripped down version of Gmail that opens directly inside Google Homepage. Previously, users would be redirected to their actual Gmail account. The developer version of Google Homepage, which has been well documented on Slashdot, allows developers to experiment with the new Google Homepage before it is released to the public. This marks the first step towards using Google Homepage as an application platform and is the first major difference in usability between the Developer Sandbox version of Google Homepage and the current Google Homepage available to standard users."
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