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Ask Slashdot: Has the Time Passed For Coding Website from Scratch?

jimmetry No. (299 comments)

JSON is your CMS, your server should run C, and CSS3 justifies the creation of sites that are both built from scratch and reusable/remixable.

5 days ago

South Korean Activist To Drop "The Interview" In North Korea Using Balloons

jimmetry Oh dear lord... (146 comments)

It's like AOL all over again.

about a month ago

North Korean Internet Is Down

jimmetry Really? (360 comments)

2^7th comment and nobody has yet complained about the spelling error?


about a month ago

Economists Say Newest AI Technology Destroys More Jobs Than It Creates

jimmetry Re:Oh dear lord... (688 comments)

*such. never mind.

about a month ago

Economists Say Newest AI Technology Destroys More Jobs Than It Creates

jimmetry Oh dear lord... (688 comments)

That is suck a wank.

about a month ago

Report: Big Issues Remain Before Drones Can Safely Access National Airspace

jimmetry Re: Can I buy an editor? (129 comments)

it's certainly poor, but it's no record-breaker.

about a month and a half ago

How Relevant is C in 2014?

jimmetry Re: Si. (641 comments)

still needed C when I wanted math.h on the coprocessor of a Motorola HS12...

about a month and a half ago

Clarificiation on the IP Address Security in Dropbox Case

jimmetry Re:"Keep reading to see what Bennett has to say" (152 comments)

""However, it would be much easier for an attacker to attempt an attack by other means (e.g. a browser vulnerability), and in any case it would not be hard for an attacker to find the mayor's IP address indirectly, without even resorting to any security breaches."

Run that through your standard judicial IWentToHarvard-izer, replacing a couple of random words with their longest equivalent in the thesaurus, and you've got a pretty solid legal opinion."

"well it's easy anyway so why not" is not a solid legal opinion.

about 2 months ago

Video Raises Doubts About Attkisson's Claims of Malicious Hacking

jimmetry Re: Definitely a misunderstanding (105 comments)

None of what you're saying is worth voting on because you're all anonymous cowards.

about 3 months ago

Australian Gov't Tries To Force Telcos To Store User Metadata For 2 Years

jimmetry Re:Yea no... (58 comments)

The government is hardly meta enough to even handle their own data. But they're sure good at dawn raids.

about 3 months ago

If You're Connected, Apple Collects Your Data

jimmetry Yay :D (313 comments)

2015 will the the year of Desktop Linux!

about 3 months ago

X-Class Solar Flare Coming Friday

jimmetry Re:2 or 3 days? (145 comments)

And one for each of your family members and hard drives.

about 5 months ago



Poll: Have you ever dropped a mobile phone in the toilet?

jimmetry jimmetry writes  |  more than 2 years ago

jimmetry writes "- Yes, and I got it out
- Yes, and I left it there
- No, I have not
- I ain't gonna be part of this system, maaaan"


jimmetry has no journal entries.

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