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Obama Eyeing Internet ID For Americans

jiminim Re:how about no (487 comments)

Do you know that in Mississippi, an ID is not required to vote? I line up and tell the poll worker my name and address and am handed a smart card to put in the machine. The logic from the Justice Department is that it is RACIST to ask for ID at a polling location. Seriously.

Thankfully there is a voter ID act that we'll be voting on in November. Of course I guess the Feds may still have their way and strike it down :(

about 4 years ago

Bad PC Sales Staff Exposed

jiminim Re:HDMI Cables (650 comments)

RadioShack tried to sell me Monster branded speaker wire. "The thicker copper gives a larger radius for the bass frequencies to travel on the outside of the cable." I didn't laugh in his face, but I did buy the cheapo wire that was good enough for my purposes.

more than 5 years ago

What kind of camp did you go to?

jiminim Re:Band camp (791 comments)

// Try being a French Horn player. Horn players get no action compared to Trumpet Players - who just use their lips and fingers.

I was a trumpet player. You are correct about the action thank you very much!

Free trips to NCAA BBall tourneys with ~$65 "meal money" a day with nothing to do for three days makes for fun times.

more than 7 years ago



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